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e Thanksgiving meeting of LASFS, I am running it as all of the procedural officers. This year, though, I am officially Procedural President.

And, if all of you will look at that sign on the wall over there, it says Freehafer Hall. As the LASFS always meets in Freehafer Hall, this means that this is the meeting which is the official meeting of the club even if some parvenu decides to run a meeting of the rumps at LOSCON, a place where all of the club’s traitors are meeting this weekend.

I was going to mention in Special Orders of business that nobody would DARE to die when there were so few of us here to hear the news. Unfortunately, somebody was not paying attention and so he up and died. OK, enough smartassery – this is serious. The person who died was Stu Shiffman. From New York City, Stu moved to Seattle many years ago and is a past winner of TAFF.

For a long time Stu held the record for the most Hugo nominations without winning the Award. In 1990, though, Stu finally won a Hugo for Best Fanartist. Stu also won the Rotsler Award in 2010. Stu’s illos have graced many a fanzine, including my own HOLIER THAN THOU. And, not only was Stu a fine fanartist, his fanwriting was also top-notch.

In 2012 Stu suffered a stroke which left him both paralyzed and made it difficult for him to speak. Gradually, though, despite setbacks here and there, Stu was making a physical comeback. Indeed, he had progressed to being able to maneuver an electric wheelchair. Unfortunately, not long ago, Stu fell and did not wake up from the resulting necessary operation. He remained in a coma until he died yesterday. Stu was 60 years old.

Matthew recommended that we send a card to Andi Schechter.

Theoretically we had a meeting last Thursday evening; however, as the Scribe did not pass to me any minutes of that meeting, it is quite possible that it never happened.

And, as the Treasurer has not handed me the Treasurer’s Report; and as she is not here, this seems strange. It is rumored that she is at LOSCON; however, as both she and the Treasury are not here, I cannot help but wonder where both of them are and hoping that absconding is not the order of the day.

We do have a Patron Saint, Frank Gasperik. Frank moved to Arizona several years ago but picked this meeting for his Saint’s Day as he liked LOSCON; and, until he died a few years ago, he would come back to the club for a visit before heading off to the con. Matthew said that he knew Frank longer than most people around here. Early 70s at Santa Monica College. Gail Selinger. Meeting at small meeting at second clubhouse – Matthew misses him very much.

We have no guests this evening – I hope that they are all off at LOSCON.

Board member presentation: as one of two Board members on the premises I want to invite all the vast horde of people here to board-gaming at LASFS tomorrow night. I will set out another table for you.

Committee Reports: The only committee here is the Committee to hold LASFS meetings and its report, this evening, should be self-evident. If not, none of us are here.

We have no smalls to auction, so are there any announcements?

Matthew seriously reports that Yngvi is a louse.

There is no business, neither old, new, or monkey – but I am not too certain about the latter.

Are there any miscellaneous items or fannish committee reports?

Tsa agents paragon of tact and diplomacy. // Matthew says Fry’s have joined the evil emplire as they have replaced coke machines with pepsi machines.

The only programme item this evening is me putting out APA-L so I need a motion to adjourn. There was such a motion, it passed, and we adjourned at 8:20 pm.

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