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Menace of the LASFS

Meeting # 3985, December 26, 2013

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saints Robbie Bourget, Elayne Pelz, Marty Cantor

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Eylat Poliner called meeting #3985 to order at fifteen dozen seconds after 8.

The Menace were read. Marcia Minsky bid $1 to call the Menace “Innocent merriment”.

Special orders of business:  Marty Cantor announced the passing of two nice ladies.

Nancy Kemp, ex wife of Earl Kemp.  She was very ill for a long time. She was active in the Midwest area, attending conventions, playing hostess, making costumes, etc.

Jack Speer’s wife Ruth just passed at age 90. Ruth served with the WAVES in WWII.  She was a certified pilot who flew cargo planes, assisted in searching for lost planes, and became one of the first female air traffic controllers.

Eylat asked for people to help with Bill Ellern, who will need 24-hour care for at least a month after his upcoming pacemaker surgery.

Eylat reminded one and all we have a code of conduct.  We are looking for people to fill two LASFS positions: Sergeant at Arms, and Programming Coordinator.

Committee Reports

Patron Saints

Elayne Pelz

Tom Safer: She is very fair and helpful, and I can’t think of enough good things to say about her.

Matthew Tepper has known her since she was Elayne Yampolsky. In all the time he’s known her, she has exuded confidence and capability and a thin veneer of the feminine equivalent of curmudgeonliness.  I know no one more dedicated and courageous than Elayne.

Debra Levin: Elayne is treasurer and she does a difficult job very well. I appreciate it and hope everyone else does.

CLJII honors her by not exposing her to further embarrassment.

John Hertz danced at her wedding.

Eylat Poliner: Elayne balances books, does taxes and other paperwork, ferries money to banks, and deserves the Evans Freehafer Award many times over.

Marcia: not only is she treasurer here, she’s treasurer for three local conventions. Loscon, ALA, and Gallifrey One.

John Hertz caught Elayne smiling.

Elayne was given three cheers and a spryngbok.

Marty Cantor

Michelle Pincus: is there anything nice to say about Marty?

Matthew Tepper: Marty is to the left of me if you can believe that.  He has fine taste in music, appreciates the printed word, and likes baseball. Pleased to have known Marty all these years.

Tom Safer: commend you for the hard work you do on De Prof, APA-L, and all the other pubs. He keeps a smiling face.  In a jar on his desk.

John Hertz: Marty is active in the fanzine world.  He is capable of being so grouchy and harsh and exercises that capacity so frequently,  it’s necessary to point out he’s a man whose deeds are better than his words.  He supports and encourages things he believes ought to be included even though he can’t stand them.

Mike thorson: Marty Cantor is my Richard Henry Lee.  Often times when I have something I would like to  propose, I can’t find the words to propose it. Marty chimes in with a paraphrase of what he just said and everyone things it sounds great.

Joe Zeff: Marty is a prolific fanzine writer.  He also agents for a number of people in ‘L. Most of those he agents for are constantly involved in arguments with him, and he prints their zines as they wrote them nonetheless.

Scratch: Marty has a gentle habit of not agreeing with you.

David Okamura: he’s an avid boardgamer and on second Sundays, he’ll be here with teh latest and most interesting games to teach people.

Eylat: Marty is a curmudgeon and a pain in the rear. When I first stated on the Board, he was very helpful.  When I was first elected President, he was very helpful with advice.  Marty really is a nice guy.  He is very helpful and will go out of his way whether you like it or not.  Despite pretending he’s an old curmudgeon he goes out of his way to help people.

Marty Cantor was given three cheers and a cur to mudgeon.

Robbie Bourget

Hare Hobbs Robbie is one of those who might qualify as a curmudgeon, and was very important to the club when she was here.  She started Gallifrey One. Not sure how she feels about that.  Also noted for one thing at a Worldcon in the Bay area.  She stepped out of the hotel and someone tried to mug her.  She beat him down and brought him back to the hotel to have him arrested.

Scratch: She has the history of not having to demand dues money when you were coming in.  She would look at a person, and people would line up to pay.

Tom Safer: One event that was very helpful, at the 2012 Worldcon, Robbie went to alert him to a situation -- even though they had a license in place, the con almost stopped him from running his program. Because Robbie alerted him to this, Tom was able to remind the con there was a license in place.  

John Hertz: we have omitted that Robbie and Marty were DUFF delegates. They not only served well as delegates, but published their reports.

Mimi Miller: When we were relatively new to LASFS, there was an auction and Jeromy was bidding for some Dr Who cards and got outbid.  Robbie won them and handed them over to Jeromy.  

Matthew Tepper: Robbie and Marty were married for several years, parted amicably, and still speak amicably.  Theirs was the first wedding officiated at a LASFS clubhouse.  There have been two weddings at this clubhouse.  English is her second language, her first being French.  When The Addams Family was released, Robbie went to see it, several dozen times. Robbie is a good friend and true, and shows up too seldom.

Frank Waller: On occasion when he did get out of line, Robbie had the fortitude to whip him into shape, kindly but strictly.

Tom Safer: it should be noted that an auction bid was named after her.

Eylat: has been working with her for Gallifrey. The way she starts her meetings is “shut up”. And “what haven’t you done and what do you need?” She’s an old fart curmudgeon and won’t take any guff from anyone.  If she likes you and you are competent, she’ll go out of her way to help you do it.

John Hertz: She doesn’t have to like you. This is a fannish virtue.

Mr. Cantor: It was kind of nice listening to all these things about Robbie. For the most part, they’re true.  She’s a very nice person.  We were and still are a fannish odd couple.  She’s a media fan, particularly of Dr Who. He’s the traditional fanzine fan, yet they cooperated in the production of Holier Than Thou. It made the Hugo best fanzine list three years in a row.  

Robbie Bourget was given three cheers and a blue police box.

Registrar Michelle was summoned.  

We have guests.  Leigh Grossman and Crys Pretzman.

We had an auction.

Charles Lee Jackson II rose to announce:

April 26-27 in honor of our 4000th meeting we have a mini con. We probably have Tim Powers and David Gerrold, Larry Niven, Phil Proctor, and others in attendance. There will be speakers, panels, videos, fun and frolic. If you join tonight, membership is $20.  Next week, it goes up to $25.

TSPC presents Hansel and Gretel, the opera by Humperdinck

Michelle welcomed John Sawyer, our newest member.

Cosplay Sewing Circle is Jan 4, and it’s a dues-paying event.

1/2 Tom Safer presents Dr Who. It will be the 2008 Christmas Special

1/9 Eric Hoffman presents Dr Who bloopers

1/16 Auction

1/23 New business, Amend SR 4 regarding children’s membership and dues.

1/30 Second vote on New Business

2/9 LASFS Soup-er bowl

David Okamura reported on a Christmas miracle in space.  Repairs to the ISS took only two space walks instead of three. The spare cooling pump is installed. When the astronauts were sprayed with ammonia, they had to bake in the sun to evaporate the stuff before going back in to the station.

It’s been noted that the refrigerator pump modules are getting old, and there are only two spares.

If you’re parked on Aetna, move your car or it will be moved for you.

Time-bound Announcements

Mark Poliner notes over the last few months, Mc Donalds has been fiddling with their quarter pounder sandwiches.  Today he tried a habanero Ranch Quarter Pounder.  He asked how spicy it was, figuring it would be just a smidgen of habanero. It’s very spicy, and quite good.  It’s not quite hot enough to singe a lap.


David Okamura was able to take his mother out riding in his housing tract to see the holiday lights. In the last few years, another family decided to join in by building a christmas float.

Of the houses, the pair he liked best was the one decorated to the nines, and another house next to it with an arrow pointing to it, and a line spelling out “DITTO”.  

Eylat saw one area that was lit up brighter than the Vegas strip.

Tom Safer reviewed Superman Unbound, latest in the DC Animated Film Universe. Great episode for those who like Sueprman vs Brainiac.

Mike Thorson reviewed The Desolation of Smaug.  Fun and exciting romp through Middle Earth as conceived by Peter Jackson. It’s very exciting, very engaging, and bears no resemblance to that third of the book.  

John Hertz added: David Bratman, scholar in the SF area says the correct credit should be “Based on a Title by JRR Tolkien”.

Mark Poliner: He Brew has come out with a collaboration with Cathedral Brewing, St Lenny Bruce.

Karl Lembke reviewed this.

Milt Stevens Rango, 2011 animated film.  Animated spaghetti western about a chameleon having an identity crisis. Is he basically just passing through on his way to Australia?

2/9/14, bring your best soup or stew for the LASFS Soup-er Bowl. Prize is bragging rights and a $25 gift certificate. Second prize is a Day of the Doctor DVD.  Bring crock pots and teeny tiny serving cups.

Fannish Committee Reports:


Congrats to Mark Poliner, new Junior Warden at his Lodge.  In two years, he’ll be master of the lodge.

Jim Ubersetzig was elected VP of Robot Society of Southern California.

Eylat thanked our Scribe for his Minutes, Marty Cantor for APA-L and De Prof, Frank Waller for trash removal, Mike Thorsen who keeps supplies stocked up, Elayne for Treasurer, Michelle for Registraring, and thanks to all the members of the Board .  Thanks to Debra Levin, outgoing and incoming Veep, and Eylat is President .

Marcia Minsky went to a home health care agency for a pre-employment orientation.  As soon as they read the TB test, she’ll be employed.

Frank Waller moved to adjourn.

Karl Lembke moved to table until after Tom Safer showed his picture.

Tom Safer has something to show.  John Safer is an avid sculptor, still going at age 91.  This picture is one of his sculptures, with a stuffed elf in front of it.

Karl Lembke moved to remove the motion to adjourn from the table.

We adjourned at  9:19 PM.

Afterword: Tom Safer commends the Scribe skillfully editing the menace.
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