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Meeting # 4005, May 15, 2014

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Tom Digby


(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

Eylat Poliner called meeting #4005 to order at 8:00.  

Menace from the previous meeting were read. Mike Stern bid $1 to approve them as “We can sell it to the Air Force for $1”.

Patron Saint Tom Digby

Scratch: Tom digby can safely be sane or he can safely be insane.  Either way he’s a man of many talents who has a way of looking at the world slightly askew.  He’s very good at coming up with lyrics, like You need little teeny eyes…

Mark Poliner: He’s the most unique person in a club of individuals.

Milt Stevens: He did a lot of fanzines as if he was writing to his relatives back in his home dimension. “Invited to a wine and cheese party, how to tell the difference between the wine and the cheese”.  Coin operated crypts for traveling vampires, and how to get electrical energy out of the frog-prince mass conversion.

Mike Stern: He’s still the most unusual person in the club.  St Tom Digby is something else.

Nick Smith: Impressed by his amazing panache and ability to do things others would never consider doing, he can stand in front of an audience reciting his poetry while wearing a translucent nose ring, and seeing nothing unusual about it.

Kay Shapero: He’s one of her favorite philosophers.  Loves the way he can look at the world from a different angle, and report back what he sees.

Marty Cantor: Some of his ideas are strange, others fiendishly logical.  Like the Bermuda Triangle, lying wholly within itself, has made itself disappear.

Doug Crepeau: He was an expert on PutriDos.

Jerry Pournelle: Tom is living proof of the fact that the psychological profession has not come up with a definition of either sanity or insanity.

Eylat remembers his jewelry.

Jerry mentioned his story of asking Tom Digby why he wears that jewelry.  “To make myself more attractive, of course.”  Jerry didn’t ask “attractive to whom?”

Joe Zeff told of several years ago at a Westercon in San Mateo.  First evening, saw Tom Digby in a pale green sari that left half his chest uncovered.  I didn’t ask why he was wearing it.  I knew what the answer would be.

CLJII: He was remarked on as the sort of person who would live around the corner from a place that sold dill pickle ice cream.  And in reality, he did.

Doug Crepeau: He once stated he was building artificial environments for intelligent nonhumans for the Mimbari.

Jerry Pournelle misses him at the meetings.

Matthew Tepper missed seeing him at cons to the north.

Tom Digby was given three cheers and Probably Something.

Time bound announcements:  

Upcoming Events

May 15 Auction

May 22 Eric Hoffman and the 50’ trailers

May 29, Matthew Tepper hosts chocolate for trivia.

June 5 Nominations for President, Tim Griffin performs

June 12, procedural elections

June 19th Auction

June 26th, maybe Charles Justice

Committee Reports

Marty Cantor announced the Board Gamers is meeting every Friday night here. Some of those people have joined the club. Anyone interested in learning board games come on by.

Registrar Michelle announced guests.  Mardy Girard, and Ally Cruz

David Okamura had a moment of science.

in 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.  

In 2014, the wreck of the Santa Maria may have been found. Someone seems to have removed the cannon from the wreck since its discovery.

The ship took some time to sink, and enough stuff may have been salvaged, so there may not be sufficient evidence to confirm.

Scientists say the glaciers of Antarctica may melt away, giving us 10 feet of sea rise over the next couple of centuries.  

Doug Crepeau added there are artist conceptions of what cities will look like with a 10’ higher sea level.

Bill Green announced a meteor shower coming up.

Announcements Fannish committee reports reviews announcements misc

Mark Poliner announced his wife and daughter are going to visit Israel. He’ll be alone for four weeks.

Karl Lembke reviewed Penny Dreadful.  Not that dreadful.

CLJII: Godzilla opens tomorrow.  If the film is anything like the trailer, it will be worth seeing.

We auctioned off a  bunch of stuff, and then

David Okamura announced Pegasus Hobbies in Montclair produces its own line of models, including SF models, the space ark from When Worlds Collide, George Pal ships, Uncle Martin space ship, and others.  Cosmos Trader and the ship from Destination Moon.

Karl Lembke announced Ed Hooper is in the hospital

Also, Ed Green is in a contest in TheReelDeal.TV

Peter Santell announced C/FO Saturday.

Saving Mr Banks is the TSPC showing before C/FO.

Scratch has four clots in his leg.

Mike Stern announced next weekend is Baycon. if going, it’s a great convention to go to.

Tom Safer moved to adjourn

We adjourned at 9:35 PM. 

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