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Meeting # 4016, Jul 31, 2014

Marty Cantor presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saints David Okamura, Sean Cleary

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Marty Cantor called meeting #4016 to order at 8:01.

Comments from the President

We have a new saint: Joyce Lloyd, to be honored on Week 21.  

Those who are not aware, we had one of the water mains break in the building.  Water to the back building is off, and will be fixed Saturday.  This is going to cost a lot of money to fix.  People who like to donate money to the club, we appreciate it.

Menace from the previous meeting were read.  Tom Safer bid $7 name them “Bricka bracka firecracker sis boom bah! Bugs Bunny! Bugs Bunny! RAH RAH RAH!” They were so accepted.

Treasurer’s Report

This looks nice, but we haven’t paid for the plumbing repair yet


Patron Saint David Okamura

Scratch: He’s a man of unusual talents, brings us news.

Thorson: He’s a phenomenal graphic artist, done a number of things for the club, created Thorson’s gavel for his two terms of president, does a lot of work in the courtyard, trying to keep our plants from dying. To the best of my knowledge, has never done any of this in work clothes.

Debra Levin: He keeps the place looking nice, gives us wonderful science reports, is a nice guy, and does cool models

Kay Shapero, writes impressive filk songs, makes impressive paper models, nice guy

Scratch: makes impressive paper models.

Glen Olson: He talks purty too.

Marcia Minsky: He’s a heck of a Mah Jong player

Safer: keeps his eyes open for good things to attend, such as animation exhibit at the LA County Fair last year.

From the Hagiography:

Origami king

Evans Freehafer Award Recipient

Science Monitor

Helps maintain the plants in the patio, does lots of other things around the club.

Patron Saint David Okamura was given three cheers and being unblinded by science.

Patron Saint Sean Cleary

David Okamura: known mainly through filk circles.  He’s always been a wonderful person.

Kay Shapero: Sean has an interesting combination of luck.  Thought he was creating a sublist of friends who were filkers.  What he did was create a group called Filkers, and added everyoen to it.  It was one of the finest accidents she ever encountered.



Go player

Patron Saint Sean Cleary was given three cheers and a filk book with blank pages to fill in.

Committee Reports

Registrar Michelle introduced some guests: Jay. P. Africa, came for Friday Night Dice.

Michael Andreas, and Matt Blitz. and a new member, Chris Horrocks!

Board Member presentation:

Elayne: we will have water by Saturday evening.

Programming (CLJII)

FWEMS was canceled last Sunday because of plumbing. The rest will run next month at the fourth Sunday in August.

7/31: Steve Latshaw speaking on low budget films.  We’ll show the trailer for one of his recent films.

8/7: John DeChancie will talk to the club.

8/14: Tom Khamis presents the new DVD release of the film about the Ackermansion

8/21: Auction

Moment of Science: David Okamura rose to give some sad medical news.  The ebola outbreak is becoming serious in three nations. One of the most high profile doctors died of that disease. Two American medical professionals have tested positive. They seem to be doing well.  One is here in a tightly quarantined facility.  

A second medical thing: someone coined a phrase, “Organlegging” some years ago.  Unfortunately, a special EU prosecutor investigating war crimes things this has happened in Kosovo in 1998-1999.  10 case where people were executed and organs went missing.  We suspect executions may have been timed for transplant operations, but this may be the first time we’ve seen it as a war crime.  We hope stem cells and 3-D printing of organs will put a stop to this.

We doubt the networks have gone away over the past 15 years.

Tom Locke: The more hard science item is about NASA designing a Mars rover to land on Mars in 2021.  It will include a device called Moxie, converting CO2 into oxygen to use as an oxidizer, burning hydrogen brought from Earth, but maybe extracting something from Mars to use.

STNG did not want to spend money on sets including buttons and switches, so they had everything as touch screen graphic displays.  This will be featured in the Orion space craft.

TSPC presents, 8/16, Little Shop of Horrors, 1986, with original ending. 8/23 all-day screening of musicals by Sherman Brothers: Happiest Millionaire and Charlotte’s Web.

It being the end of the month, we had a tiny little auction.

For the soda auction, Mike Thorson explained that all’s well that vends well.

Announcements, Regular or Time Bound

Barbara Harmon: Her husband has an article in August Alter Ego “I remember comic books” a reprint of his 1957 piece. This triggered the re-interest in comic books.

Kay Shapero: those familiar with Victoria -- she is performing as an operatic poodle at Santa Monica college this weekend.

Old Business

New Business


Tom Locke saw Planes: fire and Rescue.  Typical of Disney movies: great stuff to keep kids entertained, with gems for older people in audience.  

Thorson: today, online has seen a 20 minute short subject called A Prelude to Axinar, a kickstarter for the indy Star Trek film Axinar. Interesting, well done, and basically a documentary done in character about the four years war between Federation and Klingons. 20 minutes of good watching.  Free of charge until 8/31 on Kickstarter.



Adjournment: It was moved and seconded, and we adjourned at 8:44
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