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Menace of the LASFS

Meeting # 3987, January 09, 2014

Debra Levin presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saints Bruce Pelz, Christian McGuire

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

Even though we didn’t have a Wal-Mart greeter on the dais, it was now howdy duty time!

Vice President Debra Levin called meeting #3987 to order at fifteen dozen seconds after 8.

The Menace were read. Joe Zeff bid $3 to call the Menace “Weep, Wail, and Lifetime Positive”.

Committee Reports

Patron Saints

Bruce Pelz

Scratch: Bruce pelz was more than just a standard fan or a fan who collects things.  He collected collections.  He had the ability to name and come up with the correct titles of books, magazines, or tell you where to find them.  He was quite knowledgeable about anything he put his mind to.

Marty: His nickname was the Elephant.  He never forgot.  He had a large collection of fanzines, and they all went to the Eaton collection at UCR.   Foolish Marty had willed his fanzines to Bruce. When Marty got his first computer in 97, he was going to start getting back into fanzines.  He was kind of broke at the time and Bruce fronted the money for Marty to start up again. He was a very nice person and his passing was a real loss.

Milt Stevens: In regard to his collecting was, the only way one could collect APAs was to be a member.  Bruce was one omni APAn, along with Jack Harness and a few others.  Some people started APAX to exclude the omni-apans, but Bruce managed to get mailings anyway.  

Joe Zeff: two things: first, in his later years, after he retired he started selling books to keep busy.  He was very good at recommending books people had never heard of but would like.  Bruce was such a skilled collection he went to a con with a ribbon labeled “the ribbon Bruce won’t get”.  “You did get it, of course”  “Of course I did!”

Pournelle: we wouldn’t have a clubhouse without Bruce.  The idea came from Paul Turner, but Bruce and Chuck Crayne decided maybe he wasn’t crazy.  They collected money by every means known to mankind. The committee to gouge was the first of many such means.

Hare Hobbs: one reason they called his house the Tower was he had a plate off a building in Florida that said The Tower.  

Marty has been running a pool at the Gift Exchange for years.  Bruce invented that. Marty took it over.

We miss him.

Bruce Pelz was given three cheers and a collection of stickers on his trunk.

Christian McGuire

Eric Hoffman said Christian knows how to gouge money at auctions.  I’ve known him ever since some of the conventions I’ve been involved with.

Scratch: Two things: Christian never seemed to be able to stand still.  He rocks from side to side. When I met him, I had just got done reading Mutiny on the Bounty. A line went through my mind, “Mr. Christian” to which Christian said “Yes?”

Joe Zeff: many years ago, one of the presidents, maybe Charlie, appointed Christian to be in charge of reporting on matters of science, making him Christian the Science Monitor.

Karl: He’s run cons, including a Worldcon.

Debra: He doesn’t just come up and do the auctioning, he collects, decides what gets put up, and does the administrivia. It’s hard work and he does a really good job at it.

Christian McGuire was given three cheers and an auction for the last soda spot.

David Okamura: things are looking up for SpaceX.  Launched the upgraded Falcon IX. Another launch in Feb to ISS.  Competition, Orbital Sciences launched their ship to the ISS. It still has christmas presents in it. The delay was because of the refrigerator pump replacement.

Earlier this week, we had a freeze delay, and then the sun had a flare which delayed it. (Some areas of the US will have northern lights tonight.)

Hubble has produced interesting pix.  They have spotted four very old but extremely bright galaxies, closer to the dawn of time.

Registrar Michelle was summoned.  

We have no guests.  

Time-bound Announcements

David Okamura announced an event at the Convention Center, Discover the Dinosaurs, with animatronic dinosaurs.

Joe Zeff: this weekend is Second Sunday, but no Board meeting.  Clubhouse opens at noon.

Matthew Tepper: tonight, Eric Hoffman Presents.

1/16 = Big Auction

1/23; 1/30 = discussion and vote on Resolution to change SR 4.

4/10 is still meeting #4000.

Sewing Circle will be 2/2/24.  Starts at 11, ends rather later.

TSPC = 1/18, Hansel and Gretel, by Humperdinck.

Peter Santell: There’s a convention this weekend. Anime L.A. at the Marriott. It is sold out.

Matthew Tepper has learned the date of this year’s Vintage Paperback Show and Sale, 3/15.

Jerry Pournelle: The 3-D Printer World Expo sounds interesting. The 3-D Printer exhibits are amazing. It’s amazing how many things are being made by being printed.  

Scratch: On You-tube, someone had a printed plastic gun and a printed plastic projectile. It worked.

Sundance announced, Saturday Jan 25, is Video Game Day. It starts at 11.

Jim Ubersetzig mentioned a place in Reseda, Hex Labs, a maker space.  He went for a class on the laser cutter machine.  You can get a day pass for $20 plus the cost of any materials you use.


Eric Hoffman: recently started looking at some old films with Douglas Fairbanks.   Decided to look at last silent swashbuckler and his last film was his farewell -- the iron mask. discovered that the film may have been in 1929, but there was a 1952 reissue.  In that, they found the soundtrack. In the 1952 version, they removed the title cards.  In a lot of the soundtrack, Fairbanks broke the fourth wall and invited the audience to play along.

Jerry Pournelle reviewed his hearing aids.  He can hear everything in the meeting.  These are $2000 from Costco.  He hasn’t had good hearing since he was zapped.  He didn’t go to VA because he had not mentioned having his disability before he joined.  The hearing aids are programmed by bluetooth on a laptop, and they work.  He can change the program and volume with a remote, or by pushing buttons on the hearing aids themselves.  Welcome to the 21st Century.

David Okamura reviewed some food.  Only a few blocks away from LASFS there will be a new place called Pizza Rev. There’s one on Ventura Blvd.  Part of a new fad, create your own pizza.  There are at least six chains, three locally.  It’s like a Subway or Chipotle type chain, where you order your toppings, on a thin, quick-cooking crust. In Orange County, he  knows Pie-ology.  (There’s one at REseda and Nordhoff.)  Don’t know much pieology, don’t know much history…

Eric Hoffman: for Dr Who fans, here’s the first of the two Patrick Troughton stories that surfaced in Nigeria.  The BBC didn’t get the usual special features in the DVD.  But if you send your bank account information to the prince, he’ll wire them directly to your account.

Tim Trezepacz: music and games festival in MD, MAGfest.  They’ve grown. At least 10K.  It runs 24 hours.  They have a giant arcade that is multiple high school gyms in size.  Dealers room is half that. IT was an insane party.

Fannish Committee Reports:



Milt Stevens: reading a fanzine called Argentis.  It brought up the question why propeller beanies? Two answers that interested him: they help you locate short friends in a crowd, they cool the overheated fannish brain.

Matthew: reminded of Rocky and Bullwinkle adventure where the Kerwood Derby amplifies the wearer’s brain power, but it overheats the brain.

Scratch: Serendipitous misc: we’re in a small world. Facebook bites at any time.  Going through Trader Joe’s, he saw Japanese family: a Japanese lady, four girls, and a Eurasian husband.  “Galloway san?” asked the lady. “Yes”, he replied.  “She rattles off something in japanese to her kids.”   “You look just like your face on Facebook.”  He met her in 1968.

Registrar has guests.  From the Cosplay Sewing Circle, Ellen Everett, Amanda (Fluttershy) (Cory’s girlfriend), Patrick Powers.

Frank Waller announced Geek Magazine is out.

Gizmo mentioned the three episodes of Sherlock finish Sunday. BBC1.

And so we adjourned to the program.  8:58 PM.
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