Meeting #3182, Aug 6, 1998 PDF Print E-mail

VicePresident of Narnia: Bob Null

Scribe: Shaun Lyon, which of the Wardrobe.

Prez McGuire and several other prominent rabblerousers were unavailable this evening (something called WorldCon might have something to do with it), so Hizzoner Veep McNull was in charge.

Special Order of Business: Charles Lee Jackson II, and that's II no matter what your Scribe may have read last week, remarked on the passing of Shari Lewis, that celebrated puppeteer and children's icon. Her work had touched millions of all ages with Lambchop and the rest of her remarkable puppets, and she had many other connections to the SF world including story work on an original Star Trek series episode. Also noted was the death of Binnie Barnes, who had starred in a variety of alternate history films and other works and was the wife of the producer of the serial we were seeing during tonight's program.

Joe Zeff mentioned the death of Nola FrameGray's brother Noel Frame.

Menace: Read and approved as whooed, as moved by Joe Zeff. The gentleman remarks about Matthew Tepper would continue unabated. 

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