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Meeting # 3257

Bob Null, VP, presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Jan 13, 2000

"This is a theater", stated Hare Hobbs, "of the absurd."
"Sit down, shut up. Let's get this over with," was President Beckstead's sage advice.

The "it" we had to get over with was gavelled into order at 20:12:43.

Special Orders of Business: Don Martin, cartoonist with Mad Magazine, and an illustrator for Galaxy died Friday morning. Matthew Tepper remarked on how heartwarming it was to see how well loved he was among the members of the press who wrote of his passing. Most of them had probably grown up on his cartoons. He was 68.
Mark Davis, one of the Nine Old Men of Disney, created Snow White, Tinkerbell, Cinderella, among other characters.
Pat O'Brian, author of the modern "Hornblower" series.

The Menace were read, corrected, and approved as "elegant in a corset". Don't ask.

Old Business: Committees are being worked on.

New Business: A motion was waiting on the table for some sort of action:

We, the undersigned, believe that there are too many consonants in LASFS. In order to promote a vowel movement, we think that LASFS should buy a vowel.
Signed by: Mike Stern, Joe Zeff, Mike Galloway, W. E. Hooper, June Moffatt, and Matthew Tepper.

After some discussion, Jerry Pournelle offered to give LASFS a vowel. At his per-word rates, he must be bucking for another sainthood. There followed some discussion as to which vowel LASFS should obtain. The secretary is rooting for one with an umlaut. Those are really cool.

It was moved that LASFS accept a free vowel from the Niven/Pournelle Alliance (NPA).

Patron Saint Bruce Pelz was given three cheers and some stickers on his trunk.

New Committee: Liz Mortensen announced that she was now the charity coordinator for the club. Her inaugural project for the club is providing handmade blankets for children going thorough chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancer. Club members are being asked to donate yarn and/or completed granny squares, to be made into blankets. The preferred size of a completed blanket is about 40" X 60". We will be collecting blankets at HuLaLaCon.

Board Election: Congratulations are offered to Michaels Mason and Galloway, for dodging the bullet, and condolences to Shaun Lyon, who is now on the board.

Registrar: Since Shaun was in the house, Beckie reported that we had no guests.

Committee Reports

Special Project: Joe Zeff mentioned a project that Chaz Baden had been working on, and let lapse. Joe will now be taking up this project in an official capacity. Anyone who wants to be included in the project has to let the Joe Zeff know.

LASFS.ORG: Still looking for a new home. We need lots of space, lots of addresses, and the ability to host mailing lists.

Magic the (FIX!!) Gathering: First place was (FIX!!) Mike Stern. Second, Bruce P; Third: Ken. Drew managed to be in fifth place or thereabouts.

Festival of Books: Greg Bilan notes that now that we have the money for a table, we need LASFen to man the tables (or is that "fan" the tables) over the weekend.

FWEMS: CLJII announced that the 4th Sunday would feature films from the turn of the century (this century still) until about 1928.

SWEMS: Superbowl weekend will feature "Burn 'em Up Barns" and "Spider's Web".

Cinema Anime is still on for the Second Saturday of each month, Brett Achorn reported.

C/FO will be meeting this week.


Eylat announced that Live the Dream will be having a Star Trek marathon. See fliers in the front building.

Hare mentioned the post-holiday blood shortage at the Red Cross (aggravated by the fact that it's flu season), and suggested that LASFS get together for a blood sacrifice. He was told to coordinate with Liz.

Francis Hamit mentioned that he had sold his ninth Y2K article, this one about what went right. One thing that did go wrong was that we lost both sets of spy satellites for about three days. (Or is that what went right?)

Time Meddlers will be meeting Sunday.

The NPA: Larry Niven showed off the cover of a new book, "Saturn's Race" by Larry Niven and Steven Barnes. Also in the lineup are, "Rainbow Mars", now out in paperback, N-Space, being reissued, and Burning City by Niven and Pournelle.

Jerry Pournelle remarked that he made his money off of Y2K by selling the same article nine times. (Jerry, was it the definite, or indefinite article you sold?)
The British government is still trying to decide where to send Pinochet. Anyone with an opinion should send his mail to Parliament before they finalize the decision.

Greg Barrett mentioned that 21st Century Comics will be having a sale over the weekend. Prices will be 30% off Friday, and 40% off Saturday and Sunday.

Someone mentioned He hasn't been hooked up yet, but he'll keep us posted.

Doug Wenner plugged storytelling sessions around town.

CLJII thanked Doug Crepeau for calling his attention to the memorial for Clayton Moore. It will be this Sunday at the Autrey Museum in Griffith Park.
He also announced that time is running out to buy your subscription to Amazing Adventures.
Also, Galen Tripp mentioned to him that while visiting his parents, he saw LASFan Jim Dennis on the E-D channel, talking about Linux.
Finally, he needs to replace his housekeeper. Anyone willing to be an employee of the county can get a job working for about 16 hours a month sweeping, taking out trash, and doing other chores that Charlie's CP doesn't allow him to do.

Woody Dodge announced that collectors edition SF books were being published in limited editions, signed and numbered. For details, go to

Fannish Committee Reports

Scratch Galloway mentioned that he received a statement from Bank of America. It urged him to send money, because he had a balance due of zero.

Francis Hamit noted that six of his neighbors had their telephones cut off for nonpayment. They had not responded to bills sent Tuesday, January 2, 2000. Of course, since that particular Tuesday fell on a Sunday this year, no one delivered the bills.


Hare Hobbs enjoyed Frontier Earth by Bruce Boxleitner.

Ed Hooper recommends the Warlands comic series.


Frank Waller warned us that a new dentist is moving in next door, and that we should "make nice".

Mike Stern mentioned that new officers of the BOD had been elected. Mike Stern is now Chairman; Bruce Pelz is Chair of Vice, and Mike Glyer is secretary and comptroller.

A motion to get the heck out of here was passed at 21:24:37.

Addendum: Scratch Galloway's comment is "No."

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