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 by Matthew B. Tepper, Not-Seagate

The bad news: Bruce Pelz wasn't present. The good news: we are blessed with two vice-presidents, neither of whom is "too stupid to live." Ken Rowand knocked on the table at 20:18 to bring the LASFS to order, with Marta Strohl looking on in serene beauty.

But enough of that crap. A few in the audience wanted to cheer the absence of a saint, but we didn't do it. We got money, and it got enumerated. Phil Castora was so pleased that he said, "Let's have a party." The Sim City Tournament over the weekend had a winnah -- World A3, run by Frank Gasperik, Jeff Dansfield, and Joe Zeff. The previous week's minutes got read and were almost listened to. There was scattered applause from the membership, probably gratitude for their having survived the ordeal. One addition was suggested by the Guy with the Sideburns, in that the culprit on the golf cart had just been puttering around.

Galen brought to light five guests: Miya Andersen, Lynn Andersen, Londa Marks (who heard about us from Forry), Matt Campbell, and Dady Blake. He also announced that the latest issue of De Profundis is available to the membership.

Another letter over the signature of that whacky reformist, Mikhail Gorbachev, was read by the Scribe in a hokey Russian accent. Wait a few weeks and see if Sean Connery can do better. The letter has been given over to the De Profundis team, so if you missed it last week, you won't be able to escape from it.

Ken wanted to auction off the remaining two February parking spaces. He wanted to do this right away, but Marta persuaded him to announce the auction to the front room first. Impatiently, Ken called for a few vamping committee reports.

Francis Hamit started off Surrealism with news, and a photo, of a burning bush in West Hollywood. Maybe the guy upstairs is just one of the boys. Rick Foss was tickled by a classified ad for a green parrot that was for sale, with half of a couch thrown in. Apparently the parrot ate the other half. The kicker was that the parrot's owner wanted to replace it with a pet that he thought would be easier on the furniture -- an alligator.

Gavin Claypool once again made available the form for getting a second phone number listed in the next LASFS Directory. You can also request an unlisted phone number, but have to give a reason. Parking spaces were auctioned, and we turned to announcements:

Mike Glyer, speaking from his new vantage point in the gallery, had a new issue of File 770 available. Marty Cantor said that his place of employment, U-Haul, was upgrading its fleet and would be selling off the old trucks. The prices are set prices, but good ones. Charlie Jackson wondered if this qualifies Marty to be a kind of Supermulligan.

The real George did have a car for sale, a silver 78 Seville. He still has that Control Data 8" floppy disk drive, and a laser printer cartridge of unspecified variety. Francis Hamit also has some computer parts for sale, an Apple // video controller card and a hi-res Mac monitor. He reminded us all of the CPR class the following Saturday at 10 a.m.

Ken announced a free series of Karate lessons for females, taught in Granada Hills. Galen said that De Profundis was still available; maybe he thought some of the members have short memories.

There were no reviews, but CL claimed to be able to see into the future, and said that next Thursday's David Letterman special was looking pretty good. He also told us of the incredible cliff-hanging aspects of the continuing Zorro serial, and announced "Mystery Day" at FWEMS would have not only "Boston Blackie" and "Nancy Drew" films (among others), but maybe even a science fiction film. Gasp!

Dady Blake, one of the guests, told us of the ongoing series of free science fiction movie screenings at Barnsdall Art Park, and handed out lots of flyers. See how easy it is to join in?

Larry Niven said he'd reached the $10-per-word mark, with an entry in Reader's Digest's "Quotable Quotes." For the record, he received $50 for "Everything starts as somebody's daydream."

The evening's program was a showing of the first half of the feature version of the "Quatermass" serial, for which Eric Hoffman explained the lineage. That done, we adjourned at 20:55. That was short!  

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