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 Usurper-President Matthew B. Tepper nominally in charge,

Emergency back-up Scribe Karl Lembke recording for posterity.

The Annual Aquoral meeting of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society was gavelled into order at 20:22 on November 26, 1998.

Person up at the front and working the gavel Matthew B. Tepper declared, "I have lost patience with elections!" (Maybe he should try Viagla.) "So I'm seizing power!" he concluded, unaware of what the person sitting next to him was writing.

There was no special order of business this week.

The approval of the Menace from the previous week was postponed until after they had been read.

Tonight's Patron Saint is Frank Gasperik, here by the grace of Rick Schaffer, who spent a week chauffering him over from Arizona yesterday. He had not managed to acquire a chocolate cream pie, so there was no auction for the right to pie Frank. 3.14 cheers were offered for Frank Gasperik.

New Business: NONE!!!

Old Business: NONE!!!

Registrar: We had no registrar. But that's okay, since we had no guests.

Time-Bound Announcements

CLJII: The October issue of Amazing Adventures is out.

Rick Schaffer:

I Brought binoculars for astronomical viewing.

II Has some samples of postcards he's selling.

III Mentioned that the L.A. Times had an article about the Governor of Maine.

Joe Zeff: Alluded to the existence of a convention taking place this weekend.

CLJII: Hulk Hogan is retiring from whatever he does now, and planning to make a serious attempt at running for President of the US.

Appointed Committees

CLJII: (film)

No FWEMS at LASFS this weekend because the equipment is out of town.

No FWEMS in December.

Cinema Anime will take place 12-6

Be sure to stop by the LASFS table at the convention alluded to above.

There was a pause in CLJII's announcments as he auctioned off a Bag O'Money. The winner got his money's worth.

CLJII: Programs

Tonight's program is "applied origami", featuring a stack of unfolded LASFS fliers.

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff: Reported on 2 callers who did not know their user ID names. One caller was from a cable company which was trying to sell access to the internet through Earthlink's phone lines, and wanted a list of phone numbers.

Doug Crepeau: Plugged the URL <A HREF = ""></A>.

Rick Schaffer: Plugged the URL for <A HREF =">Fourmilab</A>, which has a lot of neat content on it, including the Index Librorum Liberorum, or List of Free Books.

CLJII: ("What Are The Odds?") While touring around in the "Silver Saurpion", he noticed a silver jaguar with a license plate that read "JAGUAR".


Joe Fekete reviewed "Meet Joe Black" as "excellent", and the acting as "good". He stated that the way "they jiggled the music" was most effective at altering his emotional state.

CLJII reviewed the Burger King "Rugrats" chicken chunks as mostly looking like lumps of deep-fried chicken. Only one of the characters (Reptar) had any recognizable form.

Rick Schaffer suggested that Joe Fekete say "tugging at the heart-strings" rather than "jiggling the music". (I don't know, it made sense at the time.)

CLJII stated that the ultimate Babylon 5 episode was quite acceptible.

Matthew Tepper added that if there's a book out called "Garibaldi on Management", he wants a copy.

Miscellaneous Announcements

Matthew Tepper pointed out that a vote took place the previous week in which he was treated most shamefully. He was not allowed to sing!!!

CLJII was pleased that everyone at the meeting read the white board carefully enough to not nominate him for the Board.

And since the rest of us were starting to get bored, we appointed a random person to be Rob Cole for the evening. It was moved and seconded, thridded, and tenthed that we adjourn, and since that amounted to a majority of the available votes, we adjourned at 20:51:17.

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