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Meeting # 4006, May 22, 2014

Debra Levin presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Dee Dee Lavender

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

Debra Levin called meeting #4006 to order at 8:03.  

Menace from the previous meeting were read Marcia Minsky bid $1 to approve them as “I had something in mind, now I can’t remember”.

Patron Saint Dee Dee Lavender was honored

Marty Cantor called her a colorful person.  

CLJII notes she faded late in life.

Milt says she was brought along as a spouse at fan gatherings for many years.

Matthew Tepper knew her slightly and she was very pleasant.

DeeDee Lavender was given three cheers and Le Roy.

Time bound announcements:  

Karl Lembke announced:  David Dean Bottrell wrote: Just wanted to remind you that Evening A of Sci-Fest closes this Sunday at the matinee.  Please tell your members that they can get “TWO FOR ONE” tickets via the website  by using the code word NEBULA then hit apply.  That will reduce the price of two tickets by 50% (this offer only works when ordering two tickets).  We also have the NERD RUSH at the door.  That means any unsold seats are available for $15.00.  FYI -- Evening B plays May 27-June 1.  Would love for your club members to see both Evenings.   You can see photos and press stuff at our website:   Would love your members’ input and opinion.  We want to make this an annual event.  Thanks!

Baycon is this weekend.  If you’re here, chances are you’re not there.

Upcoming Events

May 22 Eric Hoffman and the 50’ trailers part III.

May 29, Matthew Tepper hosts chocolate for trivia.

June 5 Nominations for President, Tim Griffin performs

June 12, procedural elections

June 19th auction

June 26th, maybe Charles Justice

Committee Reports

David Okamura had a short report.  He announced the meteor shower, which may or may not happen. Will we intersect the orbit?

CLJII:  The film coordination committee reports that FEWMS for June is being moved to the fourth Sunday in July, the 20th. These will be films from 1939.

Marty Cantor announced board gamers will be here tomorrow night.  Anyone interested in Eurogames feel free to show up.

Tomorrow, there will be socializing and other games, possibly Hell or Mah Jong.

Registrar Michelle announced a guest.  Mike Lemos, who learned about us at ALA.

Matthew Tepper, as CRAB, reminded one and all there is a bookstore just blocks from here, Bargain Books on Friar, open Monday - Friday, closing at 6.  

BARGAIN BOOKS 14426 Friar Street Van Nuys, CA 91401

Also, Iliad in North Hollywood, Brand Books in Glendale, Mystery and Imagination, Glendale.

Announcements Fannish committee reports reviews announcements misc

Hare Hobbs has had adventures in Hollywood.  The woman he met with the Titty Rancher project says they have lost their home and have no place to show the episodes they taped.  Hare was taped for commercials, not the series. So maybe she was having a good Hare day.

Jerry Pournelle had two items. He gets mail.  He gets mail from people who have discovered weird science.  Lately, a breathless e-mail from a person who says the Air Force has let a contract for $9 million  for an antigravity suit.  It turns out the antigravity suit is a compression suit that keeps pilots from blacking out from g forces.

Anyone going to Archon: the fan GOH was to be Uncle Timmy Bolgeo.  Now he won’t be. Someone who declines to give his name told Archon that Uncle Timmy Is A Racist. He’s told ethnic jokes.  

There was some discussion about thought crime, and how fandom now used to be accepting of difference.

It was moved to send Tim Bolgeo a birthday card 3 opposed, 2 abstaining.

CLJII added to Jerry’s item.  A film called Chain Lightning, from 1950, SF film about the development of a pressure suit and zero gravity suit except they have rocket planes instead of jet planes.

Scratch reported on medical conditions. He has clots.

Vice President Debra reported Ed Hooper is out of the hospital, and is here.

Milt Stevens read Shipstar.  It’s the sequel to Bowl of Heaven. It’s about humans on an interstellar mission coming up on an artifact, a bowl built around a star. It’s worth a Hugo nomination if we’re done politicizing them.

Eric Hoffman Many years in the 70s someone put together a set of clips from B westerns into a story form.  It never got released for several reasons. Meanwhile Back at the Ranch. It’s worth the money. About $15-16.

Gavin Claypool scribbled more stuff from the One Act Plays at Acme Theatre.  It’s a small equity waiver site, and the final weekend of plays is this weekend.

Also, anyone with a space alien costume willing to be photographed with Tim Russ, they’re looking for costumers.

Michelle reviewed Godzilla.  It’s a great movie.

Jerry Pournelle reviewed Welcome to Wespirtech by Mary Lowd. It’s a neat collection of stories.

Marcia Minsky has a job interview, in Oxnard.

Matthew Tepper moved to adjourn

We adjourned at 9:00 PM.

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