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Matthew Tepper presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Frank Waller, Albert Sheean, Mike Glyer

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Matthew Tepper called meeting #4043 to order at 8:00

Special orders of business.

Comments from the President

Menace from last meeting were read.  June Moffatt bid $2 to name them “the peak of perfection” They were so accepted.

We do have some money in the treasury:

You can’t spend any of it.

We have just received a donation of $500 from SMOFcon in exchange for the use of our equipment.

Feed the pig. Feed it early, feed it often.

Pay your yearly dues.

We honored tonight’s Patron Saints:

Patron Saint Frank Waller

Elayne: He just gave us money

Matthew Tepper: He’s one of the people in the club who enjoys cars, and informs us of events.

Scratch: He has done a very good presentation of a Star Trek character, Mudd. First time he did it was quite nice.

Joe Zeff: He financed his patron sainthood by donating neat things to eat.

Jerry Pournelle: for the fun we have making fun of Frank, no one has ever asked him to do anything he didn’t do.

Michelle Pincus: He has a great sense of humor!

From the hagiography

At one time was a Star Trek costumer who appeared as Harry Mudd. 

Has donated edibles, stuffies, and wisecracks to the club

Livens up club auctions with wacky bids.

When he was a Charles's Chips rep, he would often entertains us with the bizarre seasonal potato chip flavors that are offered.

Is a classic car guy.

Patron Saint Frank Waller was given three cheers and potato flavored potato chips.

Patron Saint Albert Sheean

Michelle Pincus: He’s an amazingly intelligent person, an amateur paleontologist, helps around club and at conventions, working logistics for ISL cons.

Scratch: He knows a lot about motorcycles, having rebuilt several, likes explosives, had a large collection of large cartridges. Every so often he comes up with an inquiry, and he has an answer.  US Army, artillery corps Germany.

From the hagiography:

One of the purchaser and deliverer of donuts for a while.  He and his daughter Krystal Mae are wonderful additions to the club.

He’s always good for a good story in the library and he enjoys good beer.

He’s an amateur paleontologist.

Patron Saint Albert Sheean was given three cheers and a manga!

Patron Saint Mike Glyer

Tepper: pleased to know him for more than 40 years. Publisher of Scientifricton and File 770 fanzines.

Francis Hamit: Made a living as a writer, and Mike is one of the most professional editors he knows. File 770 has become a major trade magazine for the community, and he keeps it up out of his pocket.

Scratch: He spells better than I do

Jerry Pournelle: Keeping the old fanzine tradition alive and very well, too.

Marty Cantor; He actually concentrates on fans rather than pros. He is one of the more interesting and funny scribes we’ve had, and one of the most difficult to edit. What do you cut out to make space? And to make it even more amazing, he wrote out his minutes in longhand and read back without editing the following week.  He’s been one of my best friends in fandom, and worked on Corflu 9, along with Robbie, the Pelzes, Don Fitch, and others.

Milt Stevens: Mile is eligible for best fanwriter and best fanzine, which you can read online.

Matthew Tepper: When I say he pays attention to fans, he really does. One issue of File 770, front page had 2 items, one of which was annoucement of Stewart Shiffman and his spouse, and a report on Matthew Tepper and Debra Levin’s wedding. On honeymoon, wound up in Sacramento for Westercon, and 5-6 people came up to us, saw name badges, and said “Oh yes, I read File 770.  Congratulations!”

Jerry Pournelle: He made an excellent character in Fallen Angels.

Marty Cantor: He’s the one government IRS agent we all like.

From the hagiography:

Winner of multiple Hugo awards for his fanzine File 770.

As secretary, inserted humorous comments into the minutes

[Oh dear.  Whoever thinks he started this doesn't remember Harness minutes.]

Worldcon chair

Works for the Internal Revenue Service.

Patron Saint Mike Glyer was given three cheers and a Hibernian in your back yard!

Board Member announcement:

Committee Reports

Programs (CLJII)

2/05/15: none

2/12/15: none, on account of Convention

2/19/15: Auction

2/26/15: Books nominatable for Hugo

3/5/15: Loscon bids

3/26/15: Special guest, a crotchety cranky mouthy SF author who recently had a stroke and is not in the room with us now.

2/22 FWEMS: tribute to Martha Heyer and several of her fantasy films, and hopefully, Once Upon a Horse with Rowan and Martin. First Men in the moon, rider to the stars, and others

Substitute registrar Michelle Pincus announced a lack of guests.

Board announcements:

There will be a Board meeting Sunday

Marty had an announcement about gaming groups that have been meeting at the club.

David Okamura had a moment of science.

You may have heard NASA launched a weather satellite from Vanderberg to measure moisture in soil.

Other satellite news: Dawn satellite is getting close to Ceres, getting photos of craters

You may recall hearing that H Sap and H neanderthalis may have interbred. One of those crossbreeds may have been found in a cave in Galilee.

Researchers got a photo of a rare red fox in Yosemite.  It clutched its heart and said “I’m Coming, Elizabeth!!!”   Matthew Tepper said the appearance a century before was a 20th Century Fox.

Announcements, Regular or Time Bound

Francis Hamit announced that Leigh Strother-Vien is having surgery. No details will be forthcoming, but it’s fairly serious.

He’s still working on the film Christopher Marlowe. Said he, “We’re a real film company; we have a t-shirt.” Film is coming along, and they will soon get an interim certification from the British government which can be leveraged into funding. Check it out on Facebook, like it if you can.  Leigh owns 47% of the company.  Francis is not in the cast, so he doesn’t get the chance to Hamit up.

There was no Old Business

There was no New Business


Milt Stevens: TCM has been showing films it lists as underground. They’re strange. One a couple of days ago, Twice Upon a Time, 1983 animated. Ralph the All-Purpose Animal is tricked into obtaining the mainspring of time for Synonymous Botch, a villain.

1984 Black and White: Nothing Lasts Forever, looks like it was made in 1930 Germany, about a future New York where a person returns from France to a New York under the dictatorship of the Transit Authority. He gets a job turning back defective autos coming through the Holland Tunnel.  He winds up on a bus to the moon where he discovers a huge shopping mall.

Gavin Claypool: Twice Upon a Time: One of George Lucas’s pet projects, never release on video.

Scratch had a review: he got done reading a Soulless, a book by Gail Carriger, the first book in the Parasol Protectorate series.

Registrar emeritus Michelle Pincus welcome Christian Lindke

We had a small auction, after which the Aetna Warning was given.

Charles Lee Jackson, II reviewed The Complete Bone Saga, a nine graphic novel presentation. Bone is a black and white comic strip mixing funny animals with real human beings and cartoony human beings, story of three cousins from boneville. It has funny stuff, scary stuff.  Heartily recommended.


Joe Zeff received an interesting letter from VA. /Found two occasions when he went down to VA, eligible for travel reimbursement but not received. Also received paperwork. The letter closed with the phrase, “Thank you for servicing your country.”

CLJII told of a recent phone call with Harlan Ellison. He was in a humble mood, and said he was willing to come if we’d have him. Charlie said, “Well, we let Jerry Pournelle come, so you’re welcome.”

Marcia reminded one and all to police their areas and put away chairs after the meeting.

Adjournment: It was moved and seconded, and we adjourned at 8:54 PM
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