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Menace of the LASFS

Meeting # 3996, March 13, 2014

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Gavin Claypool

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

Eylat Poliner called meeting #3996 to order at 8:03.

The Menace were read. Bill Green bid $1.00 to call the Menace “naming delayed in honor of national procrastination week”.

Steve Barnes was invited up to preview his program this evening.

Committee Reports

Patron Saints

Gavin Claypool

Maryann: He did a lot of work during the move, including packing and unpacking and re-shelving the books in the library.

Matthew Tepper: Gavin was a good friend and frequent ride for Allan Rothstein. He came over on 9/11 to keep him company.

Marcia Minsky: He is one hell of a Hell player

Michelle Pincus: He wants you to go back and buy DVDs.

Nick Smith: the one person in LASFS he’s known longer than he’s known Matthew. Gavin is one of the few who learned Hell before coming to LASFS.  It was played at Cal Tech.

CLJII: One thing about Gavin is he gets DVDs because he likes doing things that are helpful.  If he breaks even or makes a few pennies, so much the better.  HE’s found DVDs of Maverick and Have Gun will Travel. Last week, when telephone service had been out for a week, he called the phone company on his behalf. He was able to get someone in 24 hours rather than the seven days originally promised.

Francis Hamit: Gavin has been one of those assisting them with relocation back down to Sherman Oaks.

Jerry Pournelle: Gavin’s been with the club longer than most think.  He helped with the Nebula banquet in 1971. He and his Cal Tech crew were instrumental in making it happen.

Mike thorson: when we first moved in, the alcove was stuffed with boxes from the library.  That they got onto shelves in the library is largely due to the efforts of Gavin.

Eylat: had a “move from hell” in 2009.  Gavin showed up and helped in 100 degree heat.  He’s a good guy.

Gavin Claypool was given three cheers and a No two bid.

CLJII announced LA 4000 on April 26 and 27, a celebration of the longevity of the LASFS and its predecessor, Chapter 4 of the Science Fiction League.

Matthew Tepper announced the Paperback Show, Sunday from 9am to 4PM, upstairs at the Glendale Civic Auditorium.

Marty Cantor announced he knows someone who needs an e-stenciler.  If you have one, let him know.

David Okamura had a moment of science.  A threat from Siberia.  Scientists have managed to revive a 30,000 year old megavirus. Fortunately, it’s not that dangerous.  It’s known to affect amoebas.  The fact that they were able to revive something old raises the question of what else might be revived.

Eylat mentioned a contest for someone to invent the Star Trek tricorder.

Coming up:

3/13 Steve Barnes speaks!

3/20 giant auction

3/27, special business TBA

Time-bound Announcements  Reviews  Fannish Committee Reports  Miscellaneous  

Registrar Michelle announced last Friday, someone dropped in and donated books.  Remus S.

Tonight, Jay Gillian, found us online.  And we have three new members.  

And then we had an auction. We auctioned off some books, but the auctioneers had some screws loose.

Nick Smith reviewed Rise of an Empire.  It’s a fantasy movie because they had to use fantasy to explain why Xerxes looked the way he did in 300.  If you don’t mind the writing and direction and history, it’s not bad.

Francis Hamit reviewed a series on Stars: Davinci’s Demons.  Leonardo before he made it big.  It’s got fantasy/magic elements, history, blood, full frontal nudity.  Direction, acting, production are great.  Worth watching.

CLJII reviewed the trailer for Godzilla: it looks great.  People who are rabid godzilla fans are speaking well of this film. 1950s Godzilla meets 2000 government paranoia.  

Also, a film we’ll get presently, Return of the Killer Shrews.  Recently produced sequel to the 1950s film. Stars James Best, returning to the island after 50 years. “Revenge of the Killer Shrews” is in the making. Killer shrews strike back…

Milt Stevens read Diaspora, by Greg Egan. Lots of colossal concepts.  Humanity 1000 years from split into groups, some mechanical, others organic, some undecided.  He’s good at making nonhuman characters likeable.  

Illegal Alien, by Robert Sawyer.  

A few people saw Cosmos.  Seth McFarlane is producing a remake of the original series.  There was a brief argument over Giordano Bruno’s applicability to science.  Matthew Tepper stated it wasn’t an actual argument because no one paid for an extra five minutes.

Eylat enjoyed the show and thought it very insightful.  

Nick Smith misced about his research on the period of the Civil War.  Sierra Madre playhouse is doing something with that info. A play called “Battle Drum” about the drummer boys of the war. IT’s a cool production. Nick has been helping with Glory Hallelujah, a spin-off.

Several people moved to adjourn to the program. It was seconded.


And so we adjourned at 8:45 PM.

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