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Meeting # 4048, Mar 12, 2015

Matthew Tepper presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Gavin Claypool

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Matthew Tepper rushed meeting #4048 to order at 8:00

Comments from the President

Menace from last meeting were read.  Marcia Minsky bid $4 to name them “Loscon 42 congratulates Michelle Pincus and Christian McGuire on winning the bid for Loscon 43.” They were so accepted.

Harlan Ellison is going to be here to have conversations with members, not to be a BNP and autograph books.The date is on March 26, two weeks from today.

We do have a special order of business:

CLJII rose to report on the passing of Sir Terry Pratchett.

Marty Cantor spoke. For eight years, he’s been suffering from Alzheimer’s. He had been fighting for the right to assisted suicide. According to the BBC, he died of natural causes, surrounded by family and his cat.

Jerry: You can blame him on Niven and me. Before Lucifer’s Hammer, he had retreated to the Midlands, weaving his own clothes from wool, and when he read the book, he asked “Why am I living like this?” So he and his wife emerged and started writing.

He used to visit the Pournelle House, and Jerry would try to get him addicted to Wing Commander to try to slow him down.  It didn’t work.

Joe Zeff:  Don’t know how many of you have read any Discworld books, but in that series, he made up some of the most memorable characters and races one can imagine, such as Cohen the Barbarian, still barbaring at 87.  And there are the Nac Mac Feagle, pictish fairy folk who love the Discworld so much they’re convinced they’ve died and gone to heaven.

Marcia: Westercon just before Loscon 36 was titled The Turtle Knows. Marcia got to meet Sir Terry and had a lovely conversation. One of her fondest memories of the Westercon.

John De Chancie was on a couple of panels with Terry. He was moderating the panel on humor. Connie Willis and Terry Pratchett were on it. Turned to Terry and asked him a complex question. He looked at me, looked at the ceiling, and said “I’m not going to answer that question.”

Larry Niven: We talked collaboration once. Neil Gaiman and Pratchett were in town publicizing Good Omens, and Terry’s flight home had been postponed 8 hours. We started talking collaboration over the eight hours. It would have been a disaster. Terry wrote much faster than I did.  (He writes much faster than any three people you know! -- Jerry Pournelle)

Jerry: I discussed collaboration with him once and I’m not mad enough.

Most interesting character he created was the Luggage.

We had a long moment of silence for Sir Terry Pratchett.

We do have some money in the treasury:

You can’t spend any of it.

We honored tonight’s Patron Saint:

Patron Saint Gavin Claypool

Marcia: He’s a hell of a card player

Scratch: Gavin comes up with DVDs for sale.

Frank Waller: He’s one of the members who don’t yell at me.  He’s talked to me on several occasions about Stuff.

CLJII:  Gavin is part of the Pasadena contingent, coming from Cal Tech. We would get together at Bobs Big Boy to celebrate St Putregas Night. One year, Gavin was running late, and the only seat left was the one with a card on it saying “this section closed” He placed the card on his head and left it there for the entire evening.

David Okamura: One day when his car wouldn’t start, he offered David a ride back to Orange County. He also offered a ride back.

Ed Hooper” He supplies me with Doctor Who DVDs.

Frank Waller: He has replaced Bob Null in some ways. (Gavin is one of those extremely helpful people.)

Galloway, Scratch” He’s shadowing Bob Null

Mike Thorsen: Gavin is on the BOD as our Comptroller, and seems to be doing a good job. All of our comps seem to be trolled. HE is one of the librarians and works tirelessly to make sure books are entered and cataloged.  Before we moved into the clubhouse, there was an incident in front of the old location one Friday night. About halfway through the evening, MaryAnn Canfield got up and decided to leave. Gavin escorted her to her car, and after he’d left her, he noticed a homeless person accosting her. He called the police, and they dealt with the situation.

I (tepper) will close this off by noting Gavin was a good friend to Allan Rothstein, and helped look after him in his last years. He visited and sat with Matthew and Allan on September 11.

From the Hagiography:

his publishing house is called X-Techer Press. 

produced the Fandom Directory for some time

published a book of Jerry Pournelle's columns entitled That Buck Rogers Stuff

helped with the Nebula Banquet one year

replaces phone books in the front building

Patron Saint Gavin Claypool was given three cheers and 1,040 happy returns.

Registrar Ed Hooper announced no guests this evening.

Committee Reports

Programs (CLJII)

3/19/15: Big Auction

3/26/15: A local author will speak and not sign books.

4/2/15: American Grotesque, a book by Larry Latelle

March 28, a celebration of the life and career of Leonard Nimoy

Upcoming will be a marc schirmeister video slide show.

Marcia Minsky: Loscon 42 is over the moon and thrilled to announce at Gallifrey One, they had a fan table. Normally, they sell 3-4 memberships over the weekend. We sold 25 memberships.

On the heels of that, we are also pleased to announce the hotel block is open and ready to accept reservations. Rooms are $113/night, parking is $13.

Michelle added, if the Marriot lot is full, the building next door has $13 parking.

David Okamura had a moment of science.

A capsule has come down in Kasakhstan, all three passengers are safe.

Dawn space craft is now orbiting Ceres. This is its final destination.

Curiosity has the use of its arm again. Funny, so does Harlan Ellison.

Mars used to have an ocean that held as much water as the arctic ocean.

Back on Earth, the Santa Catalina Island Fox is rebounding from extinction. Populaton is now 1700, the possible population limit.

More about whales, killer whales this time.  Females live to 90, males start dying after 50 or so. Researchers think the old ladies pass on knowledge to the young.

Enjoy that cup of coffee. According to a new study, three cups of coffee may be good for your heart. People drinking between 3-5 cups have less arterial calcium than those who are tea totalers.

Western US forecasters say yes, we had an El Nino, too little, too late. Drought continues.

Urban flight continues: 3000 Londoners are moving to the east side. To a deluxe flat in the sky. but these fliers have been dead for centuries. They were buried in the path of a transit line, and are being moved.

No Old Business!

No new business!

Announcements, Regular or Time Bound

Bill Green: There will be a convention in San Diego, Condor. A week from tomorrow, there will be a total solar eclipse across Siberia.


Frank Waller: There will be in Pomona a high performance car meet.

Went to Long Beach Comic Book Convention. Comic books galore, people dressed up for the occasion, and lots of photos.

Milt Stevens has read The Diamond Age, Neal Stephenson, a winner 19 years ago. China is the dominant economic power, nanomechanisms are doing all kinds of things, a matter compiler (= 3-D printer), and a dominant economic power is the Neo Victorians, who have revived the fashions and mannerisms of the era. Stephenson overwrites like crazy, though.

Jerry Pournelle added to Scorpion reviews: If you wanted to like it you could.

Then: If you very much wanted to like it, you could.  

Now, it’s exceeded his ability to want to like it.

Joe Zeff enjoys it a lot.

Jerry: It would help if they were internally consistent.


Doug Crepeau: There are oceans on Enceladus and Ganymede. There’s a nice tech failure everyone can take advantage of: you can go to 99¢ store and look for a six bladed razor on a blue card. It lacks the technology to make itself dull after mere days.

CLJII had a misc. Got a friendly letter from Glendale Water and Power, praising all for water conservation measures. Because of these measures, they aren’t making enough money to survive, and so rates are being increased.

Joe Zeff commented: Further proof no good deed goes unpunished.

Check Doug Crepeau’s facebook page for weird stuff.

Put chairs away.

Adjournment: It was moved and seconded, and we adjourned at 8:59 PM
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