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Menace of the LASFS

Meeting # 3989, January 23, 2014

Debra Levin presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Jeff Siegel

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Eylat Poliner called meeting #3989 to order at several dozen seconds after 8.

The Menace were read. Christian McGuire bid $2 to call the Menace “Quack”.

Committee Reports

Patron Saints

Rick Sneary

Milt: He was responsible for South Gate in 58.  About a decade earlier, bids for Worldcon always had a slogan.  He started a gag bid, and when Los Angeles won the 58 bid, they got Los Angeles to declare the Alexandria Hotel downtown part of South Gate.  He started after that con with South Gate Again in 2010, but that didn’t go anywhere.  His spelling was idiosyncratic, to say the least.  

Marty Cantor: Rick was crippled, and had lots of health problems, and was basically home schooled.  When he sent off a letter, he was hoping the spelling errors would be edited out, but the editors thought the misspellings were cute.

Milt:  He also had an excellent sneer in letters, and did once have to backpedal when he met a victim in person.

Matthew Tepper: He was a sweet, good-natured, soft-spoken man, well worth seeking out at conventions.

Rick Sneary was given three cheers and a dicshunary.

Gail Selinger

Scratch: for her many and gloried works in print and film references for pirates, Argh!

Marty Cantor: she was a teacher in New York.  She’s an expert on pirates.  If you tune in to a show on Nat Geo or History Channel, she’ll be one of the experts talking about pirates.

Gail Selinger was given three cheers and  a pirate’s life for her.

Registrar Michelle announced Michael Gomez, who was a guest Friday.  Another person who heard about us through the Lit Crawl.  Tonight, Robert Senger who heard about us from Harold Goldstein.  

1/30 second vote on Resolution 2

2/6 Hitchhiker’s Guide episode

2/13: trivia for chocolate

2/20 big auction

2/27 Aldo Spadoni

2/2 Cosplay Sewing Circle

2/9: Soup-er bowl

Meeting #4000 will have David Gerrold presiding, a panel on LASFS history, etc.

CLJII: 4-26, 27, we celebrate LA 4000. We'll have Tim Powers, Niven, Pournelle, Gerrold, Warren, Craig Miller, and others. Panels on LASFS history, LASFS and publishing, etc. $25 to join, $40 at the door.  Check out the Events page on Facebook.

FWEMS resumes in February.  This is the 75th anniversary of the year of miracles in motion pictures, feature 13 films from 1939.  Continues in June and August.

Eylat announced 2/15, TSPC presents Ratatouille

Christian announced PlayStadium on January 25.  First video game focused event.

De Profundis comes out next week.  Pay for paper copy, or it will be e-mailed to subscribers.

We broke for a small auction.  Disney has donated 8 brand new computers, and we’re going to sell the rights to name them.

We discussed Resolution #2, the amendment for Standing Rule 4:

Resolved: That Society Standing Rule #4 be amended by adding the following clause, effective March 1, 2014:

4. ... Children under thirteen years of age are not required to apply for membership.

[Effect is to clarify the membership status of minors; now children thirteen years and older are expected to apply for membership in the Society after they have attended their three meetings as a guest (like all other prospective members), if they wish to continue attending. They will have all rights and privileges as other members, with the exception of serving on the Board of Directors; the Society bylaws require that Directors be 18 years of age or older.] If the Society decides to vote on this addition to Standing Rule #4, it will go into effect on March 1, 2014.

almost unanimous for, none against, one abstaining.

Milt Stevens: this afternoon at 5, he and John Hertz met with Councilman Martinez’ office along with other transportation officials. They really, really, really don’t want to change the parking on Aetna.  They’re offering the parking lot across Aetna from us.

Time-bound Announcements  Reviews  Fannish Committee Reports  Miscellaneous  

CLJII just finished “A Study in Silks”, free from Loscon.  It’s a steampunk murder mystery starring the niece of Sherlock Holmes in a parallel universe London. The author did a very good job of creating a London that’s mostly familiar to Holmes readers, and the differences don’t seem out of place.  First of a trilogy, and interesting enough to try to find the others.  (A Study in Darkness, and A study in Ashes, Emma Jane Holloway)

Milt Stevens reviewed Charles Stross’ new book Neptune’s Brood, saying it’s a possible Hugo nominee.

Peter Santell read The Divergent series.  Chicago is broken into five factions. It’s not as good as The Hunger Games.

Christian has read The Martian Child, by David Gerrold. Slightly fictionalized story of David’s adoption and raising of his son.

Matthew Tepper: It was a Nebula award winning novella, both are recommended.

Matthew Tepper reviewed Frozen, in 3-D.  Very impressed with it. Finest animation in at least the last 20 years. It’s not Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen”.  It is a Disney story.

Eylat notes having seen a 1970s Chevy truck in mint condition, then a 1944 Ford convertable in mint condition, and then a horse.  

CLJII was amused by the season ending event for Sleepy Hollow, identical to season ender for last season of Grimm.  

Milt Stevens announced Beijing is bidding for 2016 Worldcon bid.  They’re opposite Kansas City.

Matthew Tepper added, it would be great to have a Los Angeles bid

Joe Zeff wanted to know which Kansas City it was.  

Christian: Kansas City has a large selection of fans who have run Conquest who are trying to get a Worldcon in Kansas City.

Jerry Pournelle notes the last time Worldcon was in Kansas City, Russel Sykes found a really good Chinese restaurant nearby.

David Okamura had a moment of science.  The Rosetta Space Probe woke up after a long winter nap three years’ hibernation. The probe was en route to a comet, and is intended to drop a lander on it.

Here on Earth, a San Diego judge threw out a distracted driving charge for a woman wearing Google Glass.  There is no way the citing officer could have known whether the glass was on at the time of the offense.

Next, how about Google Contact Lenses, capable of monitoring glucose levels in tears.

They have created a small chip that can be surgically implanted so that they’re always in motion, and this motion would charge up a battery through piezoelectric effect.

Christian notes Google is developing the contact lenses, and the prototype isn’t quite ready.  Google skunk works is doing amazing things.

Scratch: they’ve developed a totally transparent phone.  Glass sandwich with very small wires, and other bits and pieces.  “I have a hard enough time trying to find my phone as it is.” -- David Okamura

Christian: So far, nobody’s been towed.  Gavin has been given a $93 ticket.

Maryann Canfield moved to adjourn. It was seconded.

And so we adjourned to the program.  9:05 PM.

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