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Menace of the LASFS

Meeting # 3983, December 12, 2013

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Fred Patten

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

She’s back! President Eylat Poliner called meeting #3983 to order at ten dozen seconds after 8.

This is a full night, and we have lots of stuff.

We’re on Agenda Light

The Menace were read.. Michelle Pincus bid $5 to call the Menace These Menace paid for by the campaign to re-elect Michelle Pincus for Registrar.

Committee Reports

Patron Saint

Fred Patten

CLJII: Fred Patten was the guy who would sell you comic books you couldn’t read at prices you couldn’t afford.  These included Tintin, stroumphs, and others.  Later he graduated to selling Japanese comics we couldn’t read at prices we couldn’t afford.  He wound up founding Japanimation fandom.  And he’s been LASFS historian for many years.  Even though we lost him to his stroke, he’s been as active as he can manage to be, even attending conventions when he can.  

Marty Cantor: Robin Johnson lives in Tasmania.  She and Fred founded DUFF to do what TAFF does. Fred also stated contributing to APA-L, put out every week since 10/64.  Fred started in #1 and finally stopped 2280. He never missed an issue until then. And he’s been writing books about anime, typing with his left hand.

Hare Hobbs: In his aunt’s eyes, Fred is the incarnation of Satan.  Teh Aunt hated Anime, working as she did for Filmation. Fred’s a nice guy, and corrupted Fred.  But the Aunt and Filmation are gone now.

Jerry Pournelle: Fred was a nice guy and had great ambitions. But he didn’t pick the right editor when he started a magazine of reviews. When he started a mag that he hoped would rival Locus, he came out with a review of The Mote in God’s Eye.  It was the second worst review they ever saw. Fred didn’t agree with the review, and this led to a fight between the publisher and the reviewer.

Eylat: when she was in high school, she started her own SF club.  she contacted Forry ackerman because she was doing a speech on SF and fantasy, the only thing that would get her reading.  She wrote a letter to him and Forry sent her a packet titled Mystery Girl, including a fanzine from Fred Patten and a couple zines from LASFS.  Later she went to LASFS and met Fred.

Fred Patten was given an amazing three cheers and a marlin spike.

Registrar Michelle was summoned.  We have guests from the sewing circle.

Alex Geena Booth, Rachel Linker, Allison Meyer, Anne Marchewka, Cauntel Carmen, Elizabeth Reed, Leonardo Ecliserio?, Katie Griffith

We got four new members, and we had 20 guests at the sewing circle.

December 12, we have old and new business.  

Old is nominations and elections for procedural officers and the second vote on the increase in the membership fee.

19th big auction

12/13 gift exchange

12/14 fandom formal

12/25 winter holiday party.

No program on Boxing Day.

1/4 cosplay sewing circle

CLJII announced the Winter Holiday Party and had the Lantern O’Jack passed.

Party is 2-midnight or so.

Next spring, the last weekend of April features LA 4000, in celebration of our 4000th meeting. This will be a 2 day event with guest speakers and panels. We have commitments from David Gerrold, Tim Powers, and a few others. Price is $20 until 12/31, then $25 until early April.  $40 at the door.

Eylat added, April 10 is meeting 4000.  We’ll have special guest David Gerrold and other past Presidents and Scribes and other officers.  We may even get Robbie.

Marty Cantor announced the Gift Exchange tomorrow at 7 PM.  Bring something for the potluck.

There will be a soup/stew bowl on the second sunday of February.  Bring your best soups.

Soup of the evening, beautiful soup!

Old Business = Procedural officer elections.

Nominated:    Eylat Poliner.  Eylat stayed nominated, and no other nominations surfaced.

Eylat Poliner is President until June 30, 2014

Vice President

Nominated were Greg Bilan, Debra Levin, and Debra won the election.

Scribe: Nominated were Karl Lembke, and … no one else.  

Registrar: Michelle Pincus, Christina Miller.  Michelle Pincus wins.

Charlie Jackson remembers when he was half the Registrar team. He was much cuter in his Third Foundation make-up.  I didn’t know Max Factor made a third Foundation.

Old business:  

Resolution #1:

Resolved: That Society Standing Rule #4 be amended to read as follows: Effective January 1, 2014: Membership application fee is $10.00.

Resolution carries second time 17/5/2/1

The Standing Rule Change carries….

Resolution #2:  Rescheduled for last two Thursdays of January….

Resolved: That Society Standing Rule #4 be amended by adding the following clause, effective January 1, 2014:

4. ... Children under thirteen years of age are not required to apply for membership.

[Effect is to clarify the membership status of minors; now children thirteen years and older are expected to apply for membership in the Society after they have attended their three meetings as a guest (like all other prospective members), if they wish to continue attending. They will have all rights and privileges as other members, with the exception of serving on the Board of Directors; the Society bylaws require that Directors be 18 years of age or older.]

David Okamura did have some science to offer.  There’s a problem with the ISS cooling system.  One of the pumps shut down Wednesday.  It’s not life threatening, but cause for concern.  

On Mars, Curiosity has discovered remnants of a lake.  The pH and nutrients would have been hospitable for life.

The Chinese rover should be landing on the moon by this weekend.

Back on Earth, too weird to be fiction, we have a story about snakes.  On the Island of Guam a brown tree snake escaped into the wild.  The cure for this headache is tylenol.  80 mg of acetaminophen is enough to kill a snake. The delivery vehicle is dead mice, delivered by parachute.


CLJII reviewed Haunted Mansion Holiday.  They’ve redecorated the attic slightly.  When you go into the foyer to board your doom buggy, there are presents stacked up and theres a moon in the sky.  Various things flit across the sky.  They have doubled the length of the cycle, and have more things crossing the moon, including more bats. The roof of the elevator has changed.  They’ve jazzed it up.  Small World has made no major changes.  Alice in Wonderland has added another music track.

Crystal: You missed something in the hallway before the lift. Zeero the ghost dog reindeer flits from picture to picture.

Mike Thorsen has finally seen Arrow.  It bears a superficial resemblance to the Green Arrow comic books.  Also to Batman and various other early comic book adaptations.  When they adapted Captain Marvel to the silver screen, they taught him how to kill.  Green Arrow got the same training.

Eric Hoffman saw Despicable Me 2.  Excellent sequel to original.  Steve Corel is in excellent form as Groo, and they have a secret agent, Lucy Wild, just as klutzy as he is.  And the minions are great. And they have a version of YMCA nobody anticipated.  Unlike a lot of other combos, this has same extras on blue ray and DVD disc.

David Okamura: last Saturday, at Del Mar fairgrounds, saw Tim Tr demonstrating his product at the maker fair there.  Despite a pouring rainstorm, the place was packed.

Given the crowd, we should concentrate on this sort of activity at the club and Loscon.  

Eylat: her daughter had a mini performance at school and was quite cute.

Jerry Pournelle:  Frozen: doesn’t see how anyone could see it and not like it.  Said to be based on Anderson The Snow Queen, but it’s not.  It’s also not based on Joan Vinge’s story either.

Fairly original story. Almost perfect amalgamation of Disney and Pixar, one of the most charming movies of that type since Cinderella.

Ed Hooper Once Upon a Time, and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.  Taking public domain fairy tales and throwing them into a pot, mixing them up, and seeing what happens.  They also reference Tron and Star Wars.

Hare Hobbs: Tangled -- same team that did Frozen.  If you enjoyed Tangled, expect to enjoy Frozen.

CLJII:  saw picture called Joy of Living, RKO, late 30s.  Douglas Fairbanks Jr, a millionaire tramp, is trying to woo a socialite away from her family.  When upset, he begins to act like Donald Duck.

Fannish Committee Reports:

Joe Zeff: started on stint as lab rat, posted on Usenet.  Got a post, wife was in study on effects of B vitamins.  Doctor asked why levels of B vitamin were so high.  Moral, make sure doctor knows you’re on a study.

Tom Safer announced 12/21, TSPC presents The Nutcracker, by the Royal Ballet.

Frank Waller has Star Wars Illustrated cards. Very impressive cards.

They have Data on the back?  That’s definitely not the droid you’re looking for.


Mike Thorsen mentioned Friday the 13th has been chosen as the release date for the second installment of The Hobbit.

Tom Safer promoted the Mega Millions lottery, $400 million jackpot.

Susan Fox promoted Event Horizon Saturday night.  Claudia Christian was her guest.  9 PM.

Eylat announced a video going around.  Generosity. It’s the ad from Delta Airlines.  They bring in a huge box with people in it.

Tom Safer is singing Saturday at the First United Methodist Church of Burbank.  How come nobody ever goes to the Second United Methodist Church of Burbank?

Tom Safer moved moved for adjournment, and it was seconded.

We adjourned at  9:43 PM.
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