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Marty Cantor presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Len and June Moffatt

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Marty Cantor called meeting #4023 to order at 8:01

This will be a short meeting because of tonight’s program!

Comments from the President

Friday Night Dice, the Meetup group that’s been meeting here, is now organized by Marty Cantor.  It’s now Friday Night Board Gaming.

CLJII noted the passing of Denny Scott Miller, called by the ERB fan organization, the worst actor to play Tarzan, in the remake from 1959 of Tarzan the Ape Man.

Menace from the previous meeting were read. Scratch bid $4.50 name them “Name them again!  I bid a quarter.” They were so accepted.

Treasurer’s Report


We have some money, and we could use some more.


Patron Saint June Moffatt

Let’s say nice things about June, since that’s all you can say about June.

Scratch: She was a saint to make her husband happy and to be very good at the bits and pieces she did for the rest of the world

Barbara Harmon: She’s one of my closest and best friends. She’s got a wonderful sense of humor, loves her dogs as much as Barbara does.

George McUrso: We’ve become closer over the past couple of years. She’s intelligent, and always has something interesting to say. We share a lot of interests, both belong to Sherlock Holmes society. We’ve enjoyed some marvelous adventures, including the Heart Attack Grill, possibly the world’s deadliest restaurant.

Marty: Both she and Len were TAFF winners. She’s currently in APA-L and produces a zine every week.

CLJII:  June has been with us for quite a while, almost long enough. Has a great track record of helping the society and has been a den mother for a number of young fans. She has a well deserved reputation as a vital member of the organization.

Christian: Lest we forget, June was instrumental in the creation of mystery fandom and Bouchercon.  She is also a Baker Street Irregular (but there’s kaopectate for that).  She once made him a sugar free cheesecake.

Patron Saint June Moffatt was given three cheers and no question as to whether she is a good witch or a bad witch!

Patron Saint Len Moffatt

Marty serialized his fannish autobiography, and they are for sale at $5 each.

CLJII:  Leonard J Moffatt is a thoroughly disreputable scumbag … oh, that’s the Bizarro Len Moffatt.  He’s a prince among men and a man among princes.  He wrote verse and stories. He was instrumental in the creation of mystery fandom.

Milt: he was a member of first fandom. He came west and was a Navy medic in WWII. He was a member of Carboniferous Amateur Press Alliance (CAPA), which had four members.

Was active in the 58 Worldcon, back when the concom was 3-4 people.

Joe Zeff: First of all, if memory serves, Len was in the midst of a live fire exercise when they got the word Japan had surrendered. Don't stand up, because the exercise was still on. Len was a fan of the movie King Kong. He decided he didn't want to see the latest version because the title character was a gorilla not an ape.

Marty Cantor: Len didn't talk much about his service. He was shipped to Japan, and was in Nagasaki. Told not to treat the civilians, he and his fellow medics did anyway.

George: regrets not getting to know Len until the last few years of his life. He turns out to be an amazing writer, writing stories, poems, articles on topics of interest to him. (What, no monographs?)

Barbara: Met Len years ago and he was a peacemaker at LASFS. He got along with everybody and made sure everybody was included and got their say. Later on, Len, June, and she and her husband started double dating. What she liked best was he had a good sense of humor, and a wicket one at that. He was one of the cleverest guys she knew. And they both liked the same authors.

Patron Saint Len Moffatt was given three cheers and a dirty limerick (but I repeat myself)!

Committee Reports

Board Member presentation:

We’re proposing changes to the by-laws.  The written words of the proposal will be in De Prof. We’re going to do this on the ninth of october.

Registrar Michelle Pincus announced no guests.

Marketing: this saturday is 130th of Pasadena City Library.  LASFS is partnering, and is prominently mentioned on the SF-themed bookmark. Come to the central library on Walnut for the celebration.

Programming (CLJII)

As the Lantern O’Jack was passed to pay for the Autumn Holiday Party, taking place on Sunday, October 26. This will be a day to celebrate any Autumn Holiday, even the Chairman’s Birthday! There will be a number of haunted house films, including one about a haunted lighthouse. 2PM until 10 or so.

9/18: Big Auction

9/25: We will have a 20-minute Powerpoint presentation on Halloween Haunts, Highlights, and Hijinks.

10/2/14: Forry Award vote

10/9/14 By-laws change

10/16/14: Big auction

10/23/14: Peter H Brothers celebrates the anniversary of The Devil Bat and Bela Lugosi’s birthday.

10/30/14: The Golds as a guide to the web page.

There will be a book sale on October 4, Saturday, 9-4.

David Okamura rose to report on some science.

Galen has some nice printouts of the NASA contracts to ferry astronauts back into space. 4.2 billion to Boeing, 2.6 billion to SpaceX. A third company, Sierra Nevada, did not win any contracts. Jeff Bezos pulled out of the final round, and we haven’t heard much about that project.

Someone decided to test the first law of robotics. A researcher devised a test to see what a robot would do when faced with an ethical dilemma. When two humans were heading into danger, the robot would frequently be paralyzed with indecision. This is a major point when dealing with robot cars.

Second Law of Thermodynamics: when you get down to microscopic levels, the rules of QM take over. They’ve come up with theoretical engines that might exceed carnot cycle efficiencies.

Crystal Light, not just a diet drink.  Scientists have been able to entangle atoms and get them to do strange things. They have been able to get photons to form into a crystalline substance. A superconductor, containing 100 billion atoms engineered to act like a single atom, This might be useful for ultra efficient, ultra powerful supercomputers and room temperature superconductors.

Announcements, Regular or Time Bound

Nick Smith: 130th anniversary is a big deal, and LASFS is a major contributor. Saturday afternoon, LASFS member authors will be there, talking about their writing. Please join us

285 E Walnut


CLJII: a LASFS member won contests at La County fair. 2 second place, 1 first place. Elayne Pelz. Pictures will be up on Facebook.

David Okamura, 9/19: talk like a pirate day.

No Old Business

No New Business


Hare Hobbs read Amazon Women of Earth. Rather interesting reading about being 11 years old and being a foot taller than tallest boy and major bust development.

CLJII:  Vice versa, 1947, British film, co-written and directed by Peter Ustinov. Under the influence of a magical eye from an idol, switch places. Father goes to public school, son hooks up with a nasty woman. Predates “BIG”. Highly recommended, better than age-switching comedies of 80s.

George McUrso. received a copy of A Study in Silks. Alternate universe steampunk featuring niece of Sherlock Holmes. Clever, witty, and gives an idea of what life must have been like in victorian era london. It’s part of a trilogy.


Tyrone Power station caught fire, we didn’t.

Adjournment: It was moved and seconded, and we adjourned at 8:51 PM
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