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Menace of the LASFS

Meeting # 3980, November 21, 2013

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saints Jim Tannenbaum

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

She’s back! President Eylat Poliner called meeting #3980 to order at a half dozen seconds after 8.

The Menace were read. and approved.

Patron Saint

Jim Tannenbaum

Marty Cantor called him a nice guy who still shows up once in a while. He once won an Emmy for sound work. He still works in that industry. when he was writing zines for APA-L, people kept spelling his name with 2 ns, so he started writing his name with two ns, one slashed out. He started signing his zines with a slashed out N.

Hare: Tannenbaum worked on Avatar.  ONe frustrating thing was the Academy decided only the sound people who worked in New Zealand were eligible for awards.  He’s a nice guy, and fun to listen to.  

Matthew Tepper and Debra ran into him at Fry’s and found him a genial fellow.

Jim Tannenbaum was given three cheers and a Chinese lunch.

Next Thursday we have Loscon at the LAX Marriott.

Thursday’s meeting will be run by Marty Cantor because a majority of officers will be at Loscon.

December 5, we start at 8 PM to discuss new business.  We also have Presidential nominations.

We will have procedural elections as well as the second vote on the standing rules change on the 12th.

Marty will have fun next week.   Next week, De Profundis will be out.  Pay 55¢ for a paper copy.

Committee Reports

CLJII rose to have the Lantern O’Jack passed while he announced the Winter Holiday Party.

Mark Poliner is now Junior Warden at his Masonic Lodge.

Eric Hoffman announced BBC America will broadcast An Adventure in Time and Space Friday, documentary about the beginning of Dr Who.  Saturday will be the broadcast of The Day of the Doctor.

On that note:  Is anyone seeing the Dr Who episode at the clubhouse Saturday? (I guess not.)

Registrar Michelle was summoned.  We have a guest!

Julianne Tura.

Also, we are giving away tix to the 3-D showing of Day of the Doctor.

David Okamura had a moment of science.  Not silence.

Nuts are linked to a longer, fitter life. Those who are allergic are not the best candidates.

We note the successful launch of MAVEN, to investigate the Martian atmosphere.  (more)

Barbara Harmon observes wishing someone “nuts to you” is a wish for good health.

The Committee to gouge did so,

Fannish Committee Reports:

Doug Crepeau: A new life form has been discovered.  A new genus of bacteria has been discovered in ESA and NASA clean rooms.  It turns out everything else had been killed in those rooms, this bacterium survived and thrives in the absence of its natural predators.


Scratch reviewed two movies.  Gravity and Enders Game. Both were quite nice, enjoyable, visuals quite fun.  After a week, Gravity sticks in memory more than Ender’s Game

Hare: Theresa Moore has a book, Destiny 4 is in a series.  Vampires in space.  One thing she says in introduction is inspired by TV and books she’s read, so she’s purposely doing things that are in the mold of those books and shows.

Harold goldstein has been attending pre-screenings.  I Frankenstein, Snow Piercer, and Winter’s Tale even more, all are must-sees. All are adapted from graphic novels.  

Frank Waller reviewed Comikase, a comic convention.  Better than ComiCon, half the size, with lots of stuff going on. Managed to see Stan Lee live.

Milt Stevens: has lots of publications, some strange.  Some even about SF.  It goes on the shelf #34, by Ned Brooks.  Every now and then he does an issue on the strange books he finds at his own house.  Collection of paintings of Margaret Brundidge, Last Train to New Zealand, Ballooning to the Center of the Earth, and a book that maintains Jack the Ripper was really Lewis Carroll. Milt commented back that the Ripper was really Florence Nightingale, since she’s the least likely suspect.


Matthew Tepper commented that we should make note of the passing of a writer who moved from genre to mainstream, Doris Lessing, Nobel Prize winning author. She passed earlier this week at age 94.  

Jerry Pournelle: Lessing was the first winner of the Campbell Award. This was the award named after Campbell that was never awarded to anything he would have bought.

Matthew Tepper and Scott Beckstead moved for adjournment, and

We adjourned at  9:17 PM.
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