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Menace of the LASFS

Meeting # 3981, November 28, 2013

Marty Cantor presiding

Marty Cantor, Scribe

Patron Saint Frank Gasperik

(Complete Menace were read at the meeting.)


The meeting was called to order at 8:00 pm and the President Pro Tem welcomed the attendees to Freehafer Hall and the thirty nine and eighty oneth meeting of the Society. The President Pro Tem mentioned that most of the usual attending members were playing hooky at some silly convention down near the airport but the real members tried and true were here at the LASFS clubhouse.

The Treasurer Pro Tem mentioned that he had been prepared to offer a motion to divided the LASFS’ treasury between the attending members but was again frustrated due to the lack of enough members to constitute the quorum necessary to legally pass this motion. Also, there is not enough money in the treasury necessary for all of us to make a clean getaway.

With that, the committee in charge of the Special Order of Business lamented that he had nothing to report because no fans had the good grace to die this past week. Whatever is this world coming to …..

The reading of last week’s minutes by the Scribe Pro Tem was declared to be the programme for tonight’s meeting. The Scribe Pro Tem then proceeded to read last week’s minutes. Coldly. Unsympathetically. As per tradition …… The minutes were accepted as presented even though there was some discussion if the bacteria discovered in the ESA and NASA clean rooms were a new genus rather than a new species. It was decided to leave in the word “genus” as that was the word that was recorded in the minutes.

Patron Saint Frank Gasperik: Marty mentioned that both Jerry and Larry put him in a lot of their stories. He could be a pain in the whatever, but he was an interesting person. Marty mentioned a trip up the coast Frank took with Jerry. They would go into a bar, Frank would start playing his guitar, and the two of them did not have to pay for their drinks for the rest of the evening.

Tom Locke: Frank knew a little about a lot of different things. He would contribute constructive material to the stories to what Jerry and Larry wrote. Frank contributed the name “Snouts” to “Footfall” by Larry and Jerry – and the name staid in the story. Frank was good with the guitar, both folk and filk.

Marty mentioned that Frank wanted his Patron Saint date to coincide with LOSCON so that he could come in from where he was living in Arizona. Most years, unfortunately, the date Frank chose did not coincide with Thanksgiving, but this night was one of the nights his Patron Saint date DID coincide with LOSCON. Unfortunately, Frank is no longer with us and could not easily attend this year’s meeting. Patron Saint Frank Gasperik was given three cheers and a 12-string guitar, always in tune.

Tom Locke gave us a Moment of Science: he read an article about a group of space advocates talking about why we should colonize Mars. They wrote that we should learn how to live off the land on Mars so we would learn how to live off that environment because Earth would have a population of 11 billion by the end of this century so that learning how to live off the resources of Mars would make us better at learning how to live off the limited resources of Earth.

The Tom Locke Committee to Auction off a slice of pumpkin pie auctioned it off and the Committee to Eat a Slice of pumpkin pie won the auction at $1.00.

There was no Old Business because none had previously been proposed. There was also no New Business as that requires signatures.

Reviews: Tome Locke gravely reviewed Gravity. It was a case of one having to suspend one’s belief in science because they had a lot of science wrong but it was quite a good story in spite of that. He recommended that everyone should see this film but one should take their astronautics hat off if you do. Marty mentioned that there are a lot of movies which could be good but people like us pick at them because they use bad science instead of good science and could make better movies had they used good science. Plus there are lots of people who could advise them on how to do things right.

There were no Fannish Committee Reports.

Miscellaneous: Bill Green was still complaining about Halloween. This was mostly because not many people showed up at his place. Barbara Harmon mentioned that she had lots of visitors but Tom Locke and the Committee to Grump both had no visitors.

Tom Locke moved to adjourn: the motion was tied so the Committee to Break W/i/n/d/ Ties changed his vote from abstain to aye and the meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Marty Cantor,

Scribe Pro Tem
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