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 by Matthew B. Tepper, Not-Seagate

We got called to order at 20:16, a bunch of people said various things, some stuff happened, and we adjourned one hour later. That's it.

Following is the Report of the Committee to Inform LASFS of What Happened Last Week:

After the call to order, Minutes were read and approved as L-O-N-G. That done, we heard right away from Craig Miller, Chairman of the Very Board.

Said Craig, we'd listed the Clubhouse, per the club's vote of a couple weeks previous, and received an offer for the full asking price of $349K. This is contingent on a whole lot of conditions, such as our finding, buying, and moving into a new clubhouse, and taking the bookcases with us. Our time limit on getting this done is a year, after which the offer may be withdrawn. So the next phase is finding another clubhouse. We're looking in this general part of town for something zoned for commercial or industrial use. If you see something around 4,000-5,000 square feet for around $300K, and lots of parking (to comply with zoning laws), make a note. Tell someone, even.

Galen brought forth some guests, namely, Dawn Bovberg of Glendale, Sherri Conyers of Penngrove, and Barney Miles of Los Angeles. He also said that De Profundis was at the back table.

Treasury report read by President Pelz showed us still solvent. Patron Saint Marjii Ellers won three cheers and a costume award.

The Committee to Hold Loscon (still Craig) said that two worthy prospective chairbeings had been passed by the Board, and we chose between Rick Young and Charlie Jackson. Rick got the nod by a hand vote, so he will be breaking up the numerical sequence and holding Loscon 19 in 1991, with the theme "Robotics and Computers." No hotel has been selected yet.

Committee for Surrealism in Everyday Life: Francis Hamit said a Stupid Crook who robbed a Kentucky-Fried Colonel outlet had made off with the adding machine instead of the cash register. Joanne Dow observed, "It all adds up." Francis also mentioned an article on Mother Jones about feminist pornography, wondering if this was an oxymoron. Leigh Strother-Vien said it wasn't. Mike Glyer said that not only wasn't it an oxymoron, it was a tautology.

Leigh S-V admitted that the Library inventory wasn't quite soup yet. She also said they'd found an 1968 junior high school pin.

Richard Costas, the Committee for Low Treason in Everyday Life, reported his great shame: While driving on the Harbor Freeway, he had to stop for a motorcade with lots of cops and a couple of sleek black limos. As he admitted, "I was within spitting distance of Dan Quayle -- and I didn't!"

Jack Harness was amused at Harper's latest issue, with a forum on computer hacking. One of the participants was so fumed at being compared to a skateboarder that he cracked into his opponent's credit history and shared it widely in a number of places.

Librarian Leigh said that the library's construction was solid, as not one book had fallen down during the previous day's quake. This set off a few unrelated earthquake stories, such a Louis Elver Warren Grey telling how the temblor prevented him from buying a lotto ticket, and Frank Waller saying that the quake hit just as he was reaching into the freezer for the ice cream. Quoth Pelz, "It's trying to tell you to get a milkshake instead!"

Cookie Man added one last bit of Surrealism in the form of Pet City's offer of Tropical Fish Grooming. Just a little off the gills, would you please, Maurice? (It turns out that tropical fish grooming really is kind of surreal; it involves putting the tropical fish into a tank of smaller fish which "eat" the little parasites away. Gross.)

Announcements: Barksdale Hales said that the Fantasy Games Society was setting up a game for this coming Saturday. Bruce Pelz announced that Gamblers Unanimous was doing a pool on this year's Oscar vote; see him after the meeting for details. Francis said that the final draft of his book, The Mannheim Mission, was still available in the library for a limited time.

Hare said that the transfer quality of "The Wizard of Speed and Time" was poor. Doug Crepeau said that this was the fault of the issuing company, and that he and Jittlov are not pleased at all. Galen announced that De Prof was still available in the back.

Reviews: Rick Foss had read Destiny Express, an historical novel about the flight from Nazi Germany of director Fritz Lang and his wife, screenwriter Thea von Harbou. Rick was put off by the punchy style of the short sentences, and unsympathetic characterization. Don't bother reading it. Fred Patten was under the impression that von Harbou stayed behind and Lang left alone.

Okay, then we adjourned at 21:16, for Charlie Jackson's presentation of the old LASFS favorite, "The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T."

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