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Matthew Tepper presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saints Len and June Moffatt, Stan Burns

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Matthew Tepper gaveled meeting #4053 to order at 8:00

David Willis, the annoying guy, stood before the club to talk about Marty Cantor’s 80th birthday, last week.  We lost Leonard Nimoy, but we didn’t lose Marty Cantor! The amazing thing is he didn’t annoy people enough for anyone to kill him.

Menace from last meeting were read.  Nick Smith bid $4 to name them “Try doing THAT on Television!” They were so accepted.

There is a civil war museum exhibit Nick Smith is curating, featuring a person whom Jules Verne used as the basis for a couple of his stories, Thaddeus Lowe.  Pasadena History Museum.

Christian mentioned the table full of books, going away tonight.

Committee Reports

Treasury: We have money.  You can’t spend any of it.

_ in the treasury.

_ in all funds

Programs (CLJII)

4/16/15: Third meeting, big auction

4/23/15: Schroedinger’s Program (Maybe a film called Time Lapse)

4/30/15: last meeting, about Walt Lee, archivist and film preservationist extraordinaire. (Talk by Tom Khamis and others)

FWEMS A salute to Hammer Films: Captain Cronos, Vampire Hunter, Vampire Circus, and the Hammer-Karnstein vampire films, and others.

June FWEMS: G-Men vs the Black Dragon and Daredevils of the West.

Second week of June will be procedural elections. (June 11)

TSPC: This month’s film is Disney’s Frozen.

We honored tonight’s Patron Saints:

Patron Saint Stan Burns

Currently down from the after-effects of an auto accident.

From the Hagiography:

works as a photographer

lives in Riverside

Entered LASFS while going to USC and questioned fans for data on a college paper on "newly developing interpersonal relationships in fandom."

invented some of the LASFS poker games,

credited with many of the first set of pictures for the fan gallery

Patron Saint Stan Burns was given three cheers and an f-stop.

Patron Saints Len and June Moffatt

Marc Schirmeister: June and Len gave him one of his fond memories, doing a swing dance to music from a spring-wound phonograph he brought to a party.

George McUrso: Met them at Blustering Gales, and made sure they got nominated for the Evans Freehafer award. Len had an extraordinary career as a writer, and had pieces appear in Sherlock Holmes magazine. Along with Bruce Pelz, were founders of BoucherCon.

In honor of Len & June’s sainthood, there is a cake in the back room.

CLJII: Has known Len Moffatt forever. He’s from the area of Pittsburgh, PA, and came to California on his way to exchange greetings with the Japanese. June is very much Len’s equal in fandom.

Barbara Harmon met Len in 1957 or 58, and she and June used to double date with Jim and Len.  The Moffatts are the best people in the world

From the Hagiography:

Evans-Frehafer Award winners

TAFF winners

Fan writers

They are co-founders of Boucher-Con  [No.  It was founded by Bruce Pelz.  See]

long time Tarzan and Sherlock Holmes and Oz fans

At one time, they would bring young, impressionable fen into their home and civilize them.

June is a former LASFS President, as well as a former Board member

Patron Saints Len and June Moffatt were given three cheers and a deerstalker and an inverness cape.

Registrar Marcia Minsky announced a guest. Kevin Siegel, the other gentleman in a green shirt.

Nick Smith had a Board announcement.  He’s making announcements of SF-themed events for people to attend.  4/25, the people who do the Wicked Lit presentations are doing a staged reading of a Star Trek episode inside a mausoleum, Mountain View in Altadena.

David Okamura observes science happened.

SpaceX managed to launch their Dragon capsule to the ISS. The first stage landed on the barge, and nailed the landing.  But the nails were too big.

A Hollywood Celebrity was seen crawling around in Los Feliz looking for a new home.  This was P22, a mountain lion.

Apparently, Mercury should be painted black.  Why is it so dark? It may be the remnants of comet dust going around the Sun, coating the surface.

There’s been a come-back.  Brontosaurus is back!

Jerry Pournelle had a minor topic to speak about, and an ulterior motive.

Don’t try this at home, all of you makers. But if you do, let me know how it comes out.

A fellow build himself a gadget to electronically stimulate his head, and claimed it made him more creative. A Ph.D at Stanford decided to try to repeat the experiment. He went to Radio Shack and bought some components. He built himself a contraption. He got a big flash of light and proceded to win five consecutive games of Cannonball on his iPhone. He went to the race track and the results are reported in the December 2014 Wired.

In other news, every thirty million years, the Earth goes through the plane of the galaxy. A chap has a theory that because dark matter would concentrate in the plane of the galaxy, maybe that’s what causes comets to break loose from the Oort cloud.

Announcements, Regular or Time Bound

No Old Business!

No new business!


Frank Waller heard on Radio 1070, and Shaun Crosby was on the line talking about the Star Wars convention.


CLJII: Flash Gordon e-book hit the top 100 sellers for the 25th time in less than a year.

Put chairs away.

Adjournment: It was moved and seconded, and we adjourned to the program at 8:47.

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