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Having been handed the reins of power by President McGuire, Board member Matthew B. Tepper raised the gavel at an obscenely early moment, obviously with the intent of "blitzen" through meeting # 3202.

It was moved, seconded and thridded to disapprove the absence of the Menace from the week before.

Patron Saint Elayne Pelz was honored in absentia with three cheers and a spryngbok.

Emergency backup registrar Beckie reported that there were no guests.

CLJII announced that the Winter Holiday Party would take place on the 25th, and would run from 2:00 PM to whenever.

Brett plugged Cinema Anime on Sunday, January 3. Featured would be "1½ Ranmas" and other films.

January FWEMS will feature "Bell, Book and Candle", and "Vertigo".


Francis Hamit described "Enemy of the State" as "wonderfully paranoid".

"A Simple Plan" is "extremely well made", but it "makes Fargo look like a sitcom". This is the sort of movie, he said, "you will want to see exactly once".

Nola mentioned an article in the LA Times. Scientists are encouraging film students to visit their labs and watch scientists at work, so they can portray science and scientists more realistically in their films. (Yeah, right!)

Hare said he found the principles in Star Trek IX (STIX) to be out of character.

Doug Crepeau, as the spokesperson for the Y2K Cassandra Committee, offered to make a flyer available to anyone who was interested.

George Mulligan's biggest problem with STIX was the "rampant pacifism".

Frank Waller offered a free sample of his wares, pecan shortbread cookies.

Joe Zeff mentioned some unusual write-in candidates in the "People Magazine Most Intriguing People" poll. One of the popular write-ins was "Dust Puppy".

Doug Crepeau reports that he was once sent a Neilson survey form. He skewed the vote as heavily as he could toward science fiction.

Frank Waller mentioned an article (?) on "The End of Babylon 5 and how it affects various people".

Also, "Optic Nerve" reports that JMS's "Crusades" has been filming apace, and that Optic Nerve's critters are looking good.

Beckie gave a favorable review to Laurell Hamilton's

<A HREF = "">

Guilty Pleasures</A>.

Brett enjoyed the "Blade" DVD, but noted that the supplement included on the disk was probably the best choice of endings NOT to include in the movie.

Hare found that "Fuzzies and Other People" needed editing.

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded, thridded, and passed, and the meeting ended at 8:40 PM. (You snooze, you lose!)

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