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Meeting # 4004, May 8, 2014

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Bob Null

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

Eylat Poliner called meeting #4004 to order at 8:08.  

Menace from the previous meeting were read and approved.

Karl Lembke announced the passing of Dave Keller, yesterday.

Announcement:  Fred Patten announced his donation of his new book, dedicated to the LASFS.

The book is Five Fortunes.  

Patron Saint Bob Null

Marty Cantor: Bob was like a brother. The last few years of his life, he had medical problems. They gave him two years to live and he lived eight.  They would drive each other to Kaiser as needed.  He was fandom’s Renaissance man.  When Marty mentioned that 16th Century Renaissance music was one of his favorites, in two weeks, Bob knew more about some parts of the subject than Marty did.

He so re-invented the Vice Presidency, when he decided to retire, it took five people to do all the jobs he had taken on. Everybody was a friend of Bob.  You couldn’t be an enemy of Bob.  At the funeral, his family was astonished at how many people turned up.  Marty was honored with the position of one of the pall-bearers.

Mike Stern:  Bob was probably one of the smartest people that I have ever known. Not just in fandom but in general.  One time, I printed out a picture from the Internet.  Way in the background was a sign in a foreign language. Yes, that’s Arabic, and he went and translated it. He did Logistics for Loscon, and he did it very well.  It’s taken a tag team to do what he did by himself.  

CLJII:  When Bob took early retirement, his employers were thunderstruck when he refused to hire back as a consultant, and it took five people to do what he had been doing there. He was one of those with more money than he knew what to do with.  He also wound up with more time than he knew what to do with.  So Thursdays, he’d pick up CLJII and they’d run errands, go to LASFS, drive him home, and then head back to LASFS.  He collected new interests. When he decided he was interested in short subjects, within a couple of months, he accumulated a couple of thousand hours of short subjects.  He was a great guy all around.  After he passed, CLJII suggested naming the space between the buildings the Null Space.  And so when we moved in here, we had to have a space called the Null Space.

Matthew Tepper: Very privileged to have been Bob’s friend.  He had a wide variety of interests, including Turkish History. He supplied a book used for an exhibit at the Museum of Tolerance. He was also fond of the music of Stephen Foster, coins, exonumia.  He would buy things for friends for the pleasure of gifting.  

Hare Hobbs: Bob Null was our Desi Arnez: when Desi and Lucy got divorced, it took five or six guys to replace him at DesiLu productions.  You could depend that if something seismic happened, he would know about it.  He knew the live feed cameras for eruptions and the like.

Marty Cantor added: Bob gave things to people.  I was able to give him a good deal on something: his old Saturn. He was tickled pink because his apartment didn’t have air conditioning.  Sometimes he’d go down and sit in the car with the air conditioning running.

Matthew Tepper added: was delighted to find a biography of Stephen Foster published in the UK and written for British schoolchildren.  It turned out to be one book on the man he didn’t have.

Eylat Poliner: Bob was one of the nicest people she knew. If she ever needed to borrow items from the LASFS, he was fine lending them as long as he got them back by Thursday.  In his honor, she gave the club two tables. He was always there to help when she had an event at the club.  He was very generous with his time and attention. If you were a member of LASFS, you were his family.

Matthew Tepper: might have more reason to be more thankful to Bob: he once flicked a black widow spider off his back.

Bob Null was given three cheers and the sacred nothing at all.

Milt Stevens announced his program, a slide show of pulp covers.

Time bound announcements:  


May 8 Milt Stevens on our horrible reputation and how we earned it

May 15 Auction

May 22 would have been Eric Hoffman and the 50’ trailers

May 29, Matthew Tepper hosts chocolate for trivia.

June 5 nominations for President, Tim Griffin performs

June 12, procedural elections

June 19th auction

June 26th, maybe Charles Justice

Committee Reports

The committee to report on Scratch announced he’s alive.

Announcements Fannish committee reports reviews announcements misc

Hare announced that he was hugged by a topless woman in Hollywood last week.  They were videotaping for a web TV series.  Hare signed the releases, so he may be on the web.  Series is “Titty ranch”.

Marty Cantor was checking the website.  May 8, 1975 was when he joined the LASFS.  Happy Anniversary. (Karl joined 9/12, a Friday.)

David Okamura: We announce the passing of Bill Dana, test pilot, including X-15. He was 83.

Space-X is trying to get the Air Force to open up to competition.  unexpected help from Putin. Lockheed-Martin is blocked from buying engines from Russia, because of US sanctions.

Coca-cola is dropping from PowerAde, brominated vegetable oil, used as a stabilizer.

There’s been a study finding that blood from young mice helps rejuvenate aging mice. A particular substance, more abundant in younger mice is the chemical responsible. The substance is GDF11.  There are similar factors in humans.

Crystal: those not able to attend Cal’s memorial, she has extra sheets. One was handed over for the archives.

Mike Stern reported that yesterday he discovered a piece in Science News.  On May 7, they put together an artificial yeast. It has two synthetic amino acids in its structure.

Nick Smith reviewed Bart’s Books in Ojai. It’s patterned after a style of European bookstores, where most of it is outdoors.  They have lots of fantasy, SF and first editions in the temperature controlled section.  

You’ve seen SF media events with lots of celebrities where you pay for autographs.  Space program has achieved the same status, $150 to attend for the weekend, and you pay for autographs, $15 for NASA nurses, up to $600 for Buzz Aldrin.

Gavin Claypool reviewed a thing in Hollywood, SCI-FEST, a series of one-act SF plays.  9 plays, four in an evening, starting the other five in the sequence next week. Acme theater near Beverly and LaBrea. It was an interesting evening.  You’ll be interested in how they make astronauts float on stage. This is hoped to become an annual event.  The actors include names you would recognize. Problem: all four stories had downer endings.  If you like plays, theater, SF, this is worth your time over the next few weeks.

Milt Stevens tried to read Mira Grant’s Hugo-nominated novel “Parasite”.  The science is below belief.  It’s the worst he’s read since her previous Hugo-nominated novel.

Jerry Pournelle rose to speak about Eternal Life. Blood from young mice can arrest aging in older mice.  They still haven’t found a way to reverse aging. The idea has been around for a while, but now there’s decent scientific evidence. Suppose it works. How will we respond if immortality is available at the price of draining young people…

Mike Stern added, May 7 is the date it was published in Nature.

Scratch: they are using human growth factor to retard some of the body’s aging, and testosterone for males -- also current banking laws: Chase got itself in a pickle. There was a directive controlling a type of business transaction. Chokepoint -- has shut down people in the sex trade, even fi they’re in a state where it’s legal. Chokepoint is causing banks to cancel their accounts.

Eylat: shawn crosby was in a TV show last night .  It was fun to watch him on the Goldbergs.

Matthew commented, That 70s show had to deal with the first Star Wars movie.

Matthew Tepper moved to adjourn

We adjourned at 9:23 PM. 

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