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Meeting # 3256

Cathy Beckstead, President

Karl Lembke, Scribe

January 6, 2000

"Mr. Bilan gave me a hat," said Cathy. She picked up the emergency back-up president and tossed it over to the side of the room, saying, "You! You've been overthrown." (Or is that thrown over?)

Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society Meeting number 3256, the first meeting of the new year, and the first meeting of the last year of the millennium, was gavelled into order at 20:12:58.

There were no Special Orders of Business.

The Menace were read and approved as "coted".

There was some Old Business. Bill Ellern gave a statement with respect to his motion from last week. Considerable discussion ensued.

Nominations for the Board
People nominated for the board were:
Shaun Lyon
Mike Mason
Scratch Galloway

Committee Reports

LASFS.ORG is still down. The IP address needs to be changed by hand, and it will be, this weekend. A motion was made that the club allocate up to $500 to buy web hosting service at a place where we can call someone else up and have that person reset our web site for us. The motion passed. A committee to look in to the matter was established.

Magic the (FIX!) Gathering: This Friday is the first tournament of the year. See if you can dislodge Drew.

Final Sunday: Cliffhangers will be shown. "Burn 'em Up Barns" and "Spider's Web".

FWEMS: This month features films from the pre-talkies era.

Cinema Anime: Meets at 2:00 PM this Saturday.

TRIPE: Meets the first Sunday of each month.

C/FO: Cartoon/Fantasy Organization meets on the 15th this month.

LADWVS: The Los Angeles Dr. Who Viewing Society meets the first Monday of each month.

Program: This week, nominations for the board. Next week, voting.

Registrar: We welcome David, a guest who has not yet fled the premises.

Patron Saints: First saint of the week is Dan Alderson, after whom the parking space is named. He may be said to be responsible for parking stuff in orbits outside the asteroid belt, since he wrote the software responsible for guiding all space craft through the belt. Some mention was made of the possibility of renaming the asteroid belt the Alderson belt, and Jerry Pournelle suggested that getting an asteroid named after him was more likely.
He was given three cheers and a weep! wail!
Moving to the other end of the alphabet, we honor Joe Zeff, who has given us numerous computer user reports, and a thousand dollars. Three cheers and sideburns!


Frank Waller announced that Wizard 01 and Rising Star 4 are out.

Dale Hales plugged the Atomic Clock fund. Make your contributions now before you forget!

Cathy Carder announced that Terry Pratchett would be at a book signing at Vromans, April 4th.

Shaun Lyon announced Gallifrey One, over President's Day weekend. There will be over 50 guests.

CLJII announced that the window of opportunity to buy your Amazing Adventures subscription would be closing soon. Ante up before your fingers get caught in the sill.
Also, there is a new mathematical constant in existence. Prinn's Constant is defined as the number of A's one has gotten in school. Charlie notes that in his case, Prinn's constant is a variable, having increased this past week.

Cathy Beckstead announced that one of the clubhouse's neighbors had lost a cat, and called our attention to the posters all over the place.

Kris Bauer announced that the grades of several students at Pierce College had been posted, including Valentina's. Those were well worth posting.


Doug Crepeau, in his first Y2K Murphy report, noted that:
The social security agency was not quite fixed.
The wrong date appeared on a Star Trek website. (What was the star date for 1900?)
Automatic doors at one nuclear plant refused to open for a while, locking the techs out of some sections of the plant
The U.S. thwarted terrorist attacks in eight countries.
In a sexual assault case, the ages of the assailant and victim were listed as 83 and 80, due to a date glitch.
Doug also mentioned the existence of a Klingon playmate website.

Mike Stern gave a stupid user report of his own. A medicare doctor complained that the software was giving him dates in the year 1900. He was receiving two digit years, and his own system was prepending the "19".

Joe Zeff mentioned a user who "never thought of thinking for himself at all".


Hare Hobbs reviewed Fantasia 2000. The Donald Duck sequence was the most fun, and the piece with the whales was gorgeous.

Glenn thought the best part of Fantasia 2000 was the Rhapsody in Blue, and Sorcerer's Apprentice was the worst, due to Disney having tried to restore the original cells. He noted that it doesn't hang together as the original Fantasia did.

Darcee Found that the first segment of Fantasia 2000 did not hold her interest.

Mike Thorsen expressed agreement with previous reviews of Toy Story 2. The worst thing he had to say about Stuart Little was that the wet cats didn't move as realistically as the dry ones did.

Mike Stern read Frontier Earth by Bruce Boxleitner, and wishes he hadn't.

Bill Ellern found The Fifth Elephant by Terry Pratchett to be excellent.

Scratch is now looking for the next issue of Honor Harrington, Napoleonic Wars in Space. I guess he liked the ones that came before.

Alan Rothstein, in an echo of Mike Sterns review, mentioned that he read a book once and didn't like it either.

Ed Baker found MZB's Shadow Matrix to be a decent book.

Brett Achorn displayed the new Fantasia 2000 coffee table book. It's well worth putting on your coffee table. Or attach four legs to it...

Eylat Polliner mentioned that Galaxy Quest was great, and Bicentennial Man was extremely well done.


John DeChancie notes that Bicentennial Man follows the novel quite closely.

Mike Thorsen noted that the club would be having a table at the Festival of Books, April 29 and 30.

CLJII announced the Stats for the year just ended. First movie of the year was Star Wars IV, last was "It's a Wonderful Life". He saw 198 movies for the first time, and 290 total.

We moved to Rob Cole at 21:34:56.

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