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 by Matthew B. Tepper, Not-Seagate

"What I pound three times is true," spake President Pelz, as indeed he brought this band of lunatics to order at 20:14. "We come to order, not to praise," added Charlie Jackson. The Menace of the previous week were read, and approved as amended.

Galen Tripp announced that we had four guests and one anti-guest. The guests were Kevin Lindgren (who had already applied for membership); Liz Lehmann; Cynthia Wolcott (who found out about us by driving by and calling, which is certainly better than driving by and shooting); and Lisa Tripp, well, no more need be said. The anti-guest was Glenn Glazer, who had dropped out of college to join LASFS, and was now gafiating in order to drop back. His last words were, "Blessed be, one and all!"

The Treasury report got read, with the interesting news that we'd had balanced guests and deadbeats, four each. And a hearty round of three cheers was said for Patron Saint Mike Luwish.

In calling for Committee Reports, the Plez called for the not-fun ones in order to get them out of the way first. He immediately recognized Charles Lee Jackson II, whose Committee to Not Have Fun at LASFS Video Committee was to be showing the second part of the Quatermass serial tonight. Charlie also said that the 25th would be a "Toxic Avenger" Marathon, which Bruce called a "poisonal selection." Undaunted, the Emperor explained that FWEMS is trying for some theme nights, such as all-comedy, all-musical, all-Western, etc. For some reason, all-science fiction doesn't seem to go over well here. You figure it.

R Laurraine Tutihasi announced the day for Science Fiction Showcase: May 5, with admission set at $15 for the day. Brucifer explained the Showcase, a one-day event at the clubhouse with sercon and fun program items by several area pros and fans.

Turning to the silly stuff, we got Francis Hamit telling us about more stupid crooks than you could shake a carved-soap gun at. One crook sold both of his guns to his intended victim. Another called in a pizza order to set up a robbery, but used his own phone number. That opened the door for Ed Green's bit, beginning with Domino's campaign to show that their drivers do their bit as good citizens and still deliver in half an hour or less.

Condensed Cream of Surrealism, from Francis, Ed, and Frank Gasperik, included: an assault victim locked in her car trunk, where she saved the day with her trusty revolvah; husband-and-wife MPs who spent their honeymoon protecting democracy in Panama; a crook picking up his bag of loot and stupidly putting his gun into his waistband, where it went off; a rapist getting into a back seat only to find his attempted victim's police dog partner; US Paratroopers jumping with chihuahuas in Vietnam; and elephants airlifted as draft animals in that same charming nation.

Rick Foss was delighted to point out that no less a personage than George Bush had come out for anarchy, having stated, "No government is better than the U.S. government." Charlie Jackson wondered if it was some sort of justice that Ronald Reagan is the honorary chairman for the Pediatric AIDS Association.

Phil Castora, describing Newport, Rhode Island as "a municipality of 30,000 citizens dragged kicking and screaming into the 19th century," told a tale of a woman who was not allowed to put vinyl siding on her house by an overly persnickety city council; she then painted it pink and purple with yellow Pac-Man figures. Hare Hobbs deplored the demise of the Long Playing record; one of the last Warner Bros. issues in that medium would be the next Prince album. Don't fail to miss it.

Doug Crepeau said that he and Peggy Corrigan had donated a water purifier to the club, now installed in Building FSJ. He also related that "The Wizard of Speed and Time" had indeed come out on video, but at an ouchy price point of $89.95. Hare said he thought that Mike Jittlov wasn't getting any money from the tape, but Doug said he was. Gasperik said Jittlov's complaint was that high sales price. Doug agreed to donate a copy of the tape to the club, and Charlie Jackson said he looked forward to it.

Announcements: Ed Green has fixed April 19 for the LASFS version of" Hollywood Squares," and still wants volunteers. Be there or be squ-- aw, skip it. Shaun Lyon said that KCBS would soon be showing repeats of "The Prisoner."

Francis Hamit reminded the membership of the upcoming First Aid class. The magic number was barely attained for the CPR class. Rick Foss, speaking for Ladera Travel, found a round trip fare to Paris that is more than $100 cheaper than any to Holland, if you're willing to take a 4.5 hour train ride.

Bill Rotsler took credit for Larry Niven's making that $10-per-word sale. He also said that Len Wein, editor-in-chief of the Disney comics line, had a thing for a certain actress in adult cinema, and that he (Bill) was going to have a special photo session with her as a surprise to Len. Aren't friends wonderful?

Bruce Pelz read an engraved announcement stating that Chandra Claire Sargent had got hitched to one Kenneth James Mead on 15 January. A mysteriously hooded Glenn Glazer reported that Kimberlee Marks had married one Kenneth Lanterman earlier this year. (Addendum: Ms. Marks has since told the Scribe that she has not married. Could Glenn have been referring to another Kim?)

Bruce Pelz announced the inauguration of a new LASFS function: a Garbage Sale to be held the weekend of 24-25 March. Bring your miscellaneous mathoms and chotchkas, and rent table space at $1 per 4 linear feet (8 foot limit per person), proceeds to go for refreshments. If George Mulligan wants to sell a car, he'll have to turn it sideways. Also, the LASFS Board of Directors will entertain bids to chair the 1991 Loscon; submit your bid by their meeting on 25 February.

Reviews: Gasperik loved the Turner Network Television remake of "Treasure Island" with Charlton Heston directing and starring as Long John Silver, arrrrr. Ed Green noted that the book of prose stories about Batman had now been followed up with a similar book for the Joker. He also said that a book called A Small Colonial War includes a character patterned after Jerry Pournelle.

Hare Hobbs is still reading the latest Marion Zimmer Bradley book, but so far doesn't find it one of her best. Rotsler found the new film "Tremors" to be "better than it has a right to be." Ed Green enjoyed the way Michael Gross plays a right-wing survivalist type with style. Gavin Claypool reminded us of the remarkable documentary "For All Mankind," footage from the Apollo missions very effectively intercut, and said it was ending its run soon, paired (at two theatres) with "Duck Dodgers in the 24th-and-a-Halfth Century." With that, we recessed for a small auction, eventually adjourning for part two of "Quatermass." 

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