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Meeting # 4007, May 29, 2014

Debra Levin presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Ed Baker

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Debra Levin was a merry old soul and a merry old soul was she,

She called for her noise stick and she called for her drink and she called meeting #4007 to order at 8:08.  

Menace from the previous meeting were read.  Matthew Tepper bid $1 to approve them as “so these two unspecified ethnics...”.

Patron Saint Ed Baker was honored.

Milt Stevens spoke.  He joined the club in about 1960, kept getting mistaken for Fred Patten, and when it was too much work to keep sorted out, it became Fred Baker and Ed Patten.  He was an esperantist, and easily confused.  Before the days of sexual harassment, it was discovered it was easy to get him all flustered, and females would compete to turn his ears red.  He got thrown out of The Cult APA for translating the entire publication into Esperanto. In the end he was shot to death in a robbery down on Crenshaw, a bit south of where his family lived. He was club librarian for a couple of years.  

Matthew Tepper liked him.

Ed Baker was given three cheers and a green star.

Time bound announcements:  

Larry Niven rose to announce his wife is scheduled for surgery on her knee, June 4.  If the infection turns out to be gone, she gets a new artificial knee. Best wishes to Marilyn…

An appropriate card is to be procured.

The Members of the Board and Procedural Officers got an e-mail from the science teacher at Ambassador High School in Torrance.  

I am a science teacher and ISS mentor at Ambassador High School in Torrance, Ca. I am writing on behalf of my students or agricultural engineers, as Vonnegut would put it. They have spent the majority of the school year designing and engineering a fully automated experiment, that will be conducted on the International Space Station (this summer.) One hope of the experiment is to lend some insight into the sustainability of manned space exploration and extended human habitation in space, by investigating a concept related to food production in a microgravity environment. The team is excited to announce that their experiment will launch on June 10!

It is obvious that you are passionate about science fiction. Are you also passionate about making this science project a reality? These students deserve recognition for their dedication and sacrifice towards the project.

I am looking forward to coming up with a idea where both our groups can mutually benefit each other. Without help from awesome organizations like LASFS, we won't be able to continue our research in space.

Committee Reports

Upcoming Events

May 29, Matthew Tepper hosts chocolate for trivia.

June 5 Nominations for President, Tim Griffin performs (start time is 7 PM)

June 12, procedural elections

June 19th Big auction

June 26th, maybe Charles Justice

Michelle has an invitation item:  We have five remaining shows for  

Matthew Tepper:  There is to be a memorial for Dave Keller, Saturday, at the clubhouse. Potluck, starting at noon, ending when it’s over.

New Business

1)  Add to article IV, sect 1, a new subsection:

B.  When elected, and continuously while serving, each procedural officer shall meet the following qualifications: be 18 years of age or older, and otherwise legally competent.

2)  Add to Article IV, section 6, a new subsection:

C.  shall respond appropriately to personal and electronic correspondence addressed to the Registrar; and

Amend Article IV, section 2 to read as follows:

Section 2: Election.

The procedural officers shall be elected from the Standard Membership.  The Treasurer shall be elected at the second regular Society meeting of June.  The other elective procedural officers shall be elected at the second regular meeting of June and at teh second regular Society meeting of December. Nomination for President may be made at both the election meeting and the last previous regular Society meeting. Election of the President shall be followed by nominations for and electio nfo the remaining proceural officers in the following order: Vice-President, REgistrar, Scribe, and Treasurer (in June only). All elective procedural officers shall take office at the first regular Society meeting of the month following their election, and shall serve until they die, resign, ro are removed from office, or until their elected replacements take office.  Election of procedural officers shall follow the procedure given in Article X.

David Okamura announced Sea Launch, in Long Beach has fired a French satellite into geosync orbit from a floating oil platform towed to the equator. Unfortunately, they may get caught up in the fight between SpaceX and the United Launch Alliance.

Google will be building 100 prototypes of their driverless car. It looks a bit like a golf cart. It goes about 100 miles on a single charge, and the top speed is governed at 25 mph.

Karl reported on Space-X: SpaceX will unveil the Dragon V2, its new spaceship that will be able to carry astronauts to and from the International Space Station, tonight at 7 p.m. Pacific. Watch Elon Musk, the billionaire founder of SpaceX and Tesla, reveal the new ship at the company’s California headquarters on the livestream above.

The Dragon V2 is a modified version of the Dragon spacecraft that has performed three unmanned resupply missions to the Space Station since October 2012. The third mission returned to Earth earlier this month.

NASA hopes the new vessel will be ready for manned missions by 2017 or 2018. Earlier this year, the U.S. extended its Space Station program through 2024.

Tom Locke saw an article on Yahoo News:

Scientists achieve reliable quantum teleportation for first time

Announcements Fannish committee reports reviews announcements misc

Hare Hobbs reported on his mail: a large manila envelope with the same logo as the TR women had on their skirts. Further developments next week.

Peter Santell read two Kipling stories, With the Night Mail and As Easy as A, B, Z.  First involved zeppelins and was rather boring. Second mentioned northern Illinois.  This was on Kindle.

Michelle Pincus introduced E. E. King, a guest who heard about us from Larry Niven.

Scratch reviewed the third book in a series by Wynn Spencer having to do with elves, magic, and a city being teleported between Earth and Elfland. The third book is called Tinker.

Larry Niven rose to say he was given book 5 of Schlock Mercenary. He enjoyed it.  Reading from year 2000.  It’s a SF comic strip.  By our standards, soft SF, but enjoyable.

Jerry Pournelle found it more schlock than mercenary.  (Jerry’s picky about his mercenaries -- larry Niven)

Jerry: from June 8 to June 14, there’s a meeting at hilton head Sc of nanotech technology and testing.  It’s a big deal, and they were planning on flying him and Larry out to the thing. The Intergalactic Woman of Mystery will take Larry’s place. They do have a very competent convention management organization. They set up a conference call and hashed out the details with the guests, and within a couple of days he had his tickets.  A limo will pick him up at 4:30, take him to a direct flight to South Carolina.  He has instructions to not tip any of the drivers; they’ve already been paid.

Jerry Pournelle recalled a young lady who turns into a coyote at will in a series of books. The same author, patricia briggs, has a series of books about an omega wolf. The new series is called Alpha and Omega.

There is to be a ChatBot contest at the robotic society meeting. It’s sort of like a Turing test.

CLJII misced with an observation on the power of the direct to video film maker.  A friend of his directed and co-produced Return of the Killer Shrews.  A couple of days ago, sent comments for his publisher to put on his page for the book series.  Comments are now on Facebook pages, and within an hour sales of the book jumped.

Milt Stevens moved to adjourn to the program

We adjourned at 9:00 PM.
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