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Marty Cantor presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saints Ron Ellik, Karl Lembke, Barry Workman, Mike Donahue

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Marty Cantor called meeting #4024 to order at 8:00

In one special order of business, Astrid Bear reports Greg is almost out of the hospital, having gone in with some sort of heart problem.  He’s up and walking, but hasn’t made it to the hospital exit yet.

This will be a short meeting because of tonight’s program!

Comments from the President

Menace from the previous meeting were read. June Moffatt bid $5 name them “Len”. They were so accepted.

Treasurer’s Report

We have money.


You can’t spend any of it.

Patron Saint Ron Ellik (“The Squirrel”)

June Moffatt: Ron was known as the squirrel. He was a very jolly person.  Didn’t know him as well as she would have liked. On a plane ride, she he had been up for three days and passed out as soon as he hit the seat.

Barbara: found him very nice and pleasant.

June Moffatt: He got transferred to Blue Bell PA for his job and encountered snow for the first time, sent a picture and asked “why do they have a hyphen in front of the number?”

Patron Saint Ron Ellik was given three cheers and a very quiet squirrel!

Patron Saint Karl Lembke

This character to my right…

CLJII: Although not a crazed frothing leftist like some, I get along just fine with him. Politics haven’t prevented him from being a rational human being. Known him for a long time and he’s always been a nactive supporter of my projects. He’s an anti-vampire in good standing, for which people who get injured are grateful

Thorson: an excellent cook, makes a pretty good mead, and is a pretty good mah jong player, and has probably the most eye-catching maj set of anyone in the club.

Hare: he’s been driving me home, and he’s a nice conversationalist. Now that they’ve decided losing his records is no longer an obstacle, he may have his riding service back.

David Okamura: one of those responsible for the lemon in the patio. (insert song here)  

He spent a great deal of time making sure the tree would survive in Van Nuys, and echos the mah jong compliments

Matthew Tepper: Expert and adept herder of cats, by which I refer to his masochistic continuing station of Chairman of LASFS BOD. Adept at getting consensus, getting people of different backgrounds and opinions to not be quite as loud as they could be. They keep re-electing him, so they either like him or really hate him.  Excellent driver in case of emergency.  Going out to dinner in a minivan, someone going the other way on the freeway crashed into the center divider, and Karl managed to avoid the crash quite adeptly.

Barbara: Karl does a nice service for those of us who don’t do well reading on paper; he scans APA-L and sends copies to me and others with bad vision.

Marty: those who read APA-L probably think Karl and I are ready to do mayhem on each other. He’s as far to the right as he can get without falling off the planet , I’m as far to the left. He’s a nice person, he’s a fine person, and we get along nicely.

Michelle: A lot of people do not see how much Karl does for the club.  When he was honored with the Evans Freehafer club he very much earned it.  I see what he does for conventions.

(Marty: And his name is not even Bob Null.)

Jerry Pournelle: doubts he’s the most right wing on the club.  Must be professionally competent, because there’ve been no epidemics or mass poisonings in the City of Los Angeles.

Scratch: He’s a nice guy.

Patron Saint Karl Lembke was given three cheers and a handful of hydrogen hydroxide!

Two new patron saints:

Barry Workman (Sarge)

Scratch: Known him for years. Marvelous man for firearms, marvelous boy scout leader, opinionated, but nice about it. Only had one cross word from him in my life.  Unfortunately, it was the last conversation we had.   I miss him.

Jerry Pournelle: Those who have read my books have seen Sarge Workman in a number of them. Interesting to see that both new saints have the same thing in common with me, both have been to the tip of Baja by car with him.  Donahue went down for the eclipse in the 90s, and it was paved then.  Sarge was on the trip with no roads. He even discovered a new species of brine shrimp, and got to name it. He was a very reliable man.

Charles Fuller: Met Barry Workman when joining LASFS in 78. We were both crafts people, and this gave us a commonality, and both firearms people. We were also both saddled with under-the radar medical problems.

June Moffatt: Built his own harpsichord.

Larry Niven: Hiked with him, and he was on at least one of the 7-day hikes with the Boy Scouts. I remember being near the tail of the train and Barry had run out of strength.

Marsha Workman: Barry loved the idea of Lasfs.  The group encompassed him, and he could find his soul mates. The fact that people have come from out of state to honor him says so much.

Jerry Pournelle: He, I, and Louis Gray were the ones who built the second clubhouse.  

Barry Workman was given three cheers and happy birthday!

Patron Saint Mike Donahue

Hare: Mike was heavily involved in this clubhouse. He put a lot of work into this building, and he was also instrumental in prodding us to move to the new building.

Jerry Pournelle: Only member of the Director’s Guild who’s also a member.

Mike Thorsen: Mike was involved in the design and construction of the library shelves that served at the old building and here.  

John DeChancie: Mike is one of the most good-natured people I’ve seen. I’ve seen him angry but it takes a lot.  Not much bothers him. He likes to leave people alone and likes to be left alone, and I treasure that in a person.

Mike Thorsen: He is easily one of the most charismatic people I’ve met. A the old clubhouse, when it was necessary to get a big group together to swarm over it and fix what was wrong with it, Mike was in charge of that.

Mike Donahue was given three cheers and a four-picture deal.

Committee Reports

Board Member presentation:

We are going to be working on the by-laws. The changes are in the current issue of De Profundis.

Registrar Michelle Pincus announced no guests at this time.

Programming (CLJII)

The Autumn Holiday Party takes place Sunday, October 26, from 2 PM until it ends.

9/25: We will have a 20-minute Powerpoint presentation on Halloween Haunts, Highlights, and Hijinks.

10/2/14: Forry Award vote, and reading of text of changes to by-laws.

10/9/14 By-laws change

10/16/14: Big auction

10/23/14: Peter H Brothers celebrates the anniversary of The Devil Bat and Bela Lugosi’s birthday.

10/30/14: The Golds as a guide to the web page.

11/6/14: Board Elections.

There will be a book sale on October 4, Saturday, 9-4.

David Okamura rose to report on some science.

We stop to remember a Soviet pioneer, Oleg Ivanovsky, who helped create Sputnik 1 and vostok 1.

Two satellites have slipped into orbit: MAVEN slipped into Mars orbit, and the Indian Mars Orbiter has completed its trip to Mars.  (Matthew Tepper: they have excellent tech support.)

SpaceX has launched another resupply mission to the Space Station, including a 3-D printer. This is a test to see how well the process works in microgravity.

Jerry Pournelle added the Dragon carried a couple of tubes of his son’s cube-sats, 10 CM satellites.

We had a small auction.

Announcements, Regular or Time Bound

No Old Business

No New Business


Matthew Tepper:  I phone 6 extremely well designed, works very well, impressed with its facility.  It’s gorgeously produced.


Frank Waller reviewed a shop that has artwork. Creature Features. They have Art of the Weird. They have very good artwork. They have a load of genre books, figures, and CDs of everything. Burbank, over on Magnolia and Catalina.

Wasn’t here last week because he was busy having a heart attack. Spent four days in the hospital. Two occlusions, at 100%.  

Hare Hobbs: saw Scorpion, regrettably. Usually gives TV shows three episodes, but not this one.

Jerry Pournelle liked it.  So there.  The science talk is TV science, meaning to say it’s made up. Characters are likeable, sort of like Big Bang Theory with Sheldon not thoroughly disabled.

William: it’s probably as good as the four previous series they cancelled.

Karl reviewed “Forever”. Sherlock Holmes who is immortal.

Adjournment: It was moved and seconded, and we adjourned at 9:05 PM
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