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Matthew Tepper presiding

Recorded by Karl Lembke, Acting Scribe

Invoking the name of John Houseman, President Matthew B. Tepper gavelled the 3150th meeting of the LASFS into existence at 20:12.

A brief paper chase failed to turn up any unread minutes from previous meetings so the reading of the minutes was skipped.

Karl Lembke was introduced as Acting Scribe for the evening. This was described as Mike Glyer's reward for the upholding of the recent procedural elections, and Karl's punishment for sitting still while the matter came up in the first place.

This being the 52nd week of the year, Patron Saint Elayne Pelz was given three cheers and a puzzlement of spryngboks This being the last week of the year, our 53rd week Patron Saint, Forry Ackerman was also honored with three cheers.

It was also noted that last week's Patron Saint, Steve McGinty, was cheered in the proper week, following the program item.

Time-Bound Announcements:

Hare Hobbs: Due to the overload generated by the movie "Titanic", AMC's computer has been having trouble. Hare was obliged to travel to an establishment on Topanga Canyon Ave to find a place capable of selling him tickets, and he found that they were sold out until Saturday. Others mentioned that seats were still available at Mann's Hollywood and at the LaVerne 12 in LaVerne, CA.

from Lucy Stern: There will be a New Year's Eve party at the LASFS, Wednesday, 12/31/97, beginning at 8:00 PM. The party is a pot-luck, and will last until the following year.

Christian McGuire announced that the year 1997 is about to end. In addition to the problems this may cause when filling out checks, those who are interested in memberships in Conucopia may want to fill out checks before the price jumps from $55 to $70.

First payments on annual dues for 1998 will also be due.

Tim Merrigan announced that De Profundis is not ready yet.

Mike Stern as registrar announced that there were no new people to announce. A comment to the effect that we were all adults was objected to as being an insult. Matthew Tepper, apparently running for the post of "Lord High Everything Else", offered to collect any stray insults.

Charles Lee Jackson II stated that a new serial, "The Green Hornet Strikes Again!" was to be added to next year's schedule. The magic numbers were given for those who keep track of such things. They were 377 total and 277 new. Next week will see the announcement of the final numbers and the year's compiled "sadistics".

George Mulligan pointed out that Christmas was a weird holiday -- in which we spend the morning sitting in front of a dying tree, eating candy out of our socks. "Whaddaya mean 'we'?" was Matthew Tepper's response.

Allan Rothstein pointed out that the name "Santa Claus" could be anagrammed to spell "Lee Harvey Oswald" -- if you added a few letters. And took a few others away.

President Tepper announced that the program committee had managed, with a great deal of hard work, to schedule programs for meetings through April of 1998. Many program items were the result of suggestions by members who were questioned about what they wanted to see LASFS doing. The January 1 program will feature Roger Hill's classic "Road Thingies". The January 1 meeting will also be the membership's last chance to see Phil Castora before his surgery

Old Business: None

New Business: None

Fannish Committee Reports: None


Hare Hobbs gave very favorable reviews to the gauze used to seal the tip of his finger -- it was designed to speed healing and seems to have worked as designed. The finger was sliced by the blade of a food processor, which should serve to remind us all that "fool-proof" devices generally aren't.

George Mulligan said that the movie "Mouse Hunt", although it contains some gross-out humor, is generally quite good.

Allan Rothstein "ham-handedly" reviewed "Mouse Hunt", saying he had heard nothing good about it, and many things rather less so. He also saw "Mr. Magoo" and urged the rest of the membership to spare itself the same fate. The two actors cast as villains, including Malcolm McDowell, were totally nondescript, and he declared himself mystified at the decision to cast them in those parts. He noted that the theater in which he saw "Mr. Magoo", the Crest Theater in Westwood, has been renovated since being purchased by Disney Corp. a decade ago, and now looks very nice. "It is," he said, "about a hundred times better than the movie."

Fred Patten managed to steal a look at "Justice League of America" which he described as "Batman without a budget for costumes or special effects". The acting was quite good, though. "You could see they were doing exactly what the director told them to do."

He also reviewed a new Japanimation film with English subtitles, "Hermes: Love is Like the Wind". He described it as "an animated 'Clash of the Titans'", and stated that the action was quite good up to the point where Hermes won the throne of Athens. At this point, the Message, sponsored by the producer, the Institute for the Research of Human Happiness, kicked in. The Institute is described as "a kind of Japanese Church of Scientology", but the message in the film seemed innocuous enough. Since the Institute is apparently very eager to have its message heard, Fred suspects he can obtain a copy of the film to show at a LASFS program in the near future.

Mike Thorsen reviewed a book titled "The Silence of the Lamberts". This cartoon book is "morbid, quirky, hilarious", and contains many cartoons that reminded him of goings-on at the LASFS".

A computer game, which Mike bought himself as a Christmas present, called "Lost Eden" and produced by the company that brings us "Expert <fill in the blank>" software. This game seems to be a loose interpretation of "East of Eden", set in an alternate history where humans and dinosaurs co-existed.

Mike was determined to avoid seeing "Titanic", but the fates intervened and he was ordered by his employer to watch the film. Making the best of the situation, he reviewed it for LASFS. The story is told as a series of flashbacks from a present where salvage operations are underway to recover an artifact. A survivor, connected with that artifact, contacts the salvage group and winds up telling her story. Although the ending was quite predictable, the movie is still worth seeing.

CLJ II added that while the movie was a spectacle and quite interesting, it was not 100% in terms of historical accuracy.

CLJ II reviewed a pop-up edition of the children's book Stellaluna. The book was declared a wonderful book for children and people who read like children.

A Paddington Christmas, by Michael Bond, is the first new Paddington book in a long while. The story, a completely formula story, is also completely delightful.

"Tomorrow Never Dies" is not as good as "Goldeneye", but that's like saying chocolate fudge isn't as good as rich chocolate fudge. The Emperor declared himself perfectly delighted at the prospect of seeing it again with an out-of-town guest next month. The movie has lots of interesting action, but it also struggled with the line between being new and being familiar. In particular, the "007 theme" was overused.

(Allan Rothstein pointed out that co-star Michelle Yeoh, having been raised in Malaysia, spoke English as her first language. This film is the first one where she could actually read the script.)

CLJ II mentioned that the action scenes were improved by the fact that Brosnan and Yeoh were able to do many of their own stunts, reducing the dependence on stunt doubles.

Another movie seen was "The Green Hornet Strikes Again!", dating from the 1940s. Again, this movie is not as good as the prequel, and again, it's still pretty good. It can be found at Video Treasures for $40 for a three cassette set, or Eastside Records may still have its used copy for $19.95. The movie will also be serialized at LASFS in March of 1998.

Allan Announced that he was now ready for the Hanukkah present that Matthew Tepper was trying to give him.

Brett Achorn mentioned that the producers of the animated film "Quest for Camelot" found out, after the animators had been laid off, that one of the oxen had been left unanimated. "Just color the reference ox black and use it," is what the Disgruntled Employees Club was told.

Jeff Stansfield announced that the four-foot tall stuffed Dalmatian in the corner needed a good home -- it was stirring competitive instincts in their own non-stuffed dog.

Mike Thorsen announced that the LosCon Virtual Masquerade would be shown at the New Year's Eve party.

Christian McGuire reviewed the new film, "As Good as it Gets", as "excellent, funny, Nicholson at his best."

Fred Patten mentioned that 1998 was the 25th anniversary of the year Mushi Films went bankrupt and quit making such classics as "Kimba the White Lion". It is also the 20th anniversary of the last showing of any "Kimba" episodes due to the encroachment of litigation.

(Allan Rothstein mentioned that Toshiro Mifune had died.)

CLJ II stated that 1997 was the 25th year of Empire Con, which has been a great deal of fun, and that the Winter Holiday Party would resume shortly and people were invited to find room in their stomachs for as much of the remaining food as possible.

President Matthew Tepper, in his closing comments for the year, extended his thanks to:

Joe Zeff, the Vice President with the Sideburns

Mike Stern as registrar

Ed Green, Chairman of the board

Mike Stern as Vice Chairman of the board (or was that the bored chairman of vice?)

Mike Glyer, controller, and

Robbie Cantor, outgoing board member.

The meeting was adjourned at 21:10 and the party, so rudely interrupted, resumed...

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