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 President "Mr. Christian" McGuire nominally in charge,

Emergency back-up Scribe Karl Lembke nominally recording this mess.

The Presidential Gavel having been hastily repaired following last week's debacle, President Christian McGuire was able to gavel LASFS Meeting # 3192 into odor order whatever at 20:25:00.

The Special Order of Business this week was a statement to the effect that there were no special orders of business.

The Menace from the previous week were read, nitpicked, and approved as "Goodnight Mr. Bell, Wherever You Are".

Three cheers were offered up for tonight's Patron Saint, Randy Grainer, the walking wallet.

In order to prevent the occurrence of an auction in October, an accumulation of stuff on the table was sold off, item by item, to the highest bidders.

The President read an article alledging that Yahoo was buying Yoyodyne. (Does that make the new company Yoyohoo?)

New Business: Michael Mason announced that the Librarian is putting together a list of recommended SF books for adult readers. Any members who might have even a nodding acquaintance with an adult are being asked to submit their recommendations and suggestions to the Librarian. Notes may be left in the Librarian's mailbox.

Registrar: Selina announced that we have two guests, Keith Vander-Meiden and Moreg Speller.

Announcements and Committee Reports

Ulrika O'Brien announced that we have a TAFF winner with us from England this week. Everyone was urged to be friendly. In addition, there are TAFF T-shirts for sale, $12. And there are TAFF ballots, in case anyone knows of someone whom we might send to Europe with hopes of making a good impression. (Remember, this isn't charity, it's cultural exchange!)

Tim Merrigan announced the deadline for DeProf is next week.

Greg Bilan announced the existence of a convention in Pomona: B5, Voice of the Resistance.

President McGuire plugged Agamemcon 3, at the Burbank Hilton.

CLJII plugged the latest issue of "Amazing Adventures". "Get 'em while they're hot!"

Janice's Husband (Yes, we're doing that again.) plugged the regular 3rd-Friday-of-the-month event at Raven's Flight, "Dream Shapers". This is a monthly story-telling program, and the October theme is "scary stuff".

Stacy's Husband plugged Cinema Anime on November 1.

Frank Waller made his usual plug, and mentioned that he now has a Christmas catalog. He is also selling bubble wands and small soft blob-type critters that scream when you slam them against a hard surface. (Sort of like tribbles for sadists, I suppose.)

Fannish Committee Reports

David mentioned a report in which 6 illegal aliens were sleeping on the railroad tracks to keep them safe from snakes. It worked. They were not killed by snakes.

Matthew Tepper pointed out the existence of a website, maintained by the CIA and aimed at kids. The URL is <A HREF = ""></A>

Doug mentioned a Reuters piece in which the drastic fall in the price of a bond issue was traced to the user of a piece of electronic trading software who had sat on the "instant sell" button for an extended period without noticing.

Hare Hobbs mentioned the strange retirement announcement of Art Bell.

Mr. Bloom spoke up to let us know that his neighbor had a Chow for sale, and that it would be very nice if the dog were bought by someone who would treat it better than the current owner does.

Mr. Wenner told of the existence of yet another religious cult whose members are disappearing. One member returned a Ford to the dealer, announcing that "we won't be needing this anymore".

Mark Poliner announce the Creation convention which, having learned from sad experience, was now scheduled the week before LosCon.

Mike Stern read an account of a German sushi restaurant whose owner was being accused of bad taste. Seems the sushi in that restaurant is served on the bodies of very nearly naked ladies. (They're not completely naked, the owner says. They have caviar in their navels.) The price of dinner is about $250. (Somehow, I don't think he has too many empty tables.)

Larry Niven announced that his and Jerry's book, "Burning City" has been sold to the publisher, Simon and Schuster Pocket Books. No publication date is yet established.

Shawn announced the death of Richard Denny, who starred in "Creature from the Black Lagoon".

Cathy stated that when John Glenn went back into space, he was going to be dosed with pills containing machinery that would provide a continuous telemetry readout of his temperature.

CLJII, with his lovely assistant Cathy, sent around the Lantern O'Jack and plugged the Autumn Party.

The meeting paused for the selection of this year's Forry Award winner, who turns out to be David Brin. (An uplifting choice if ever there was one.) Congratulatins, David Brin!

And since it was now after 22:00, we turned to Rob Cole for the usual motion to adjourn.   

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