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Menace of the LASFS

Meeting # 3982, December 05, 2013

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Marty Massoglia

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

She’s back! President Eylat Poliner called meeting #3982 to order at ten dozen seconds after 8.

This is a full night, and we have lots of stuff.

We’re on Agenda Light

The Menace were read. This was an unsympathetic cold reading, and approved.

Matthew Tepper noted that as of a few years ago, someone was supposed to create an object shaped like a gorilla with a clock in its stomach that would contain some of Frank’s cremains. The project seems to have gone away. When it does show up, Frank can be the Jeremy Bentham of LASFS and be noted as Present but Not Voting.

David Okamura paid $1 to name the Menace “Meanwhile, back at the LASFS”. They were so accepted.

Marty Cantor reported there were four at the meeting last week.

Committee Reports

CLJII rose to have the Lantern O’Jack passed around while he announced the Winter Holiday Party, 12/25, 2PM until whenever.

In a couple of weeks, we start the new serial, “The Purple Monster Strikes”

Marty Cantor spoke about the LASFS Gift Exchange, Friday 13.  We may see the Chocolate Covered Manhole Cover again.  We will see hot spiced cider. Others are welcome to bring stuff for a potluck.

And we’re going to have fun!

David Okamura offered a moment of science.  Comet Issa did not survive perihelion. It may have gotten scorched, but seems to have fallen apart completely.

SpaceX managed to get their satellite into geosync orbit, and the Chinese have sent a rover toward the Moon.  More items to be posted

Patron Saint

Marty Massoglia

Matthew Tepper observed Marty and his wife Alice used to run A&M Booksellers in Canoga, but finances forced them to move to Arizona.  Marty is one of those who seems to know and remember every SF story he’s ever read, heard of, or stood reasonably close to.  He’s a fine fellow, a good bookseller, and good at what he does. Matthew was glad to see the two at Loscon.

Joe Zeff: Back when Marty was attending, he was among other things, a Hellacious Hell player, exceptionally good, and always in the Hell Five

CLJII: Marty is to SF literature as I am to motion pictures.  Marty is very opinionated and has many ideas about how things should be run, especially Loscon, and will bend the ear of anyone who can’t get away.  Fortunately, it’s always something different each year.

Nick Smith says Marty has provided good stuff for Loscon, including helping with program ideas.  He also proved a good contact for older authors.

Mike Thorsen: Marty has very discerning tastes.  He always had good things to say about the Virtual Masquerade each year.

Joe Zeff: Marty has very strong and knowledgeable ideas about how the dealer’s room should be set up.  He’ll share the ideas if asked.

Marty Massoglia was given three cheers and a 25¢ book bid.

Registrar Michelle was summoned.  We have a guest!

We have sodas for sale.  Pay Elayne.

December 5, we have old and new business.  Old is nominations for President

12 voting

19th big auction

12/7 cosplay sewing circle

12/13 gift exchange

12/14 fandom formal

12/25 winter holiday party.

No program on Boxing Day.

Old Business = nomination of Presidential candidates.

Nominated:    Eylat Poliner

Nominations were recessed until next week.

New business:  

Resolution #1:

Resolved: That Society Standing Rule #4 be amended to read as follows: Effective January 1, 2014: Membership application fee is $10.00.

Resolution carries first time 25/1/1

Resolution #2:

Resolved: That Society Standing Rule #4 be amended by adding the following clause, effective January 1, 2014:

4. ... Children under seven years of age are not required to apply for membership.

[Effect is to clarify the membership status of minors; now children seven years and older are expected to apply for membership in the Society after they have attended their three meetings as a guest (like all other prospective members), if they wish to continue attending. They will have all rights and privileges as other members, with the exception of serving on the Board of Directors; the Society bylaws require that Directors be 18 years of age or older.]

Motion tabled 23 / 3 / 2 /  1 present

Chairman of the Board is to call legal counsel to ask about liability involved in making minors full members

Fannish Committee Reports:



Larry Niven had a great time at Loscon.

Joe Zeff reviewed the masquerade.  The sound system was painfully loud in the front seats reserved for handicapped people.

Hare Hobbs enjoyed Loscon.  Yes, there was cost cutting, and some of the stuff that was missing was missed.  But we need to promote it better and get more people.

David Okamura appreciated the emphasis on the make room area.  He suggests it become a major part of future loscons.

CLJII: had a nice time at Loscon.  One thing very gratifying was that the Evans Freehafer Award was presented to David Okamura.

Matthew Tepper observed that the decline of print media has been greatly exaggerated.

He also introduced the founder of Friends of Klingon and Lawrence Schoen, founder of the Klingon Language Institute to each other. Matthew Tepper: they’re both LASFS members of some renown, and both friends of klingon Elst Weinstein.  They were going to meet sooner or later...

Scott (Jester) Loscon was a blast this year in spite of his head injury.  Thanks to Con Ops for getting him bandaged.

Mark Poliner: It was a decent Loscon, with lots of neat stuff to do during the con.  Ice Cream social went off without too much trouble. Kudos to Hotel for doing what it was supposed to do.

Two panels were very well attended and lots of fun.  And by the way, next Friday he will be installed as Junior Warden. He is now leadership.

Neko: Enjoyed with one reservation, dealers room.  Books and costuming were represented, but no games, none of other items.  He suggests we try to court businesses that might be interested.  Look at Strategicon and other cons.

Sasha wanted to thank whoever brought the Arduino people.  

Anna Poliner liked the costume workshop.

Debra Levin: enjoyed the con, was able to go to the Regency dancing and dance with Marty Massoglia.

Karl Lembke enjoyed Green Room.

Hare: Yes, dealer’s room was a problem, but you go to con with the dealers you have, not always the dealers you want.

Eylat surveyed the room to see who enjoyed the chocolate festival.

Julie suggested putting the Make Room in its own room.

Cathy Beckstead said it was a terrific Loscon, thanks to all who came, staff, workers, speakers, etc.

Eylat thanked Christian McGuire and Cathy Beckstead for an awesome con.


Frank Waller mentioned 2904 Magnolia Blvd Burbank, Creature Features bookstore.  They have lots of neat stuff. Cross Street is Cataline. Right next to Aero Books. Phone 818-842-8665

CLJII misced that there are a couple of changes to the Metro system.  In particular, they’re changing the schedule on the 154 bus to accommodate a route change. Anyone using that bus may want to know.  The 94 is making a significant detour in the vicinity of the airport, so won’t service Lincoln but will service Empire center.

Matthew Tepper notes Asimov frequently used in his stories was elementary  school kids studying programming.

Mike Thorsen was unable to attend Loscon.  He was afforded the opportunity to work.  This included room and board at the Hard Rock hotel in Vegas, and a restful 15 MPH drive on the freeway to and from.  But it paid two months’ rent.

David Okamura saw in the LA Times business section, Whimsic Alley has settled an infringement lawsuit with the studios that handle Harry Potter in the US.  In addition to licensed goods, they were selling copycat goods. They will have official Harry Potter stuff, and will branch out into other fields such as Game of Thrones and Dr Who.  Gallifrey One people might want to investigate. Place fliers?  

Paige Willey: In order to do fandom items, they’re having art festivals.  In fact, there’s a festival this weekend -- Saturday 11-4.  They’re also bringing in licensed BBC stuff for Dr Who.

Meows and Scott Beckstead moved for adjournment, and

We adjourned at  9:18 PM.

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