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 by Matthew B. Tepper, Not-Seagate

'Twas about 20:20 when President Pelz brought the gavel down, only twice this time. The Menace of the previous week were read, amended, and approved. A rousing three cheers were given St. Mike Glyer; "Just be glad," Bruce said, "I didn't ask for 770!"

Galen Tripp had a minimalist Registrar's report this time, with but one guest, Ruth Forster. Librarian Leigh Strother-Vein said the Library inventory was underway, but she hopes it will be finished by 2nd Sunday. Some books need replacement, and one has been declared missing. Round up the usual suspects.

Committee Reports moved into Surrealism, as Ed Green told that the Israeli Armed Forces have come up with an answer to the rock-throwing civilians in the occupied territories, to wit, a rock-launching cannon. Ed thinks this should be called the David system. The Stupid Crook of the week was a thief who tried going undercover in a topless bar, but lacked, er, the right equipment to fit in with his surroundings. Media Weirdness was Andy Rooney getting suspended from CBS for three months without pay for some alleged racist remarks allegedly made in print. Executive Surrealism: President Bush visited the Strategic Air Command HQ, after the staff had spent the last three days getting some of the equipment to work. And lastly, under the heading of Surrealistic Sex, there is a new line of prophylactics called Stealth Condoms. They're red, white, and blue, and the ad line is, "They'll never see you coming." Isn't it great to be American?

Francis Hamit handed out certification cards to the people who took part in the CPR class. Cards not handed out at the meeting have been left with the Treasurer for pick-up. Bruce Pelz expressed thanks to the participants.

Announcements: Seems that Suzy McKee Charnas has a play based on The Vampire Tapestry, opening in San Francisco in April. There may be a road tour to Los Angeles. Shaun Lyon again announced KCBS' showing of "The Prisoner" at 1:30 a.m., explaining that he is discovering the series for the first time. Of course, this time, it's packed with lots of commercials.

Francis Hamit said a copy of his novel, The Mannheim Mission, has been rebound and is available from the LASFS Library.

Bruce Pelz reiterated his announcement of the LASFS Garbage Sale (March 24-5), and clarified a point: You sell something, you keep the money. The $1-per-4-linear-feet fee is for refreshments, and the club is acting as the host. See him or Elayne to sign up; the full announcement will also run in De Profundis.

Doug Crepeau said that Mike Jittlov's "The Wizard of Speed and Time" has now been shown at MIT and the Smithsonian. It's still available on tape.

Sam Martinez has bought a display album for the Space Stamps that LASFS has come into every now and then. Bruce officially inaugurated the LASFS Stamp Collection with some attractive stamps and souvenir sheets. Oddly, a number of these had come from a guest who thought the club was cold and unfriendly. It sure seems like a warm and friendly gesture all the same.

R Laurraine Tutihasi gave us all a reminder of the upcoming LASFS Showcase on May 5. She'd appreciate suggestions and assistance in putting on this event.

Rick Foss announced, or maybe pre-reviewed, an appearance by a folk artist named Darius, playing at the Club Lingerie. (No, you don't have to be attired that way to get into the club!) He gave his recommendation to anyone who enjoys high-energy folk music.

Peter Greenwood said that Universal City Studios is setting up a tour of properties, including some from "Back to the Future" and "Battlestar Galactica." If you want some of these, you'd better act fast, because once the tour hits Japan, everything remaining will probably disappear forever.

Bruce had a copy of the Planetary Society's Mars Declaration, which basically says that we should explore Mars. The declaration wasn't read, but Mars is. Anyway, this copy was made available for reproduction and distribution.

Bruce also had some books on bridge, ten of them at a buck a throw. One of them is called Sherlock Holmes, Bridge Detective. And here some of us thought the only bridges Holmes knew were London Bridge, and the bridge on his violin.

There were no reviews, and no program; "Serve you all right," said Pelz. There was a short auction, after which we stood adjourned for the evening.

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