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Meeting # 4015, Jul 24, 2014

Marty Cantor presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saints Ed Green, Tom Safer

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Marty Cantor called meeting #4015 to order at 8:01.

Comments from the President

A lot of the people who would be here are in San Diego at ComiCon.  Despite that, tomorrow night, some who will be playing Mah Jong or Hell will be down there, but Board Gamers will be here. If you don’t know what Euro-games are, show up.

Menace from the previous meeting were read.  June Moffatt bid $1 name them “Herman” They were so accepted.

Treasurer’s Report

We have some money, don't spend any of it.


Patron Saint Ed Green

From the Hagiography:

Served multiple terms as club president, Board member and Board Chairman

Loscon chair

Always willing to share info about comics or military matters, two things he knows a lot about

Matthew Tepper considers his absence a great loss.  He was one who helped guide the LASFS for several years.   One time, Ed and Matthew ran as a team

Tom credits Ed for helping him get started on TSPC.

CLJII: Ed Green is featured in a book in the library, he appears in Blonde Bombshells.

Anna Safer: Ed Green’s name was mentioned in an odd couple episode.  Tony Randall’s insurance agent was Ed Green.

Thorson: If you want to google him, include his middle initial L. And you need to spell his name properly G-R-E-E-N.  Spelled out so the people listening in on our meeting can get it properly.

Karl: He’s in acting, and might some day be the Ed Green in a TV show might be ours.

Thorson: After weaning himself off comics, Ed brought in Hero Clix, a game centered around comic book characters.

Patron Saint Ed Green was given three cheers and a secret chevron.

Patron Saint Tom Safer

Anna Safer spoke: He’s the best husband in the whole wide world. He takes very good care of her.

Eric Hoffman: Besides being a good friend, is as crazy as I am about movies. He’s a living animated cartoons.  He knows more about the Warner Brother cartoons than anyone I’ve known in a long time.

Mike Thorson: because of his proclivity with Warner Bros cartoons, Tom is not only a patron saint, he’s our sacred video projector.  Last year he paid for our license so we can show many of these things.

Scratch: He’s a nice guy.

Matthew Tepper: Tom and Anna are dear friends of him and Debra.  He’s the lifeline for anything having to do with cartoons.

Mozart Requiem.

Jerry: He sings pretty good.

He’s in three choruses. (Anna is the stage manager for one of them)

Joe Zeff: he’s very conscientious about taking requests and making sure they get into the show.

Peter Santell: Loves the movies he shows, and actually sings to the movies when they’re on.

From the Hagiography:

Fan of Bugs Bunny and other cartoons of Chuck Jones.  Frequently shows these cartoons at the club and other venues.

Has a singing voice good enough to get him membership in several local choruses.

Married to Anna Safer and devoted to her.

He’s also a sacred object.  He’s the sacred video projector.  Still dithering over his $3K choice.

Patron Saint Tom Safer was given three cheers and that wascal wabbit.

Committee Reports

We don’t have a registrar, but we have no guests either.

Board Member presentation: Thorson: this club is supported by member donations and internal fundraisers, but also by trying to stem the tide of waste.  In the last several months, there have been a few things happening.  We’ve had troubles like: during the food ban when we had the coffee service out, someone came in and took away the contents of the instant coffee, instant soup, and creamer.  Recently, this was found to have happened in the kitchen.

We also need to find out who went in and diluted the liquid soap.

We have a nice thing going here, and we need to not ruin it by costing the club money it shouldn’t have to spend.

We also have the problem of people donating DVDs to the club by putting them on the shelves of the library. We find DVDs that aren’t in the database.

Programming (CLJII)

7/24: Tom Safer presents Bugs

Tonight we view, among other things, Harem Scarem (now complete).

7/31: Steve Latshaw speaking on low budget films.  We’ll show the trailer for one of his recent films.

8/7:  John DeChancie will talk to the club.

8/14:  Tom Khamis presents the new DVD release of the film about the Ackermansion

8/21: Auction

Sunday at 2PM is FWEMS, The Sun Never Sets, Mr Moto Takes a Vacation, You can’t Cheat an honest man, Charlie Chan on Treasure Island, and one to be selected later.

TSPC presents next month, Aug 16 at 10 AM, The Little Shop of Horrors (1986) with its original ending.

At this point we’d normally have a small action, but it was so small we couldn’t find it.

Announcements, Regular or Time Bound

Janis Olson: Jonathan is in a musical review tomorrow night at 7 at the First Presbyterian Church, 5000 Colfax Ave, Valley Village. Suggested donation of $10.

David Okamura had a moment of science.  Sad news of the passing of test pilot Henry Hank Hartzfield Jr, co-pilot of Columbia, commanded Discovery, and Challenger on its penultimate flight. He joined NASA in 69, but had to wait 13 years to get into space.

Tech News:  Toyota has been doing well with the Prius, and now making a hydrogen fuel cell car to be introduced in Japan next year. It will be an expensive proposition for them. Hydrogen fuel cells can get 430 miles on a single fueling.  Problem: infrastructure isn’t there yet.

The Costa Concordia is underway again. They managed to re-float her, and she’s on her way to Genoa to be scrapped.

Long-belated honor: the first airplane technician.  In addition to the Wright brothers, Charles Taylor was a self-taught mechanic who was able to create a gasoline powered engine that was very lightweight and got the plane off the ground. He has finally been recognized.

In the early 1970s, when people were flocking to see Jaws, Martha’s Vinyard didn’t like being cast as the venue for Great White shark attacks.  Now, there are sharks being spotted off the coast and tourists are flocking to see them.

Jerry Pournelle: a week ago, three days of zero sunspots.

In 2012 was a huge solar flare that missed the Earth by 10 days. This would have knocked out the electrical grid. Someone calculated a 10% chance something like that will happen in the next 20 years.  This might be a good time to start going survivalist. Good writing opportunity.

Bill Green: Kepler satellite has detected those flares on stars in its field of view.  For stars like the Sun, we get a Carrington type event ever 450 years or so.

Jerry Pournelle: The way you calculate probabilities has to be indirect.  Based on observations of the aurora sightings in low latitudes, we figure these events occur about every 2-3 hundred years.

Tom Safer: There is cake in the back, if anybody wants it.

Old Business

New Business


Eric Hoffman: The good, the bad, the ugly.

Good: likes to listen to old radio programs, and is now listening to Captain Midnight shows. Came across a book, “Radio’s Captain Midnight” the wartime biography.

Bad and ugly: Alaine Silver has written good books about movies: The Zombie Film from White Zombie to World War Z.

CLJII: The Avenger of Olympus, a book put together using the silhouette he drew for one of his characters.  It’s a very striking cover and he’s really pleased.


Milt Stevens learned something new from a Steve Styles fanzine.  There are ouija boards online. He asked one “should I boil my headphones”.  “Yes, that seems like a good idea.”

He included a cartoon suggesting he’d better win the Hugo this year or he’ll start turning people into Smurfs.

Anna Safer: Not a Darwin Award, but an honorable mention.  A guy trying to kill a spider with an aerosol can and a lighter. Burned down the house.  Not his.

Marty reported on a lady who poured gasoline on a snake to kill it.  It crawled into the house and set it on fire.

Karl: Auto accident month of the jackpot.

Adjournment: It was moved and seconded, and we adjourned at 8:35
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