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 by Matthew B. Tepper, Mini-Scribe

The Name of the Game was LASFS, as Ken Rowand called us to order at 20:17. St. Gavin Claypool was given three cheers and a linotype, despite suggestions that he receive his honor a couple of weeks late. Vamping until the Scribe could finish his water, Ken said that next week's program would be a presentation on Robert Adams by Jerry Pournelle. Leigh Strother-Vien said that Dr. Pournelle didn't know about this. Guess we'll find out, eh?

Treasury Report was read, to the effect that Money Came In and Money Went Out. Ken read a poctsarcd from Ken Meltsner, a guest from a couple weeks previous who had found the meeting most enjoyable and wanted to thank the lot of us. Francis Hamit had sample copies of Space News, with a form to send in for a free subscription if you can convince them that you qualify.

Minutes were read and amended, and then were approved as read, with Galen Tripp saying they were too long. As if to mirror this fact, Galen introduced no fewer than eight guests: Steven Davis, Royce Mathew [sic], Paula Di Sante, Paul Theilig, Mark Manzano, David Peters, Victor J. Ryan, and Chris Endicott.

We had a bunch of miscellaneous announcements: Carol Ann Cranston was organizing a group to see audio-animatronic dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum. Fred Patten told of the upcoming monthly meeting of the Bay City Animation Group, and said he was looking to share a room at Westercon. Rick Foss said Renaissance Faire had lost some of their mailing list due to a computer glitch, and wanted to get out the word that workshops start next weekend. Janice Gelb said she was looking to buy a NASFiC membership. And Jack Harness said that he'd brought along a book on phrenology, in case anyone wanted to try to do a reading on Sam Martinez, who'd recently gotten a very close razor cut.

Fred leapt into Committee Reports, saying that the program for 29 Mar would be an animated Japanese feature called "Little Witches' Delivery Service." How about that -- pagan outcalls!

Francis Hamit gave a Surrealism report on a Stupid crook: A man shoplifting women's clothing while wearing women's clothing, until he tripped and fell, "revealing for all of the others to see...." He also noted that the space shuttle Atlantis had carried a human skull, nicknamed "The Phantom" by crew members. Lastly, he showed a bulk mailing he had received from an alarm company, with a microchip alarm attached to a flyer.

Leigh Strother-Vien, Librarian, said she had been ill, delaying the completion of inventory, but it's getting there. And Doug Crepeau told of a low-speed police chase in which both parties were driving tractors or somesuch farm vehicles. Ken said the rights had been purchased and the incident would be produced under the title, "Iowa Vice." Stubborn, isn't he?

Charles Lee Jackson II stated that this month's FWEMS would be a grab-bag of genres. And the program for 5 April would consist of 1950s television sci-fic shows. Tonight's film would be "Island of Lost Souls," based on H. G. Wells' The Island of Dr. Moreau.

Guest Barney Miles asked if anyone knew of a cemetery that he could get into at night for a picnic. Nobody could really help him, although there's always the traditional method for getting into a cemetery. Barney's girlfriend, whose name I didn't get, sat next to him and just giggled a lot.

Tom Safer, relieved at finding that he could talk about Shakespeare this week, urged all interested to catch "The Life of William Shakespeare" at the Globe Theatre, closing this week. CL told of a polkamentary called "In Heaven There Is No Beer" on the Discovery Channel, and mused on the surrealism of the title. Rick Foss explained that there is actually a polka by that name. This vital information communicated, Ken knocked the meeting to a close at 20:55.

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