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Menace of the LASFS

Meeting # 3991, February 6, 2014

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saints Mike Glyer, Albert Sheehan, Frank Waller

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)


President Eylat Poliner interrupted a Gallifrey One planning meeting in order to call meeting #3991 to order at 8. 

The Menace were read. Joe Zeff bid $1.25 to call the Menace “Funny, they didn’t sound Luwish”.

Scratch abstained, and then voted nay, creating an abstain on his character.

Joan Steward rose to announce the passing of fan and Time Meddler Michael Pell.  He had been seen at the hospital, diagnosed with kidney stones, released this very morning, and died on the way home.  There is an autopsy planned.

Joe Zeff moved we send an appropriate condolence card to Joyce Sperling.

We had a moment of silence in Mr. Pell’s honor. Puns to be added later.

Committee Reports

Patron Saints

Frank Waller

Karl: Harcourt Fenton Mudd, have you been drinking again?

Zeff: He financed his sainthood in a sensible way.  He donated gourmet potato chips and let others pay money for them.

David Okamura: He’s helped keep teh LASFS clean after hours, and we appreciate that.

Marty: He’s under appreciated in many ways.  One thing he does is he goes out of his way to empty the trash cans after every meeting and every affair he happens to be at.

Matthew Tepper: His genality and warmth are plusses when he attends LASFS functions. He occasionally makes special trips to LASFS just to take out the trash.  We officially thank him for that.

(Yes, I am the trash Fairy.  -- Frank)

Frank Waller was given three cheers and all this and a bag of chips.

Albert Sheehan

Matthew Tepper: He was one of the purchaser and deliverer of donuts for a while.  He and his daughter Krystal Mae are wonderful additions to the club.

Mark Poliner: He’s always good for a good story in the library and he enjoys good beer.

Michelle: He’s an amateur paleontologist.

Albert Sheehan was given three cheers and atomite fossil.

Mike Glyer

Milt Stevens: contender for greatest fan who ever lived, won many hugos, chaired a worldcon, won DUFF but was unable to make the trip.

Marty Cantor: A friend for a long time, puts out File 770, newsletter for fandom, and Marty wishes he’d show up more often.  He’s one of the best Scribes we’ve ever had. He would write the Minutes in longhand and read them back without correction the following week, they’d be accurate and the funniest you’ve ever heard.  

There have been scribes whose Menace are very hard to edit, what do you leave out?  Mike Glyer and John Dechancie are the two hardest to edit.

Matthew Tepper: File 770, in its years of paper existence, was the foremost journal of fannish news (It’s still around in paper -- Marty Cantor) His reach is worldwide, and certainly includes Sacramento.

Jerry Pournelle: as a reviewer, can say he’s good enough that one of his reviews

He reviewed a novella he’d published in Analog, and that prompted him to rewrite it before it went to publication as a novel.

Joe Zeff: When Marty spoke of Glyer writing the Menace in longhand, he did this during the meeting on the fly. What you heard was what he had written.

Pournelle: When people asked him who he was, he’d say he’s a character in a Niven and Pournelle novel.

Eylat Poliner: Sometimes he’d e-mail her File 770.  She’d ask why, and he’d say he read about her.  He would notice her doing impressive things at conventions.  He’s a very sweet person.

CLJII: During part of his term as President, Mike was Scribe.  One week he specifically referred to him and his heritage, Mike wasn’t there and he had to change the script to describe Matthew instead.

Mike Glyer was given three cheers and “A LASFS Rex Rotary that works”.

Coming up:

BOD meeting & Second Sunday

Souper-Bowl starts at 4

Next week there is no program due to Gallifrey One.

2/20 big auction

2/27 Aldo Spadoni

April 10, Meeting #4000.  David Gerrold will preside

Registrar Michelle introduced Amber Weldo, Justin Swoboda was a guest Sunday.

CLJII: 4-26, 27, we celebrate LA 4000. We'll have Tim Powers, Niven, Pournelle, Gerrold, Warren, Craig Miller, and others. Panels on LASFS history, LASFS publications, LASFS authors, LASFS and Hollywood, etc.  Fred Patten will be in attendance.  $25 to join, $40 at the door.  Check out the Events page on Facebook.  We will have a light buffet, but it will not be provided by Bill Warren, so it won’t be a Warren...

Time-bound Announcements  Reviews  Fannish Committee Reports  Miscellaneous  

Mark Bondurant showed off his book, just out.  The Rose of the West

Milt Stevens announced we can now park in the MTA lot across from the power station.  We thanked Milt for his incredibly hard work in the Quest for Space.

The Committee to Gouge auctioned off a bunch of stuff, including Primortals by Leonard Nimoy

Matthew Tepper reviewed a restaurant called PizzaRev.  One opened just today at Burbank and Van Nuys.  Tell the people what toppings you want on your pizza, and they put it together.  It’s reasonably priced, the place is well lit and clean.  It opened just in time for Ben’s 15th birthday.

Milt Stevens came across a novel, Ancillary Justice by Anne Leckie. An ancillary is a corpse soldier. The story features a distasteful government that uses frozen POWs, revived to make military units.  It’s a story of revenge. It’s a very good first novel. They also have a political plot that could only exist in SF.

CLJII reviewed the Jolson Story.  Not just a musical biographical film, the events are so far from the truth that it’s either SF in a parallel universe or just a fantasy.   Because Ruby Keeler would not let her name be used, they had to dub in someone else in her parts.  Let it be noted he will review Return of the Killer Shrews, starring the star of the original 50’s film. The special effects can’t be any worse than the original.

Larry Niven held up a book he was given, Wizards, Aliens and Starships.  It’s a textbook.  Charles Adler.  He mentioned Dan Alderson who developed a ringworld with three rings.  One of the rings was built by Mesklinites.  It’s chock full of ideas.

David Okamura had a moment of science.  More on the uses of sugar: Sugar can be put into us.  It’s happening a lot, and it looks like a bad idea.  Sugar has been linked with fatal heart problems. It increases blood pressure and LDL, and may provoke inflammation that leads to heart disease.

On a more encouraging note, scientists have experimented with adding a sense of touch to artificial hands. A test subject was capable of distinguishing a large number of objects by touch.

Scratch: It sounds like they’re working on wetware for a cyberpunk world, for implanted this and that.

Matthew Tepper reviewed a new IOS app: a new way of addressing Facebook.  It’s called Paper.  It’s free, and it’s a very nice graphic interface. It’s very usable on the iPad.  Only thing missing from it is Messenger.  

There is a program tonight, Hitchhiker’s Guide, Episode 1

Matthew Tepper mentioned Jim Daniel stated on Facebook he has to have surgery to implant a defibrillator unit.  LASFS members are going bionic.

Hare reported they’re experimenting with his meds again.

Joe Zeff:  started clinical study.  Investigational and control drugs are very similar, and he’s putting on weight.  

CLJII: saw his doctor, got tests done, and his health is excellent.

Karl Lembke: Recently received a certificate honoring his donation of 650 units of platelets.

Tom Safer’s program this month is Ratatouille

Anyone wanting to learn to design and print in 3D, there’s a hacker space close to Oxnard and Reseda.  

Tom Safer  moved to adjourn. It was seconded.

And so we adjourned at 9:05 PM.

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