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Matthew Tepper presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saints Jim Glass, Mike Bloom

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Matthew Tepper called meeting #4060 to what passes for order at 8:00.

Special orders of business:

Nichelle Nichols has had a stroke. It was a mild stroke and she is recovering. We have had people have mild strokes and come in to regale us with stories. Maybe she’ll do likewise.

Club member Cecil Rose has passed. A card will be procured.

Menace from last meeting were read.  Jerry Pournelle bid $2 to name them “They Are the Minutes” They were so accepted.

Time Bound Announcements!

Matthew Tepper announced David Gerrold has a cover story in this month’s Asimov’s Magazine.

Nick Smith announced the last performance of the Los Angeles Camerata in Glendale. Marilyn Miller will be showing up there. The founder is retiring and they found no replacement.  // Saturday features an all-day music fest in Pasadena.

Committee Reports

The Treasurer’s report: We have money

You can’t spend it.

Marcia Minsky announced there will be a Loscon staff meeting Sunday at  1 PM here.

Programs (CLJII)

June 4, nominations for President of LASFS and a Chuck Jones show by Tom Safer.

June 11, procedural elections

June 18, big auction

June 25, More Like the Movies, part I.

June 28: Last Sunday of June, G Men vs the Black Dragon and Daredevils of the West, which will be interleaved.

Tom Safer announced on June 20 TSPC presents Magical Mystery Tour by the Beatles.

Registrar Ed Hooper announced a guest, Bree Turner.

We honored tonight’s Patron Saints:

Patron Saint Jim Glass

Jerry Pournelle was part of the committee awarding Jim the Evans-Freehafer award, after which he never came back to another meeting.

From the Hagiography:

LASFS Librarian

Evans-Frehafer award winner

Patron Saint Jim Glass was given three cheers and a bigger library.

Patron Saint Michael Bloom

Matthew Tepper: we don’t get to see much of him due to health issues. He has a silly shirt bearing the front half of a goose and the back half of a kangaroo, and captioned GooRoo.

Nick Smith: He was responsible for the move of Loscon from the Pasadena Hilton to the Burbank Hilton.

Michelle Pincus: He is a well-rounded fan, loves literature, filk, superheroes. at SD Westercon, when the Superman movie opened, moved heaven and earth to make sure people could see it.

Patron Saint Michael Bloom was given a no two bid and three cheers..

David Okamura monitored science for the club.  

There is a sort of silver lining to the Texas floods.  The El Nino that caused that may be gaining in strength, and may bring moisture to California.  Scientists think the extreme weather may be due to the slowing of the jet stream as the arctic ice melts.

If it gets desperate, there’s a Carlsbad desalination institute starting up.

But 100 years ago, San Diego contracted Charles Hatfield, who gave us the Hatfield Flood of 1916. Rainmaking was quite successful, and the city nearly washed out to sea.  

(But the cat came back.)  We have another mountain lion living in the Verdugos. P-41. He may be crossing the 210 freeway to expand his territory.

Milt Stevens recalls his father had a picture of himself in full police uniform rowing a boat, in the Tyrone Wash (right outside our door).  The 6’ storm drain they installed seems to have fixed that.

Old Business: Nominations for President

Matthew Tepper

No further nominations until next week

No New Business


George McUrso reviewed Tomorrowland. Not a perfect film, but it’s still a fun film and it was a reminder of everything he loves about SF.  It was a positive view of the future, which is nice.

Ed Hooper: Sci-Fest LA. Despite being late for the first play, saw the rest of it, including “A Logic Named Joe”. Overjoyed at how well everything was done.  Get a group together to see it next year. (The original “Logic Named Joe” is available for free download on Archiv.ix)

Neil Gaiman is very supportive of this, and is licensing a spin-off to be performed in London.

Tom Safer: A couple of classic films:

Double Indemnity -- a good drama film full of twists and turns, that’s one.

The Twelve Chairs, a Mel Brooks comedy.

Both quite enjoyable.

Milt Stevens: Anna Christie (1930) known for Garbo Speaks. It’s a tremendous movie.

Frank Waller: saw Road Warrior. Very, very good. Had inklings of the previous movie, but more and bigger, and more hardware.

Nick Smith:  The last third of San Andreas is SF because they change the force of gravity. The visual effect of a shift in a fault was exaggerated.  But the tsunami violated the laws of physics.   The acting is actually decent.

Gavin Claypool: San Andreas.  It has great aerial shots of Cal Tech.  No great shakes.

Doug Crepeau saw Tomorrow. In the scene where Matthew is a kid, he has a jetpack. It seems to be made of two old Electrolux vacuums.

Bill Green: came across an interesting item: they’ve engineered yeast to produce morphine.

Doug Crepeau” Last night on TV, between a couple of Through the Wormhole shows, NASA Unexplained with Dr Pournelle talking about the Thor weapon system.


There is a list of Holllywood Bowl activities. Contact Gavin Claypoool of interest.

Put chairs away.

Adjournment: It was moved and seconded, and we adjourned to the program at 8:51.
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