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Matthew Tepper presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Gary Louie, Mike Luwish

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Matthew Tepper called meeting #4042 to order at 8:00, after telling us he intended to do just that.

Special orders of business.

Donald Moffitt has passed away. He wrote SF and mysteries.

Closer to home, Suzette Hagen Elgin passed a couple of days ago after a long illness.

So we had a moment of silence for these two.

Tom Locke announced that Beverly Kanter fell and broke her hip three weeks ago. She’s in convalescent care undergoing therapy.  She will need to relocate.

A crotechety old SF writer recovering from a stroke sent a letter.

Comments from the President

We’re on agenda light.

Menace from last meeting were read.  David Okamura bid $5 name them “The Doctor is in. Hurray!” They were so accepted.

We do have some money in the treasury:

You can’t spend any of it.

Feed the pig. Feed it early, feed it often.

Patron Saint Mike Luwish

From the hagiography

Bought  his father a sainthood. All we know about Emil is that he raised a generous son.

An old zine states that Mike was remembered on his saint's day with "three cheers and some green cheese."

Patron Saint Mike Luwish was given three cheers and Funny, you don’t look Luwish.

Patron Saint Gary Louie

Scott Beckstead got drafted by Gary Louie to work Art Show at his first Loscon, and he worked Art show for quite a while thereafter

Frank Waller: he would always have time to talk with him.

Hare Hobbes: Frequently, the two of them would be racing back and forth at a con, and one or the other would nearly bash the other with a door speeding through

Marty Cantor: He was a Lego enthusiast, but did not live long enough to see Legoland.

He was such an interesting and bright person, he had a stroke, couldn’t talk. HE got on the computer and wrote down the problem, symptoms, fact he couldn’t talk, and printed out copies to give his boss, the doctor, and everyone along the way.

Joe Zeff:  He was elected to the Board of Directors as soon as he was eligible, and stayed a member until he died.

Scott Beckstead: Scott’s first Smofcon, he drove to Gary’s work to pick him up to get him to the flight, they missed the flight. They got the next plane. They had to make the connection in Denver, in the rain.

Christian: GAry died shortly before the Gallifrey ONe that year. Half the con abandoned their posts to attend the funeral, including those at the top.

From the hagiography:

Elected to the Board of Directors the very first election for which he was eligible and remained on the board the rest of his life. 

Club librarian

First person elevated to sainthood posthumously

Served on staff or committee on most Loscons from 1987 through 1998, the 1996 Worldcon, both Los Angeles Westercons, and many Gallifrey One cons

Was considered part of the "Permanent Floating Worldcon Committee”

Helped with Bouchercon.

Evans-Freehafer Award honoree

Collector of LEGO® toys particularly trains

Collector of books

Matthew: He was an expert bibiographer, supplying lists of books for guests of honor.

Chistian: including James White, Worldcon guest.

Marcia; Gary brought modified Hong Kong version of Mah Jong to LASFS, and it’s still played today

Patron Saint Gary Louie was given three cheers and a Lego Mah Jong set!

Board Member announcement:

The cockroaches refused to pay dues, so with the assistance of Barbara Harmon and Mike Thorson at removing stuff from shelves, and the guy from Dewey to spray, roaches have been controlled.  Rat bait stations have been fed from. So the al-fresco rat buffets are doing a brisk business.

Committee Reports

David Okamura had a moment of science.

We note the passing of Charles Towns, physicist, the co-inventor of maser and laser. He was 99, measured with atomic clock precision. He made contributions to astrophysics in the 1970s, by figuring out how to collect light from multiple telescopes.

///  Kepler satellite has discovered Kepler 444, an 11-billion-year old solar system.

///  We had a monster blizzard that missed New York City and snowed Boston. There had been sightings of a yeti.  It was someone dressed up in fur from head to bigfoot.

National Gorilla Suit Day is this weekend.

Ed Hooper introduced guests, Demetrius Polycon, Allison Hochman, and Max Warner.

Programming (CLJII)

1/29/15: Krypton Radio surprise program.

2/05/15: none

2/12/15: Presentation on a new book by a new author

2/19/15: Walt Lee and three volume reference set, Guide to Fantastic Films

2/26/15: .

3/5/15: Loscon bids

In the works, possible Hugo nominations.

FWEMS: tribute to Martha Heyer and several of her fantasy films, and hopefully, Once Upon a Horse with Rowan and Martin.

Board meeting Feb 8, present Loscon bids.

Tribute to Walt Lee coming soon.

Also, we’ve had issues. If you didn’t put an item into the refrigerator, don’t take it out. We don’t do open stock in the fridge.

Announcements, Regular or Time Bound

Loscon meeting here, Sunday, 2/1/15, at 1 PM, after the Gallifrey One meeting

Tom Safer announced TSPC will show Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, starring Paige O’Hara, Angela Lansbury, and others. First animated to be nominated for Best Picture.  March celebrates the one year release of Disney’s Frozen. And to those who helped get MPLC license funded, thank you!

No Old Business

No New Business




Tom Locke has one urgent miscellaneous item.  Stephen King, 11/22/63, has to do with the assassination of JFK. More SF than horror, having to do with a man whose friend found a natural time portal that goes to 1958. It invokes Butterfly Effect, Law of Unintended Consequences, and when you try to change the past, the past fights you.  And Christine is in the story.

Frank Waller left a bunch of cards and pamphlets and now they’re gone.

George McUrso: 11 minutes to Aetna alert.

Jerry Pournelle has two interesting end of the world stories. 1) Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates believe AI will end human civilization.  He and DeChancie are working on a story with a dangerous AI in it.  2) every 500 million years or so, every planet gets bathed with gamma radiation from a nearby exploding star in its vicinity. Truth not known, source not known, but there it is.  Look it up at

Marcia reminded one and all to police their areas and put away chairs after the meeting.

Adjournment: It was moved and seconded, and we adjourned at 8:52 PM

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