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Matthew Tepper presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Ed Baker

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Matthew Tepper called meeting #4059 to what passes for order at 8:00.

Special orders of business:

Tanith Lee has passed, two days ago. We had a moment of silence in her memory.

Tom Locke announced that Beverly Kanter has been recovering from her fractures. She is living in San Diego, and has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, which may account for her falls.She has asked that her mailing address, 4308 Avon Drive #3 La Mesa CA 91941, ℅ her sister, be made available.

Menace from last meeting were read.  Marcia Minsky bid $2 to name them “In the words of Karl Lembke: Sunland, I know where that is.” They were so accepted.

Time Bound Announcements!

Loscon Committee was represented at Baycon and Clockwork Alchemy. We have one membership from Baycon and one from Clockwork Alchemy.  Zack, Spike, Justine Reynolds for sitting the table at Baycon, and Wendy Newton for sitting the table at Clockwork.

Committee Reports

The Treasurer’s report: We have money

You can’t spend it.

June 4, nominations for President of LASFS and a Chuck Jones cartoon show by Tom Safer.

June 11, procedural elections

June 18, big auction

June 25, More Like the Movies, part I.

June 28: Last Sunday of June, G Men vs the Black Dragon and Daredevils of the West, which will be interleaved.

David Okamura monitored science for the club.  When Elon Musk started building rockets and cars, people thought he was certifiable.  His rockets are. They’re now certified for military use, especially for spy satellites.

Over Memorial day weekend, a lot of people went to the beach, and lifeguards had to put in an appearance because of great white shark sightings.  They were only 7 feet long, so they’re only pretty good white sharks. The life guards protect the sharks from the people.

Later this year, we may have people bringing external flight tanks for the shuttle to Los Angeles.

Back in 1921, archaeologists digging a burial mound found an oak tree trunk hollowed out to make a cofffin. Inside was a young woman, the so-called Egtved Girl, age 16 or so, height maybe 5’ something.  Acid from the oak and peat dissolved the bones, but left clothes, teeth, fingernails and other parts. Under modern scientific methods, they were able to tell a lot from strontium levels in her teeth and hair. Based on strontium levels, they were able to tell she was not from Denmark, and had traveled extensively before her death.

She was buried with a bucket of bronze age beer. (But was it the brutish viking beer?) It was made with bog myrtle berries, honey, and other ingredients.

Registrar Ed Hooper announced no new guests. Welcome back!

President Tepper notes tonight’s program is a presentation of artwork by our very own Marc Schirmeister.

We honored tonight’s Patron Saint:

Patron Saint Ed Baker

Milt Stevens recalls he was an Esperantist, was fond of Ayn Rand, and was a dedicated Catholic. He showed up about the same time Fred Patten, so the two were confused with each other for a while.  

He was a member of an APA called The Cult. He translated one of thier fantasy pieces into Esperanto, so they threw him out. For thirteen members, they caused a lot of trouble.

Ed died 4/22/71.

Matthew Tepper recalls Fred Patten put on the TOC for APA-L, Ed Baker died this week, Funeral Saturday.

Sandy Cohen commented that when Ed was active, he was one of the leaders trying to make sure this was a literary organization. A number of people were glad to recommend books, and Sandy appreciated that.

Tom Locke: Ed was very much interested in the teachings of Andrew Columbus at the Free Enterprise Institute, and was quite active with that institute.

From the Hagiography:

Served as treasurer, custodian of part of the library and secretary

supervised a newspaper delivery crew

was once limited to a maximum of three languages or three coinages in his treasurer's reports, which he sometimes delivered in Esperanto and sometime announced in terms of Esperanto coins.

known for his [always clean] double entendres and for having a very good deadpan expression.

Patron Saint Ed Baker was given three cheers and a green star.

No Old Business

No New Business

CLJII announced his new book, his 16th, is out today: The History of Batman. Only a buck on Amazon.

John DeChancie announced a new book: The Pirates of Perilous. $12.99.

Eric Hoffman noted the passing of Eric Caidin of Hollywood Book and Poster passed away at the Film Noir film fest

The store will remain open, at least for the time being.


Milt Stevens reviewed Skin Game by Jim Butcher. Sort of a cross between a fantasy novel and dead men don’t wear plaid. It’s formula, but Butcher does well with it.  (Now if he could collaborate with Ed Baker and Raymond Chandler….)

Eric Hoffman: Blacke’s Magic, where Alexander Blacke, played by Hal Linden… Found a couple of recordings, and so we’re hoping this will be seen by a larger audience.

Scratch watched two movies.  Avengers, and the one he can’t remember.  Tomorrowland. Enjoyed both.

CLJII: Decades has finished running The Fugitive. Still thinks the best things about the last two episodes was the new LA Zoo and the climax at Pacific Ocean Park.


Frank Waller: Super Car sunday is coming. South Topanga Mall.

Joe Zeff: Putridity that Digby would have appreciated.  In an online survey, asked if he were under 30 or over 30, leaving a curious gap or omission.

CLJII: Barnaby book: quotes on the back, some of which are worthy of remark.  “This book is the most important addition to arts and letters in how many years “ dorothy parker.

Put chairs away.

Adjournment: It was moved and seconded, and we adjourned to the program at 8:51.
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