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We've established a section (Link - Content Category) titled Sandbox with two blog subsections Sandbox A and Sandbox B (both Blog - Content Category), so we can find out how blog sections work -- and don't work. 


Can someone go back after posting a blog submission and edit hiser submission for typos? 

Can someone go back after posting a blog submission and change when the entry expires? 

Or will hesh have to appeal to an Editorial Board member or other administrator?

It seems fairly clear that a non-administrator can't establish a new section or subsection.   


Barry set up Submit Sandbox on the LASFS Officers Menu (which can be found at MEETINGS/Contact LASFS and on all the subheadings (BoD, Club Officers, Appointed Officials).  But if enough people want to play in the sand boxes, he can move Submit Sandbox to the User's Menu.


Postings to the other links on the LASFS Officers Menu will only go up on the website if submitted by a relevant LASFS Officer/Official.

    for Library -- is only for the Librarian or the BoD member who's liaison to the Library or the Chairman of the Board

    Projects -- is only for Officers/Officials who are involved in a project (like Marketing)

    Reviews -- are only for Reviews done as a LASFS officer/official


Thanks for asking, Krystal.  It's good to know that someone's looking at the menu.   





Last Updated ( Sunday, 29 June 2008 )
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