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Bob Null presiding, Karl Lembke scribbling.

Should auld acquaintence be forgot, and never brought to mind, we'll take a cup of senselessness and gavel in Meeting # 3203 of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society at the time of 20:21:17.

Special Orders of Business

Graham Young, pro musician and flugelhornist in many a Star Trek episode, died on December 24, 1998. This news was announced by his daughter, Kathy Carder.

Sam Frank, SF journalist, is no longer in a coma, having assumed room temperature.

Hurd Hatfield, who starred in "The Picture of Dorian Gray" and many episodes of "Wild Wild West" is no longer with us.


As a refreshing change of pace, Menace from the previous meeting were read and approved as [Neilsen] "Rated". It was moved and carried to deplore the continued absence of the Menace from 11/19/9 and 12/17/98.

New Business


Old Business


Committee Reports

Mike Stern announced that there was a party at the clubhouse that evening for some odd reason.

Tim Merrigan announced that De Prof was not yet ready.

Greg Barrett announced that the Library Book Amnesty Program was in effect until the 3rd Thursday of January.

Mike Stern (fix!) announced (fix!) that the Magic The Gathering (fix!) tournament would be postponed until the second Friday in January.

CLJII announced FWEMS for January, and mentioned that the animated videos would be separated into cartoons and "other".

Brett announced that he would be showing a selection of "other" on January 3rd. There would be some old favorite "other", as well as some new "other" screened that day.


CLJII announced that the December Amazing Adventures was now available, and that some AA calendars were still available.

Karl Lembke announced that the LASFS recommended book list for young readers was complete. A sneak preview may be viewed at <>

Doug Crepeau, Y2K Cassandra Committee chairman mentioned the "99" problem, wherein many legacy software installations would use 99 in a date field to mean "end of record", "end of file", "error" or some other special system command. Welcome to the year 19-error!

Joe Zeff related the story of a customer who called up because he couldn't connect. It turned out that his account had been cancelled for spamming, and a repeat offense, at that. "But I wasn't spamming nearly as much this time", he said.

Mike Stern mentioned that Blue Cross deals with an entity which uses "99" in the year field to mean "does not expire".

Someone else mentioned the new movie, "1901, a Space Odyssey".

Brett mentioned that when his group was asked if it was Y2K compliant, it responded that there were no projects extending that far into the future.

Hare announced that since Glyph (formerly known as "Prince") didn't like the re-mix of "Party Like it's 1999", he had put out an EP disk of the song in 7 different versions.


Mike Thorssen voiced his disagreement with the negative reviews of Star Trek IX (STIX). He found it engaging, entertaining and fairly uplifting. It was also refreshing, he said, to see the crew emerge from the mess with the ship mostly intact.

CLJII found that STIX was "Not the best, not the worst" and "Kinda OK". If they pick up the loose plot threads in STX, he said that would make STIX even better.

Greg Barrett found STIX "not much better than a mediocre TV episode." He further said that "Some guy named Joe did it better over the last 5 years."

He also reviewed Patch Adams, which he described as fantasy, because it bore no resemblance to the book. (A movie that bears no resemblance to the book??? Fancy that!)

Fred Patten reviewed a biography of one Charles Thorsen, a cartoonist who worked with many, if not most, of the big name animation houses, who specialized in cute characters, and who may well have been the "Harlan Ellison of Animation".

Joe Fekete enjoyed Lucifer's Hammer, especially the references to hot fudge sundaes.

CLJII reviewed a game show on the Game Show Network called "inquisition". "If Jeopardy is too childish for you, this is the show to watch." (NOBODY expects the ... oh skip it!)

Chris mentioned that she had enjoyed "Fallen Angels", and recognized a lot of the characters.

Mike Stern found an Ace Double edition with a story titled "One in 300". He stated that it "reads very modern".

Greg Barrett found the Ghost Rider ride at Knotts to be "one hell of a roller coaster".

Matthew Tepper found "A Logic Named Joe" by Murray Leinster to be "another very modern read".


Hare mentioned that he might wind up moving to Baton Rouge for a while to be the nanny for nine kids.

It was noticed that there was no spot in the agenda Bob Null had been given for cheering the patron saint. Patron Saint Forrey Ackerman was given three cheers and an absolutely flexible robot girlfriend.

CLJII: "The Stats".....

Total movies = 286, down 100 from last year. First time movies = 200. Winners will be notified next week. There is a new contest being proposed, which will be a monthly pool.

The last of the miscellaneous announcements having been made, Vice President Bob Null accepted a motion to Rob Cole, and the last meeting of 1998 was declared Nullified.

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