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Menace of the LASFS

Meeting # 3992, February 13, 2014

Debra Levin presiding

Matthew Tepper, Scribe

The meeting was called to order at a balmy 8:03 p.m. by Vice President Levin, who had managed to draft a substitute Scribe she felt she could deal with. Meanwhile, the actual Scribe, Karl Lembke, had sent minutes electronically, and these were read and approved, with Michelle Pincus paying a buck to call them “Meh.”

The evening's sole Patron Saint was Craig Miller.

Hare Hobbs said that Craig had gotten him to volunteer at cons. Frank Waller averred that he’s a nice person. Matthew noted he and Craig had joined LASFS around the same time, but Craig had worked his way up the fannish ladder to become co-chair of the 1984 Worldcon. Craig's one-time hairstyle was something wild and free, but with his present clean-pate look, it's easy to imagine him wearing a white suit, sitting in a swivel chair, and gently stroking a fluffy white cat.

Marty Cantor called Craig “one of the best hotel liaisons, ever,” along with his other talents as a writer and an agent. Hare mentioned Craig's stint doing special advertising for “Star Wars.” Jerry Pournelle described Craig as “special envoy to the geeks.” He also reminded us of Craig's secret identity as “Mrs. Cecy Miller” back when the LASFS met at the Palms Playground and his signature on a letter to the Park authorities was less than clear.

Finally, we gave Patron Saint Craig Miller three cheers and “another movie to run.”

Registrar Michelle said we had a new member, Heather “Scooter” Milne (no relation).

A first-time guest was Dino Mascolo, who had learned about LASFS from Matthew last year at Mysterious Galaxy in Redondo Beach.

David Okamura had a Moment of Science, several of them in fact. Remember those remains of Richard the Thrid that were identified? Scientists are sequencing his DNA, to find out what his hair was like, his eye color, and even whatever infectious material he may have been hosting. There is still some controversy over where his remains are to be put to rest, either York or Leicester, so we are still awaiting his “final act.”

David also reported the Chinese Moon rover, Jade Rabbit, was dead, but Matthew had seen a more recent item suggesting that it’s only “mostly dead.” The International Space Station crew members are conducting experiments on microgravity and absolute zero. The rabbit died?  Who’s pregnant?

Meanwhile, that long-hoped-for goal, controlled fusion power, may be getting a little closer. It's still not entirely practical, but there’s a start. Jerry says his neighbor Ed Begley, Jr., has been using fusion energy for years – solar panels on his house.

Tom Safer said this Saturday's TSPC would be a showing of “Ratattouille,” at 10:00 a.m.

David noted that Tom has generously offered to pay the club's annual film license, which allows us (and our renters) to show these films legally, and his offer was accepted by the Board. Tom received the attendees’ applause. On March 6th “George of the Jungle,” “Superchicken,” “Tom Slick, Race Car Driver.” Peter Santell observed the Cartoon/Fantasy Organization meets following TSPC.

In a stunning revelation, we had no Old Business. By a wild coincidence, were was no New Business, either.

Announcements: Club Librarian Warren “Whisky” Johnson has scheduled a work party, Sunday, 23 February, beginning at noon, to clean out the Library's excess storage room.

Due to vermin infestation on the premises, the LASFS Board of Directors will have professional exterminators come in deal with the situation. Starting 1 March, there will be a ban on food anywhere on the premises. Michelle said it is thought that this will last a minimum of six weeks. Drinks will still be permitted. Groups found to be in violation of the food ban may be sent away, and keyholders found to be in violation will have to surrender their keys. The two already-scheduled events, the SoCal Pan Fandom Spring Formal and L.A. 4000 are excepted from the food ban, provided the organizers provide a thorough cleaning of the premises afterwards. Chaz Baden has said he will bring in his own professional cleaners, which Debra said was appreciated.

Reviews: Matthew and Debra both enjoyed “The Lego Movie,” and Debra exclaimed, “Everything is Awesome!” Matthew was particularly amused with the voice casting of Liam Neeson. The Metropolitan Opera's high-definition movie house telecast of Antonín Dvořák's opera “Rusalka” was also wonderful, and is definitely fantasy, since it is about a water nymph, a creature from Slavic folklore. Matthew was moved by the final scene, where the heroine, now a shrouded apparition, rises from the water to deliver the fatal kiss to her faithless prince. He said, “It gave me the willies.” Jerry Pournelle was quick to observe, “That’s because she was a Willi!” “I knew you'd get it!” guffawed Matthew.

Tom Safer recommended “Rise of the Guardians,” now available on DVD.

Fannish Committee Reports: We had none!

Miscellaneous: Again, none! “Quiet crowd,” mused Vice President Levin, and after various motions were fielded, we adjourned at 8:48 p.m.

Quiet crowd.

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