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Menace of the LASFS

Meeting # 3998, March 27, 2014

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Sue Haseltine

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

Eylat Poliner called meeting #3998 to order at 8:02.

The Menace were read. Debra levin bid $2 to call the Menace “Larry and Jerry Speak.  Arf”.

Special order of business:  Matthew Tepper announced the passing of Judy Harrow, a New York fan and a major figure in the Pagan community

Committee Reports

Patron Saints

Sue Haseltine

Eylat knows her

Larry Niven called her a good person and good friend.  She helps run the Regency Dancing community.

Leigh Strother-Vien: She took over the library from Sue.  AFter doing the job for a while, she appreciated how much work Sue put in to it.

Matthew Tepper sort of worked with her at SDC, occasionally ran into her outside of secured areas.

Terry Brussel: She ran Regency dance in Santa Monica

Colleen: She sews beautiful costumes.

Sue Haseltine was given three cheers and frank statement.

Registrar Michelle annuonced guests.  Lee Henderson, Monique Espinosa, and Tiffany Crystal T Bolen

And a new member, to be named later.

CLJII announced LA 4000 on April 26 and 27. Noon until 6 at least. There will be panels on LASFS in the SF field. We also have Kelly Freas art show on Powerpoint. WE'll have a short auction of some swell stuff.

This is the last week to pay $25 for membership. $40 at the door.

Buy now so we know how much food to order.

Coming up:

4/3 Sandra Stoller presents propulsion system for new spacecraft

4/10: meeting 4000

4/17 Big Auction

4/24: Larry and Jerry speak.

Terry announced the LTD passover seder on 4/14.

Larry Niven announced Marilyn’s knee is re-infected.  Operation was to be Saturday, but she was admitted Monday.  They took out her infected artificial knee, replaced it with a spacer with antibiotics.  When the infection is gone, they’ll put in a new knee.

Marketing and fundraising: Please use Amazon Smile when shopping and name LASFS as your charity.

Frank Waller gave the Aetna warning 45 minutes early.

Elayne: we need to have a small auction.

Time-bound Announcements  Reviews  Fannish Committee Reports  Miscellaneous  

Francis Hamit has a couple of things: Excellent SF series: one on Stars: DaVinci’s Demons. Leonardo DaVinci as a street punk with friends of his doing fantastic things for the Medicis.

Second is Orphan Black, on BBC. The actress who plays all of the clones is amazing. Bad Language, Nudity, it’s cable, get over it.

Terry Brussel is looking for an office manager for Success Center. Live-in is hoped for, but not a requirement.

Milt Stevens: Deadline for Hugo Nominations is midnight, 3/31. LoneStarCon and LonCon members may submit nominations.

Polly: speaking of TV shows, The 100. 100 kids who were criminals on a space station have been dumped planetside to find out if it’s safe.

David Okamura reported the San Diego Zoo is an angel for an unusual creature -- the Tasmanian devil.  It’s facing extinction in the wild due to a contagious cancer.

Many other science stories are available.

Doug Crepeau rose to announce his diagnosis of cancer from the VA.  Trying to cash in on his collection, including his Werner Von Braun collection.

CLJII: took daughter to LA Zoo.  She wanted to see the Zebras. She got to feed one of them.

Francis Hamit announced his sister had died.  She left a mound or collectable stuff.  He has a site on called the Lane Collection.

He always has copies of his book in the car for autograph: $20

CLJII: now has six books available through Amazon, $4 or less Kindle, $8  or so paper. First is available for download for 99 cents

We auctioned off a bunch of stuff for a small bunch of money

Janis Olson announced a time bound beg.  Jonathan and Anna are in the full 3 hour production of Fiddler On the Roof at Portola Middle School in Tarzana.  OPening night is 4/10.  Friday 7 Sat 7, Sat 1 Matinee.  Suggested donation of $10. $12 gives reserved seating.  And begging -- needed a prop.  Need at least the table and a working treadle.  The machine can be mocked up.  And there will be extra special moments because Anna is the Rabbi’s son.  Some of the lines are very funny that way.  Need metal buckets, tankards, etc.  

Debra Levin: Parking on Aetna goes away. is the website for Francis’s stuff.

It being the appointed hour, we deemed the meeting to be in abeyance.

And so we adjourned at 8:45 PM.


Special meeting to consider the expulsion of a member of the LASFS

Vote was 27 yes, 41 no.

The motion, not achieving 80% of those voting, fails.

Adjourned at Oh Gawdawful Thirty.

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