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The June 12th LA Times (E10) carried Edward Champion's review of The Real Stuff, a collection of SF stories on which films were based, edited by Brian Thomsen and Martin H. Greenberg.  Champion criticized Campbell's "Who Goes There" (calling it "talky,...with its quaint fixations on anti-gravity and its needless pulp bravado") in contrast to the films based on it. 


I would agree that the story is talky (i.e. there were a number of characters in it, and they spent a lot of time talking to one another, trying to define the problem and what they should do about it) rather than just doing stuff without thinking it through first.


 I don't think the brief appearance of anti-gravity at the end of the story constitutes a fixation.  It adds a final element of (intellectual) horror that the alien was that technologically advanced.  


I didn't notice the characters exhibiting any bravado (but admit I'm not sure what distinguishes pulpish bravo from other sorts of bravado or even bravery).


I suspectthat  Champion just doesn't like stories that focus on a challenge to the characters' intelligence as well as to their courage.   

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