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Marty Cantor presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Dale Hales, Mike Thorsen

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Marty Cantor called meeting #4022 to order at 8:01

This will be a short meeting because of tonight’s program!

Special order of business: We observed a moment of silence in memory the honored dead of the events thirteen years ago.

Matthew Tepper rose to report the passing of Agent and Editor Kirby McCauley

Yesterday, Richard Kiel, Jaws of James Bond, and numerous other roles, passed..

And we had another moment of silence for these two individuals

Comments from the President

Menace from the previous meeting were read. Scratch Galloway bid $2 name them “And a good time had by all.” They were so accepted.

Treasurer’s Report


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Patron Saint Dale Hales

Matthew Tepper specified his name is Barksdale X Hales IV.

CLJII said of him, Dale’s being a member of LASFS is proof there are only 300 people in the entire world. They were friends in sixth grade, lost track of each other, and met again at Loscon 11 in 1984.  He and his father have the same sort of relationship George McUrso has with his father.

They used to sneak into the Casa Adobe after dark, because they could.

Joe Zeff: Dale was always one of the Usual Suspects for Loscon loading and unloading. He is a very good D&D and other RPG gamer.  He is named after an ancestor, General Barksdale from the civil war.

Scratch: His D&D playing -- he could be a very good player unless he broke out one of his God-given artifacts, whereupon it became hard to keep balance in the game.

Matthew Tepper: Dale was a fellow well met, always cheerful, always a pleasure to be around. In particular, recalls something he did ten years ago.  Allan Rothstein had passed away earlier in ‘04. His family donated quite a variety of objects to the LASFS.  Many were auctioned off, and Dale was the high bidder on many of them.

Mike Thorsen: Dale was an avid role player. He also ran a very challenging D&D game.  He is generous, and usually brings stuff to the club.  When he shows up during the Holidays, he usually brings hot spiced cider.  

Marty Cantor: At the gift exchange, Dale sits next to the table and helps people unwrap the gifts. He shows up at the Newtons’ for boardgaming every month.  He’s a very nice person, and generous.

Patron Saint Dale Hales was given three cheers and a ticket to the national gorilla suit day competition!

Patron Saint Mike Thorsen

Marty Cantor called him a very good person.

Debra Levin said Mike is one of those who keeps the place running.  He’s most likely to set things up for the meetings, keeps the place clean, and he’s a nice guy.

Scratch: He has an ungodly amount of patience and understanding of computer games.

Barbara Harmon: Always sees Mike working. Most of the time he’s in motion.  He’s always working, and he’s very good to work with.

Matthew Tepper: Special thanks to Mike Thorsen because he along with Gizmo are generous with their time and patience, and have shown willingness to his stepson for computer gaming.

Usual remarks: Mike is a hard worker. He also knows how to have fun.  Some years ago, was meeting some people at the old clubhouse to carpool to Universal City Studies.  Someone noticed Mike in the computer room.  On a whim, invited him along.  He agreed, and a good time was had by all. Dined at Marvel Mania restaurant. When Thor appeared on the monitor screen, Mike looked at it and said, “hi, dad’.

Joe Zeff:  Mike Thorsen often comes up with ideas in combat for RPGs that the rules don’t quite cover.  He also found an interesting way to take advantage of the AI running the game.  If the insurgents see a satchel charge, they will explode it with their gun, even if they’re standing next to it.

David Okamura: He keeps up the grills and the patio on Second Sundays.  He’s also assisted with the irrigation system. He’s also a very skilled mah jongg player.

Scratch:  Remembers one character from D&D.  Scratch runs monsters intelligently. Mike came up with a counter he hadn’t anticipated.

CLJII: Mike has been helpful for movie days and other projects, setting stuff up even when Charlie forgets to ask. Appreciates this, and appreciates that he can talk shop with Mike.

David Okamura: He is a past president, he was responsible for the virtual masquerade.

Frank Waller: he does a good job of being a Bob Null

Karl Lembke: he is a multiple-time recipient of the Evans-Freehafer Award.

Patron Saint Mike Thorsen was given three cheers and twenty nine cents!

Registrar Michelle Pincus appeared to have no guests to introduce

Committee Reports

Board Member presentation:

We have a meeting of the BOD this Sunday, starting at 11 AM.

After the meeting, we meet for gaming, socializing, and barbecue.

Programming (CLJII)

As the Lantern O’Jack was passed to pay for the Autumn Holiday Party, taking place on Sunday, October 26. This will be a day to celebrate any Autumn Holiday, even the Chairman’s Birthday! There will be a number of haunted house films, including one about a haunted lighthouse. 2PM until 10 or so.

9/11: A break.  

9/18: Big Auction

9/25: We will have a 20-minute Powerpoint presentation on Halloween Haunts, Highlights, and Hijinks.

10/1/14: Board nominations  (Milt Stevens is stepping down) (Christian, Elayne, and Rob also run)

10/8/14 Election of board members

10/15/14: Big auction

David Okamura rose to report on some science.

More ebola news: Still rampaging out of control. They’re rushing production of the vaccine, even though human tests are lacking.  A third American has been returned to the States for treatment. In addition to vaccine, he’s receiving plasma from one of the survivors.

The blue whale population seems to be back to its pre-hunting numbers. Apparently not all the populations are out of the woods yet, even though they’re in water.

The ozone hole in the polar regions has been measured, and is shrinking. The ozone layer is recovering.

A new dinosaur has been found in South America, the largest yet. Now called “Dreadnoughticus”.

The Canadian prime minister has announced the discovery of the Franklin Expedition, 170 years ago.

Jack The Ripper seems to have been identified by DNA.  This time, for sure?

Vice President Debra Levin announced TSPC this month is on the 20th at 10AM.  Aladdin, in honor of Robin Williams, cartoons prior to the movie.

Jerry Pournelle added to the science report.  8” of snow has landed in the Black Hills of North Dakota.

Frank Waller announced a solar flare coming up.

The Committee to Gouge the LASFS had a small auction. Shirt happens!

Announcements, Regular or Time Bound

Milt Stevens commented on the Jack the Ripper case.  In one fanzine, they were trying to come up with the most outrageous theory.  The most outrageous theory they could come up with was Florence Nightingale.  She’s got a medical background, and may have assisted in surgeries, was in London at the right time, and explains how women got lured in.  And she might have had a demented idea of bringing attention to the status of a whole class of women.

CLJII: Christmas stuff went on sale today.

Julie Anyone who has an iPhone or iTunes, an artist has given everyone his artist.

CLJII:  Now available on Amazon for 99¢ is a fine article on the Flash Gordon serials written by someone who kind of knows something about them. IT’s written by CLJII.

No Old Business

No New Business


Julie Scott reviewed the last episode of Doctor Who.  They actually went to meet Robin Hood who turned out not to be fictitious.

CLJII saw a film from 1940 where a character is very close to death and either hallucinates or is visited by ghosts of dead relatives: “Our Town”.

Hold On, starring Herman’s Hermits. Turns out to have SF in it as well. 2 hour cross country travel time.

Karl Lembke reviewed The Athena Project by Brad Thor.  Turns out to have SF because of a device invented by the Nazis and which several governments want to recover for their own purposes.

Milt Stevens saw a surreal musical from the 60s, “Oh What a Lovely War”. Music from the WWI era. It seems to be an amusement park where they’re fighting WWI.  

Hare Hobbs saw a comedy, Earth Girls are Easy.  Fun and crazy, with details you have to pay attention to. You have to catch the titles of books people are reading.  Besides the story line, there are lots of in jokes about the SF Valley.

Debra Levin reviewed the first two or three of Doctor Who.  Enjoying them and will probably like Peter Capaldi as the Doctor.  

Matthew Tepper agrees with Julie about Robots of sherwood.  Previous was Into the Dalek, with the same idea as an episode of Lost In Space.


CLJII:  There’s a commercial running for the Neon Leaf that says if the automobile was invented today, it would run on electricity.  In fact, the world as we know it would not exist, there would be lots of surplus gasoline, and we would not have the electricity grid we have now.

Milt notes there were early electric cars, but batteries weren’t that good. In 1910, a Stanley Steamer car made 125 MPH on a salt flat.

Scratch: On facebook, they had a video. 70 seconds of imaging. The Virgin Atlantic white knight and his spacecraft flying next to commercial transport.

Adjournment: It was moved and seconded, and we adjourned at 9:22 PM
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