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Meeting of Thursday, October 30th [1947]
414th consecutive meeting

To be accurate, there were fourteen present at the last meeting: Forest J. Ackerman, Bob Cohn, Cy Condra, Stanley Cook, Jean Cox, EEE, Dale Hart, Eph Koenigsberg, Lee Budolph, Sam Russell, Rex Ward, Gus Willmorth, and A.E. van Vogt.

This meeting was an exciting one: There were undercurrents of intrigue and suspicion and overtones of dire distress -- financial distress, that is. For one thing, the treasury was almost depleted and the rent was due. Dire measures were taken. Cy Condra, who is a member in spite of himself, dug deep and came up with $1.75 back dues.

The undercurrents mentioned above were mostly between Forest J. Ackerman, No. I fan and Treasurer of the LASFS, and Rog Phillips, Amazing Stories author and editor of the proposed fan column to appear in that magazine. Forest feels that this is an attempt on the part of the editors of that magazine to reconcile itself with fandom, which he thinks would be to the detriment of the fans; Rog Phillips claims that Forest deliberately started the Palmer insanity so-called Hoax -- an act which he regards as being somewhat unsavory. There was much discussion pro and con, and, finally, Eph Koenigsberg, made a motion that the LASFS have no official recognition of the magazine or its fan-department until further notice. This was seconded by EEE and passed unanimously by the members.

Dale Hart did a little reminiscing about Amazing and Palmer back in the good-ol'-days; he recalled that Palmer was quite a nice fellow. But, now, he remarked, something seems to have happened to the magazine. Most of its readers seem to be religious maniacs of cult, their motto being, "Sex is divine!" This, he thought, was a bunch of --a--. However, he made us understand that though he didn't exactly disapprove he thought it was carrying it a bit too far!

The discussion now turned to vital matters. Eph Koenigsberg, mentioned that about six months back the magazine, AIR AFFAIRS, had run a whole issue on the atomic bomb and its implications. There was one very fine article in it, written by an atomic scientist, which discussed the thing from many angles, involving various assumptions as to whether Russia had the bomb or not, and so forth. In either case the conclusion was -- WE'RE COOKED!

Mr. van Vogt was next called upon to speak. He was full of optimism and hope. His cheery message was -- "TAKE TO THE HILLS!" Repeating, in part, his article in the amateur magazine, FANTASCIENT, he warned us that we had approximately two years to get there. "An explosion is due," he said. "At present, everybody is an extremist. When the next depression hits, people won't reach for the ballot box -- they'll reach for their guns!" He elaborated on this in various ways. Later, the discussion turned to writing. "Soon," he told us, "a great many more science-fiction magazines will appear. They'll be forced to by the tremendous number of people who want to write the stuff."

The meeting concluded at 10:40.

Jean Cox

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