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Meeting # 4013, Jul 10, 2014

Marty Cantor presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Marc Schirmeister

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Marty Cantor called meeting #4013 to order at 8:00.

Comments from the President

Menace from the previous meeting were read.$2 from Eylat Poliner.  She opted to name them “I’m not the President any more!” They were so accepted.

Treasurer’s Report

We have funds.  We have specific funds. We also have a general fund. Those who are really interested in the funds are welcome to show up at the Board meeting.  We have one this coming Sunday, starting at 11.

Patron Saint Marc Schirmeister

Marty Cantor: He brought the ice cream that’s in the next room.

Matthew Tepper: read in remark about this incredible new artist in 1972.

Eylat: He’s a great artist and does a great amount of work around the clubhouse. He keeps the plants alive.

Joe Zeff: He designed South Pasadena’s Rose Parade Float.

Tom Safer:  He is a good cartoonist.

CLJII: He’s one of the wackiest cartoonists around.  He’s so creative and so … there’s no point in drawing something a human being could play -- Bob Clampett.  He has had a spotty career in professional animation, because he’s too wacky and undisciplined for the studios. Shows like Sponge Bob could benefit from Schirmeister’s jokes.

Cantor: Marc is one of my favorite fan artists.  he’s done very good artwork for him.  We’re waiting for him to decorate the door to the pubs room.  One disappointing thing about Marc is that he has never short-listed for best fan-artist Hugo.

Matthew Tepper: He draws wonderful dinosauroids and horses.

Scratch: He has a unique form of visual communication. One of his favorite drawings shows a priestess dancing and catching a melon on her chest, and about to get smacked in the head with another melon.

Kay Shapero: Like Ted Geisel, It doesn’t matter what he draws, you will know who drew it when you see it.

Cantor: He has a Marc Schirmeister cover done as seven linoleum blocks for seven colors, for a run of 300.

Patron Saint Marc Schirmeister was given three cheers and a fanartist Hugo.

Committee Reports

Programming (CLJII)

7/10: No program yet

7/17: Auction

7/24: Tom Safer presents Bugs

7/31: Steve Latshaw speaking on low budget films

8/7:  John DeChancie will talk to the club

8/14:  Tom Khamis presents on the new DVD release of the film about the Ackermansion

8/21: Auction

Two weeks from tonight, we begin Atom Man vs Superman.

Tom Safer: TSPC:  Third Saturday of the month, we have Mary Poppins.  (the 19th)

Registrar Michelle introduced guests Cam Baity, William Weist, Rupert Pollard, and Lawson Woodward.

Board Member Presentation:  Michelle recounted the Family Science Day at LASFS, a community outreach and marketing program.  Not quite as successful as she’d prefer, but we’ll do it again, and it brought in $180.

Announcements, Regular or Time Bound

Larry Niven mentioned last week a guy named Walt brought his family seeking autographs.  Thanks for treating them well.  Fuzzy Niven is home now, and becoming reacquainted with the cat. She can get around with a walker and is doing exercises and trying to rebuild the muscle strength she lost during three months convalescing.  She appears free of infection. Bad news is, healing takes a while.

Eylat: Her family lives in Israel.  She got a text from her sister, on Tuesday they ran to bomb shelters in the middle of the night.  Missiles have been dispatched from Gaza with love.

Art Davis added:  This does have to do with SF, it’s the subject of many SF books throughout history.  Same thing happens elsewhere, and guess what: Los Angeles is a target.

Tom Safer is seeing the choir piece later this year as relevant. Choir director

We’re doing a piece, Mass for the Armed Man.  It’s meant as a prayer for peace.  

Peter Santel announced the voice actor for Pinocchio has died.

Scratch announced that Lin Daniel is currently under observation for a kidney stone.

Doug Crepeau: July 3, the VA barbecued his prostate with gamma rays.

David Okamura: Last week was an important anniversary -- 75th anniversary of the first World Science Fiction Convention, held in New York City.  There were three guests from Chapter 4 of the Science Fiction League; Ray Bradbury, Forry, and Merle R Douglas, who had created costumes for herself and Forry.  This was the first instance of SF fan costumes.

Jerry Pournelle: while we’re talking about things that happened a while ago, there are members who assisted us when we had a series of meetings at Larry’s house in 1980 contemplating space policy for the incoming Reagan administration.  ONe item proposed was research in missile defense.  Of the 1000 missiles launched from Gaza, 60% have been shot down by the Israeli Iron Dome system.

Karl: The 60% figure is not because it misses, but because they only shoot down missiles heading toward things they want to keep.

John DeChancie has written a novel.  Maybe #21 or 25 or something. This is the ninth Castle novel.

Marty Cantor pointed out there are people who have a special pleasure of John DeChancie’s work.  He’s in both APA-L and LASFAPA.

Kristin is directing her first SF feature film.

Marty Cantor made an error: he forgot to call on David for a Moment of Science.

David Okamura had sad news:  There was a program to reactivate the IC3.  It could not fulfil its renewed mission.  There’s not enough propellant, apparently having leaked out over the years. They may still be able to get more science out of it.  

A Mississippi girl who was treated for AIDS and thought to have been cured has shown evidence of infection again. It’s very difficult to weed it out of her system.

Apparently the CDC found six vials of smallpox virus in a closet.  We don’t know if they were inert, but they will be soon.  How many other forgotten vials are there out there?

Doug Crepeau: ISIS in Iraq has gotten hold of 40 Kg of nuclear material.

Old Business

New Business


Matthew Tepper reviewed the mini series with John Adams on HBO.  

Eric Hoffman: A Night in Paradise, Aesop sent to try to prevent a war King Croesus wants to start for gold. It may appear at LASFS.

Also, a book: The Art of Japanese Monsters.  It covers almost every poster from different parts of the world for Japanese Monster SF films.

Doug Crepeau: There’s a TV program, “American Greed”.  Tonight’s episode, “The Black Widows”.  These would pick up the homeless, house them for a couple of years, get their benefit checks, and kill them.

Eylat reviewed “24”.  It was 24 hours of action packed in to 12 hours.

Milt Stevens: Last weekend was Westercon 67.  Hertz and he were the only active LASFSians to make it there. 637 in attendance.  Next year’s is in San Diego, and for the following year, they ran unopposed and this time they won. Unlike others, this WEstercon had a 10,000 fantasy convention across the street.  They were decent about it, and honored Westercon memberships if people wanted to wander across the street and look at the dragon.  A couple of their people came across to look at the Westercon.

Peter Santel: finally read Silverlock.  Liked the part dealing with literary hell, a take-off on Dante’s Inferno.

CLJII reviewed a CBS series, “Unforgettable”. It’s based on a short story, “The Rememberer”. Nice cop show with cool technology, but that’s now how eidetic memory works

Joe Zeff: In the original series, at least once she got off in the wrong direction because one letter of a logo was covered by a piece of paper.

Doug Crepeau: On Continuum, she just remembers the future.

Hare has enjoyed the series a lot. Mary Lou Henner has an eidetic memory.

Tom Safer: Thunderbeam, run by an independent cartoon producer trying to get old cartoons out to the public.  Latest is Fleishcher Gulliver’s Travels. Find it and buy it.

Art Davis saw John Carter of Mars and enjoyed the architecture in the set designs.

Doug Crepau: Halle Barry starred in Extant on CBS.  She plays an austronaut who is on a station alone for 13 months and comes back pregnant

Kay Shapero:  Stairs Women: Four novels thus far.  A planet which has both a magicians guild and a society of scientists


Mark Poliner Last Friday, lunch at a restaurant with Matthew and Deb.  Waiter had been in America for one month, fresh from Israel.  Before ordering, say we want to split the check. He was unclear on the concept.  He comes back with each item’s price split in half.

Joe Zeff:  Most hearing aids are programmed to work best when someone is in front of them.  People spoken to from the side or rear have a lot of trouble making out speech.

Milt Stevens: There’s a new worldcon bid. Kevin and Andy are bidding for San Jose 2018.

Loncon committee has a cease and desist order on issuing hugos for fancasts. Someone in Europe has a trademark or copyright on the term. They are looking for a lawyer to send the complainants a bag of sand and a hammer.

There will be a Board Meeting Sunday, here, at 11 AM. Important things happen there. After the board meeting, at 2 PM, there’s open house, with gaming, picnic, food, socializing, and all kinds of nice things.

Marty seems to have lost his plate, a one-tooth partial.  If found, please return it. You can’t handle the tooth.  

Adjournment: It was moved and seconded, and we adjourned at 21:15

Debra Levin reminded one and all to police their areas and wrangle their chairs.
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