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Meeting # 3258, Jan 20, 2000

Cathy Beckstead, President

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Quick! A dragon is eating the moon! We need to scare it away! Let's have a LASFS meeting!!!

Special Orders of Business: Hedy Lamarr, 86. She was in the worst fantasy movie ever, "The Story of Mankind". She also starred in "The Heavenly Body", as one of the heavenly bodies. She is quoted as having said, "Any girl can be glamourous, all you have to do is stand still and be stupid." In 1942, she received a patent for the process of "spread spectrum" radio communication, a process now used in many cellular phones and computer links. How she managed to be glamourous despite her severe deficit of stupidity is a question that may never be resolved.
Also among the newly deceased is John Newland, host of "Alcoa Presents", later syndicated as "One Step Beyond". He also directed many shows, including "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", "Fantasy Island", and "Wonder Woman".

The Menace were read, corrected and approved as "A Scratch Bid".

Old Business: The President is still working on committees.

Patron Saint: Jeff Siegel, one of Alex's best friends. He is a retired USAF major, and a specialist in cryptography. He's been a LASFan since age 11. He was given three cheers and something I can't quite decipher.

There was no New Business, despite Joe Zeff's generous offer to provide some.

Registrar: We had no Shaun, so we had guests. Welcome, Charles, Jenny, Brian and Steve.

Committee Reports

Archives: Mike Stern presented some material to Bob Null, as a representative of the Archive committee, a photograph of Walt Doherty and Russ Hodgkins, restored by Skiffy, and donated by Forest J Ackerman.

Recycling: Bob Null reported that we can now accept just about any beverage container for recycling. Only, please rinse containers before depositing them!

E-Mail List: Joe Zeff has been sending e-mail messages pursuant to his new committee. As soon as he has enough replies, he'll begin distributing the list. Also, the LASFS directory update sheet is hanging in the front building. Please add any updates.

Summer Holiday: CLJII notes that last year's Summer Holiday party took place in autumn. In the spirit of balance, he plans to schedule this year's in the spring, at Vasquez Rocks.

FWEMS: This Sunday, featuring movies from the turn of the century to the 20s or so.

SWEMS: Two serials will be shown during the Superbowl Weekend Movie Showing: "Burn 'em Up Barns" and "The Spider's Web". A vote will be taken as to whether the serials will be shown contiguously or non-contiguously.

Cinema Anime: Brett Achorn announced this event, starting at 1:00 PM, the second Saturday of every month.

C/FO: The Cartoon/Fantasy Organization meets the third Saturday of each month.


Doug Crepeau announced that Winston Smith was apparently on the loose, and deleting his pearls of wit from the LASFS website. (Maybe his comments weren't Y2K compliant.)

CLJII announced that this was the last week to subscribe to Amazing Adventures. Also, according to the Amazing Adventures Calendar, today is Swashbuckler's Day. So swash your buckles!

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff, on vacation from work this week, had to draw on experiences from a previous week. He reported on a man who was being assisted in getting his computer up and online. The man mentioned how he hated computers. When asked why he was using one, he replied that he needed to get online so he could do online trading. Joe apparently declined to ask him whether he owns a gun.

Doug Crepeau mentioned an item from Culver City, in which a man foiled the reposession of his car by lying down across the driveway, athwart the path of the car, until the police arrived. The name of the man is not at this time known to be Arthur Dent.




Chaz Baden mentioned that the pix he takes are winding up on his website,

Don Wenner noted that a recent episode of "The X Files" was filmed in the vicinity. Jerry Pournelle wondered why they didn't just film an episode at the clubhouse. Karl Lembke replied that the program had to maintain a certain minimum amount of credibility.

Frank Waller stated that he had more free tickets for the L.A. Cabaret.

CLJII called the club's attention to a cake, made in honor of Swashbuckler's Day.

Scratch Galloway offered a projection TV to a good home. He also mentioned the program, SETI@Home, out of Berkeley, which harnesses the power of large numbers of computers on the Net to grind through radio signal data from Arecibo. A program runs as a screen saver on individual computers, and crunches data during the computer's idle time. When it finishes a block of data, it sends back the results and downloads another 300K.

A motion to not adjourn was defeated at 21:03:30, and the members left to moon around.

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