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Marty Cantor presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saints Milt Stevens, John Trimble

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Marty Cantor called meeting #4031 to order at 8:01

Comments from the President

This evening, we vote for members of the Board of Directors.

Marty Cantor Will not be able to run board gaming tomorrow night due to mandatory attendance at a seminar.

Last week, Woody Dodge was our patron saint. He wasn’t here, but was able to pass some words on to the club.

Matthew thanked Gavin for putting him through on the phone. Woody has had health setbacks in the last few years. He’s hoping to be at Loscon one day, Saturday in particular.  He is in a nursing home in Torrance.

Jerry Pournelle asked the secretary to send a suitably unsuitable card. One was circulated for signatures and mailed off.

Menace from the previous meeting were read.  Frank Waller bid $1.00 name them “Frank did it!” They were so accepted.

Due to the elections, we will have Agenda Light.


Treasurer’s Report

We do have some money in the treasury:


You can’t spend any of it.

Patron Saint John Trimble

Scratch: he married his wife. He even stayed married.

Jerry Pournelle: He sold rope.

Nick Smith: he ran a fannish printing company, and was responsible for pubs Filkharmonics put out, since he had and offset press. (that’s why he sold Marty Cantor his mimeo machine)

Matthew Tepper: He was good to his mother.

Karl Lembke: Loud herald in the SCA. (as John ap Griffin)

Patron Saint John Trimble  was given three cheers and fan publications!

Patron Saint Milt Stevens

Milt has interesting and often funny stories from the time he was employed at the Police Department.

Debra: Milt is a nice guy and an interesting person to talk to. knows more about history of the club than just about anybody, and knows a lot about history in general.

Nick Smith: He’s responsible for all the sofas.

Eylat Poliner: He’s a pure classic gentleman.

Marty: Milt is one of the finest fan writers of the generation. When putting out No Award, milt provided some of the best writing to be had in the fanzine. His deconstructions of various books were classic.

Matthew Tepper: Milt’s contributions to LASFS and fandom are many and varied. He and Craig Miller were co-chairs of LA Con II. Milt’s fan writing -- remembers The Passing Parade, particularly literate and witty. At meetings, he keeps us current with new books and old, odd movies. He tends to read the Hugo contenders every year, the ones he can stand to read. He has pretty much called it on a few occasions.

CLJII: Milt was a member of the Epitome of Evil, Ltd, appearing with Pelz, Miller, Fox onn Ed Buchman covers.  

Milt, you’re free to rebut any of these….

Patron Saint Milt Stevens was given three cheers and a fanac!

Registrar Michelle announced no guests.

There was no Board Member announcement.

Committee Reports

Programming (CLJII)

While his Lovely Assistant passed among the members with the Lantern O’Jack, CLJII announced the Winter Holiday party will take place on 12/25, 2PM - 10PM. At 8 PM, we will pause for the meeting.  You can celebrate any winter holiday you like, except New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve. Remember, Valentine’s day is a winter holiday, as the return of the swallows to Capistrano.

11/20/14: Big Auction (and sodas)

11/27/14: Very light meeting because so many people will be off at some convention.

12/4/14: Begin nominations, with President, followed by video presentation

12/11/14: Elect procedural officers.

12/12/14: Gift Exchange

12/14/14: Board meeting

12/18/14: Probably, Big Auction

12/25/14: Winter Holiday Party and meeting

TSPC: This month’s TSPC, this Saturday, presents Dreamworks Mr Peabody and Sherman.

David Okamura rose to report on some science.

After 10 years looping around in the solar system, we have a comet landing. Several times. Because of the bouncing, they’re not sure how much data they’ll be able to get. Landing at all, though, is a major feat. “The marvelous thing about a dancing bear is not how gracefully it dances…”

Matthew Tepper noted the coverage seemed to be mission control people congratulating each other.

Gene Turnbow: Krypton Radio has detailed coverage.

Milt: If the Weekly World News were around, imagine how this would be reported. Good news, it reached the comet. Bad news, it’s pregnant.

Announcements, Regular or Time Bound

Peter Santel: C/FO this weekend

Mark Poliner Nottingham festival in Simi Valley$12 online

Tom Safer “The Armed Man” at Francis Sales Parish this weekend.

As per usual, we auctioned off the color of the ballot. David Okamura paid $3 to color the ballot puce and purple plaid with petite pink and periwinkle polkadots.

CLJII explained the electoral process and the significance of the Board elections.

Voting is by the Alderson method, which is much safer than the Rhythm method.

Old Business

We elected members of the board of Directors.

Elected were

*Elayne Pelz

*Christian McGuire

*Robert Powell

*Nick Smith

Congratulations to Darnell Coleman

Welcome new board member, Nick Smith

Welcome back Elayne, Christian, Rob.

No New Business


Debra Levin agrees with Tom in his assessment of Mr Peabody and Sherman.

Scratch babysat a group of 10, and took them to movies. Saw Big Hero 6 and Interstellar. Liked Hero 6 and Interstellar was too loud. Even for the kids.

Eric Hoffman came across The Mummy Unwrapped. The author did a lot of research on what went on behind the scenes. Worth your while if you enjoy the old chillers.


Jerry Pournelle rose to read from courthouse news service.

Japanese Billionaire Sues 'Space Lawyer’

A Houston attorney bought Russian capsules for a commercial spaceflight venture that "were only museum pieces," defrauding a Japanese investor of $49 million, the billionaire investor claims in state court.

Hang down your head, Art Dula

Art dula was on the committee Jerry Pournelle chaired, and his paper was part of what got Reagan to back private space exploitation instead of just government space exploitation.

Marty Cantor spoke about Net Neutrality. The FCC is coming up with a change, maybe bowing to big corporations to allow them to charge more to people who want a fast lane on the internet.

Jerry Pournelle rose to speak against the “Net Neutrality” proposal.

Most of the world operates on the premise that if you use more of a resource, you pay more.

Matthew Tepper mentioned cable companies, and notes people don’t get charged for different viewing habits.

Joe Zeff’s understanding was a matter of all information should flow at the same speed. Don’t throttle bandwidth.

Karl: The LASFS has a web page with forums, and a page on Facebook where this argument can be continued ad libitum.

Adjournment: It was moved and seconded, and we adjourned at 9:20 PM
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