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Matthew Tepper presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Bob Null

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Matthew Tepper called meeting #4056 to order at 8:00

Special orders of business:

We note the passing of Grace Lee Whitney, age 85, who appeared in eight Random episodes of ST Classic.

Menace from last meeting were read.  June Moffatt bid $3 to name them “It looks like purple people eater to me” They were so accepted.

Time Bound Announcements!

Marty Cantor announced the passing of Art Widner.  Art’s grandchildren will be having a memorial for him at the family home near Mendocino.  It will be Monday, 6/22.

There will be no Board meeting this Sunday, so the club will open at noon for gaming and stuff.

Committee Reports

The Treasurer’s report: We have money

You can’t spend it.

Programs (CLJII)

May 7: A presentation about Leonard Nimoy

May 14: Kimberly Stedman from NASA talks Mars Rovers

May 21: Big Auction, and Pre-show by Tim Griffin

May 28: Schirmeister Slide Show

June 4: TBD

June 11: TBD

June FWEMS: G-Men vs the Black Dragon and Daredevils of the West.

Second week of June will be procedural elections. (June 11)

Marcia Minsky announced the hotel block for Loscon 42 is now open. Use code LOSLOSA to reserve.  Rooms are $113/night. Parking is $13/night plus tax. Book through our block and wi-fi is at no additional charge.

We honored tonight’s Patron Saint:

Patron Saint Bob Null

Scratch: Bob Null was a gentleman of many talents. He could be the world’s best soda fairy, he could find things no one else could find, cheaply. He handled maintenance, and when he passed, it took seven people to fill his shoes.

Joe Zeff: Remembers at first he had quite a bit of difficulty to try the internet because he didn’t think there’d be anything on it to interest him.  After six months, Bob was lecturing Joe about how to do stuff on the Net.

Hare: Bob was a fund of information about the latest earthquake or volcano.

CLJII: We do have the ability to name something after Bob.  The space between the two buildings was the Null Space.  In the new building, the patio is now the Null Space. Bob’s family was delighted to learn this. Bob liked to discover new hobbies and dive in rather like Bruce Pelz. At one point, he became fascinated with motion picture short subjects. When he retired from his profession, he took early retirement and turned down a contractor job doing what he had done for more money. It took them four people to fill his spot. Once he had retired, he looked for ways to fill his time. He found people who were travel impaired, and gave them rides in order to share their company.

Eylat Poliner: He was always there, and could be called at a moment’s notice. She could arrange to borrow furniture from the clubhouse and he would meet her at the clubhouse. He didn’t just give us money, he gave us his soul, his well being, his love....

Frank: he actually talked to me. And I’ve quote him as being the Swiss Army Knife of humans.

Karl Lembke: at one of the many cons for which he did Logistics, he was the Soda Ferry.  The idiot running the news zine misunderstood and wrote the wrong sort of fairy.  Shortly after the mistake hit print, Bob had adapted.  He showed up wearing blue wings and carrying a wand, and came bearing sodas.

Matthew Tepper: Bob was interested in exonumia. One time, he found a medal honoring Jack Benny and bought it for Matthew. This was the sort of thing he’d do. He was interested in the history of Turkey, and of course its coinage.  Bob also gave him a CD of episodes of a radio show. It turned out to be Boston Blackie.

From the Hagiography:

the LASFS logistics guy

served many terms as vice president

was the Soda Fairy for many years

Minister of Silly Gavel

Accepted the position of fan GOH at a con provided he would also be able to do his usual committee work

twice winner of the Evans Freehafer award

Patron Saint Bob Null was given three cheers and Nothing at all.

Registrar:  Devon Black introduced herself.  Eylat dragged her here.

David Okamura observes:

We have lost the last member of the team of German scientists who accompanied Werner Von Braun from Germany and helped create the Saturn V.

Oscar Holderer was age 95.  

Sometime tonight the Russian supply ship is expected to burn up in Earth’s atmosphere.

Space-X has successfully tested its bail-out system.

It may be we’ll have self-driving semi tractor trailers, on freeways where the task is a lot simpler.

DNA research is expanding at an incredible pace. They’ve sequenced the woolly mammoth.

They’re getting closer to editing human DNA.

A new atomic clock has been devised. It won’t lose or gain a second over 15 billion years. It can tell if it’s been moved a couple of centimeters up or down.

Jerry Pournelle reported some numbers.  When the EM drive was in a vacuum, they lost 95% of the effect, and the rest is within the bounds of error. So it seems to be a convection effect.

No Old Business!

No new business!


Milt Stevens: Ancillary Sword is the sequel to last year’s winner. It’s the Count of Monte Cristo with some SF details. Without gender distinctions, the society is not terribly human and not very nice.  This feels like the second volume of a trilogy.  Not bad, but not as good as Three Body Problem

CLJII: went out on May 5 to see Avengers: Age of Ultron. They gave him the Senor discount on account of the holiday. He arrived for the 4:30 showing of the 2-D showing.  They didn’t have such a showing. They offered the 4:40 3-D showing. The 3-D was well done, and not overused.

They were very careful to make sure it fit right between the appropriate episodes of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Dismayed at the trend that says any Superhero movies have to have wanton destruction of property and wholesale slaughter of innocents. (I can get it for you retail) There was a good thing at the end of the picture. They gave screen credit for the creators of the characters.


Eylat notes that a woman was suing every gay person on earth for being gay. Today, a Nebraska Supreme Court threw her out.  Her case, too.

Joe Zeff: Needed to transfer files to a friend who has limited bandwidth. Bought a new Lexar flash drive. Before opening the package, noticed system requirements.

Jerry Pournelle read that now a $25 ticket given to a pedestrian for jaywalking works out to $197 after fees and whatnot. Don’t cross on the “don’t walk” sign.

Bill Green discussed religion. A missionary approached and asked if he was Christian, he said no.  Then asked if he was Catholic.

Hare Hobbs: KFI is planning a rally to campaign against the extra added-on fees.

CLJII:  From the news: about the TV program The Price is Right. They have this iron curtain for certain prizes. People behind the curtain don’t know anything about the contestants, the people on the show don’t know what the prizes are. It’s a very strict rule.  On a recently recorded episode, the woman who won the surprize showcase -- a treadmill, had had both feet amputated. Now she has a lifetime of comedy material for her act.

Put chairs away.

Adjournment: It was moved and seconded, and we adjourned to the program at 9:02.

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