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Matthew Tepper presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Gail Selinger, Rick Sneary

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Matthew Tepper called meeting #4041 to order at 8:00, after telling us he intended to do just that.

We have some special orders of business.

Eylat Poliner announced the passing of Eric Scott, in his sleep in his apartment. His friends had not been able to get hold of him, so they went to check on him.

Marty Cantor announced the impending deaths of the club’s cockroaches. Spraying is scheduled for next week. We will be needing help Wednesday to empty the drawers and bottom parts of cabinets in the kitchen and anything near floor level in both bathrooms. On Thursday morning, spraying will occur. Those who wanted to help will be asked back four and a half hours after spraying to put back. Those who want to help, give Marty your e-mail tonight.

Bill Ellern had a friend who died in 07, Jinn Fain, may have been mentioned at the time, but Bill just now found out.

Bill warren is out of the hospital.

Stan Burns is out of the hospital, but not doing well.

Welcome back to your club, Dr. Pournelle!!!

Comments from the President

Menace from last meeting were read. Joan Steward bid $3 name them “Rest in peace, Eric P Scott” They were so accepted.

We do have some money in the treasury:

You can’t spend any of it.

Feed the pig. Feed it early, feed it often.

Patron Saint Gail Selinger

Marty: if you watch a Discovery or Nat Geo show about pirates, there’s a good chance you’ll see Gail. She’s an expert on pirates.

Scratch: She also was the saintly companion of Frank Gasperik. She deserves sainthood on that point alone.

Martin Young has hundreds of good things to say, known since 1978, and they’re in the same pirate re-enactment group, and will convey good wishes. She’s given him many a good talking to about things about which he is whining. She’s now married to a sea captain, and she’s doing very well.

From the hagiography:

Published author of romance novels, and former New York City public school teacher

became an active member in the '70s

One-time partner of fan Frank Gasperik.

Gail created "Coof", a typo of coffee. Fans began coming up with recipes for coof.

Patron Saint Gail Selinger was given three cheers and a yo hearty yo ho ho!

Patron Saint Rick Sneary

Milt Stevens said he was a very well known letter hack in the pulps and fan publishing. He was known as snarling sneary, but much more amiable in person. They met at the first LASFS meeting Milt attended.

He was given six months to live for forty years.

Jerry Pournelle. He had one of the most interesting orthographies. His typoes were original to  say the least.

Marty Cantor; he was basically home schooled because he was too crippled to go to school. He wanted people to correct his spelling, but they liked his typos so well they left them in.

From the Hagiography:

Served as Director (what we used to call the President).

Kept  meticulous records during his terms as Treasurer.

Donated work and cash during one of the club's unfortunate periods.  

Came up with slogan "South Gate in 58". 

When LA in 58 occurred, they made the Alexanderia hotel in Los Angeles South Gate for the duration of the con.

Signature line was, "No more than two at a time!".

Member of the Knights of Saint Fanthony.

Patron Saint Rick Sneary was given three cheers and a South Gate Convention.

Registrar Ed Hooper announced some guests. Jay Gerber, Carmen Bruce

Board Member announcement:

Elayne Pelz: for those champing at the bit to do taxes, she’s finished the donation logs for 2014.

Committee Reports

David Okamura had a moment of science.

WE have several moments of science.

From Lost and Found files,

When you have a lost dog, you send fliers around town. The beagle two lander on Mars is a bit harder to locate. 11 years ago, the Beagle was to land and broadcast. (Curse you, Red Planet!)

Archaeologists found a Winchester rifle resting against a tree. No idea who owned it, or how it got there. They’ve been looking, but no gun battles, range wars, or missing persons reports.

We may be able to retrieve some lost works of literature. When Vesuvius erupted, it buried two cities. In one villa was a library. Scrolls were preserved but carbonized. X-ray technology can read some of the letters.

More articles posted on the wall above the snacks table.

Elayne announced an announcement. $4393 turned over from Loscon. We can turn the heater on for eight minutes. It was used to pay property taxes.

Programming (CLJII)

1/22/15: No program scheduled

1/29/15: Krypton Radio surprise program.


2/12/15: Presentation on a new book by a new author

2/19/15: Walt Lee and three volume reference set.

2/26/15: Loscon bids.

In the works, possible Hugo nominations.

Earlier tonight we started the serial, the Mysterious Dr. Satan. Tonight, a talk about the background.

FWEMS: tribute to Martha Heyer and several of her fantasy films, and hopefully, Once Upon a Horse with Rowan and Martin.

Board meeting Feb 8, present Loscon bids.

Tribute to Walt Lee coming soon.

Announcements, Regular or Time Bound

CLJII: hearing about this on Facebook, the house that Bradbury wrote his stuff in, has been sold and demolished. Something wrecked this way comes.

LA Times mentioned File

The Center for Ray Bradbury Studies has acquired most of the stuff from his office.

More personally, some statistics. 130 new films (first time viewings) out of 207 total. Lifetime total is 7064 (verified).

No Old Business

No New Business


Milt Stevens finished the first four volumes of The Expanse Series, James S A Corey. (Daniel Abraham and Ty Frank) They write rip-roaring space opera. Lots of action, and publishers have contracted for 9 volumes. 1st volume was a 2009 Hugo nominee. 4th has made it to the NESFA list of best stuff for the year. Premise: it’s a couple of hundred years from now, and they discover an object fired at Earth two billion years ago. They find a proto molecule that was supposed to hijack life on earth and do something with it.  Recommended and fun.

CLJII reading biography called Hope, about Leslie Towns Hope, aka Bob. Well researched although author gets details of film plots wrong. In particuar, Big Broadcast of 1948, about radio controlled ships crossing Atlantic.

Jerry Pournelle offers advice. If you ever decide to have a stroke, try to get to Providence Holy Cross Medical Center in San Fernando. When he first work up Monday morning and couldn’t move this arm, you have to retrain your brain to move stuff. They are the best rehabilitators he can think of.

Obviously he’s here, can sit up, can stand, his balance is somewhat the worse for the experience; he uses a walker and a wheelchair at home. He’s not quite up to typing by touch, but he’s getting there.

Gavin Claypool commented that Jerry is now typing better than Gavin does now.

George McUrso recommends if you’re going to get sick, try Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara.


Frank Waller misced about picking up a shirt at Old Navy for $1.50.  If you’re interested in the subject, there’s an exhibition at Creature Features. Every genre is represented.

LA Roadster show in Pomona Saturday, and SuperCar

Joe Zeff was looking through his spam filter. Someone was offering to raise his IQ by 210 points. He declined to buy in, or even read the body of the message, so it must have worked.

Marcia Minsky gave the Aetna warning.

Marcia reminded one and all to police their areas and put away chairs after the meeting.

Adjournment: It was moved and seconded, and we adjourned at 8:58 PM
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