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Menace of the LASFS

Meeting # 3990, January 30, 2014

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saints Gary Louie, Mike Luwish

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Eylat Poliner interrupted a Gallifrey One planning meeting in order to call meeting #3990 to order at five minutes after 8.

The Menace were read. David Okamura bid $0.50 to call the Menace “ I think I overpaid ”.

Committee Reports

Patron Saints

Mike Luwish

Son of Emil Luwish, bought himself and his father sainthood in the LASFS.

Mike Luwish was given three cheers and “Funny, he doesn’t look Luwish” (pay 50¢).

Gary Louie

Joe Zeff: There was a time when Gary was at work and something happened that might have been a stroke.  He found himself unable to speak.  HE wrote up a description of what was going on, printed out a large number of copies, handed one to his boss, and every time someone asked what was wrong, he handed that person another copy.  This was typical of the way he thought.

Milt Stevens: He didn’t look louie-ish. (Pay 25¢)

Hare Hobbs: Gary was a nice, soft-spoken guy but was one of those guys who did lots of things for the club.  He worked very hard for the library.  

Matthew Tepper; he is one of two people who made a point of greeting him with a gentle quack.  Praise the work done for a couple of books by SCIFI Press.  His research was careful and thorough.

CLJII: Gary was briefly owner of a piece of property in China.  A property was being transferred from one family member to another, and Gary owned the property for a few minutes.

Joe Zeff: During the transfer there was a 10-minute period when he had physical custody of the deed.  In China, whoever has physical possession of the deed owns the property.

Scratch: He had a collection of Legos.

Eylat: He was a very generous person, an Evans Freehafer Award winner.

Christian: He was a better runner of the Committee to Gouge than I or many others.

Before computers were simple or fun, he kept his complete collection of books on a printout so he could fill in blanks and not duplicate stuff he already had. He was not a Dr Who fan, but ended up working Gallifrey One.  His funeral was during Gallifrey One, and half the committee left the convention in the middle of the con to attend.

He cooked healthy. He cooked with the 50% fat Chinese sausages.

He introduced Mah Jong to LASFS.

Scratch: He was more than the sum of his parts

Scott Beckstead: first Loscon he attended, walked into Art Show and Gary (who knew him from Gally) grabbed him and said “Here, we need help”. Scott worked the art show for the rest of the con. Didn’t see the rest of the con. Then Gary dragged him to Smofcon.

Once he and Gary walked half a mile through snow to get to a sushi restaurant in Colorado Springs he wanted to try.  Not recommended.

Gary Louie was given three cheers and a movie about Legos.

CLJII: 4-26, 27, we celebrate LA 4000. We'll have Tim Powers, Niven, Pournelle, Gerrold, Warren, Craig Miller, and others. Panels on LASFS history, LASFS publications, LASFS authors, LASFS and Hollywood, etc.  Fred Patten will be in attendance.  $25 to join, $40 at the door.  Check out the Events page on Facebook.  We will have a light buffet, but it will not be provided by Bill Warren, so it won’t be a Warren...

2/6 Hitchhiker’s Guide episode

2/13: trivia for chocolate

2/20 big auction

2/27 Aldo Spadoni

2/2 Cosplay Sewing Circle

2/9: Soup-er bowl

We had the second vote on Resolution #2, the amendment for Standing Rule 4:

Resolved: That Society Standing Rule #4 be amended by adding the following clause, effective March 1, 2014:

4. ... Children under thirteen years of age are not required to apply for membership.

[Effect is to clarify the membership status of minors; now children thirteen years and older are expected to apply for membership in the Society after they have attended their three meetings as a guest (like all other prospective members), if they wish to continue attending. They will have all rights and privileges as other members, with the exception of serving on the Board of Directors; the Society bylaws require that Directors be 18 years of age or older.]

For: 23: Against: 1, Abstaining 2.  The change is now official.

The Committee to Gouge met and gouged.

Registrar Michelle announced we had guests on Sunday, Gabriel Orgal, Msaade Nia, and today’s guest, Monte Thrasher

David Okamura reports that we all know a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.  In the near future, it may power your smart phone.  A sugar powered bio-battery converts a sugar solution into electric power.   It has a higher energy density than lithium batteries, the waste product is water, and there are factories that produce it.

There are other ways to power cars with sugar.  Global Bio Energies, a French company, is trying to make synthetic gasoline using genetically modified e-coli to produce isobutane gas.. This avoids the problem with ethanol poisoning the critters producing it.

For those who have a hard time metabolizing sugar, British researchers will start testing an artificial pancreas in about 2 years. It is implantable and has no moving parts.

In today’s news: scientists have managed to convert blood cells into stem cells by shocking them with acid. This promises to accelerate research into stem cells.

Matthew Tepper is returning to being the Committee to Report on Area Bookstores.  Ten Dollar or Less Bookstore, seems to have opened in October. Corner of Tampa and Nordhoff. It seems to have a lot of remaindered stuff, used books.  It’s so-so, but has an excellent SF section.

Time-bound Announcements  Reviews  Fannish Committee Reports  Miscellaneous  

Nick Smith reviewed a book he picked up from Loscon. A Plague of Vampires, written by a couple of Loscon dealers. SFf medical investigation police procedure with vampires. Trying to develop a disease to block other diseases, but you need regular transfusions of blood to survive.

Milt, in his continuing search for Hugo Nominees: The Ocean at the End of the Lane, by Gaiman.

This avoids the same-old zombies, vampires, werewolves, etc.  A middle aged man remembers something that happened when he was seven.  He witnesses a suicide, and this attracts something unusual.

Debra has seen Frozen, in 2d and 3d.  It’s beautiful, and worth seeing again.

Mike Thorson saw An Adventure in Space and Time, very nicely done.

David Okamura: if you’re interested in Steampunk or Disney, there will be an exhibit beginning 2.22 at the Gallery in Disneyland.  Steam Driven visions of a Victorian Future.  It explores the visions of future, especially by Verne and Wells.

Eylat is disturbed by Disney and Steampunk.  Karl mentioned Steampunk Willie.

Tonight is the night of the second new moon, called the Black Moon.

Mike Thorson’s brother is out of the hospital, and he did not have a cardiac condition.  Rather, his stents were being compressed by his arteries. It’s been fixed.

Joe Zeff: after a longer lead-in than expected, he received the new medicine for the study he’s in.

Eylat announced that Bill Ellern is recovering nicely, and back to taking care of Anne, partially.

Debra Levin moved to adjourn. It was seconded.

And so we adjourned at 9:05 PM.

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