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Menace of the LASFS

Meeting # 3979, November 14, 2013

Eylat Poliner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saints Milt Stevens, John Trimble

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

Having failed to palm the job off on someone else, President Eylat Poliner called meeting #3979 to order at a half dozen minutes after 8.

We have old business today.

The Menace were read. Christian McGuire bid $3 to name the Menace “Dreidel dreidel cookie”. They were so approved.  And there was much rejoicing.  (yay).

Patron Saint

Milt Stevens

Hare Hobbs: He put on the first of a long line of Space Conferences.  This is Hare’s first real experience with getting into the space program despite growing up in a family that worked on it. (What your parents do doesn’t count)

Scratch: He’s a man of many talents and long friendships. Scratch’s ex-wife knew him in high school.  He’s a man with lots of information, if he doesn’t know, he’ll send you to one who does.

Marty” He’s one of the finest fan writers to come along in decades.  He always tried to get contributions for No Award and Holier Than Thou.  As an ex employee of the LAPD, he always interesting and sometimes very funny stories to tell. He’s well worth talking to.

Matthew Tepper: Ditto Marty.  Also, Milt is very learned and widely read in SF.  Stanley weinbaum, he’s your man.  Also current Hugo nominees.  Proud to know Milt and grateful for every opportunity to hpob-nob with him.

CLJII: most imprtant thing about Milt is, when he was doing covers for L depicting Dr Buchman, he was part of Epitome of Evil, Ltd, along with Bruce Pelz, Craig Miller, Sue Fox.

Joe Zeff: Since we moved to this clubhouse, Milt has been trying to get the parking modified so it becomes tow-away later, like around midnight.  He’s gotten the mayor’s office to refuse to acknowledge his calls.

Matthew Tepper: Not mentioned yet: Milt is a benefactor to the club.  The couches in the sitting room were his donation. He was a principle underwriter of the WI FI we enjoy.

Jerry Pournelle: Because of Milt, Jerry has an undeserved reputation of being a great convention chairman.  When they put on the first space development conference, Milt did all the work and Jerry took the credit for it.

Eylat: Pleased to have been chauffer a couple of times.  He’s a mensch. And he’s a sweetheart

Milt Stevens was given three cheers and a 2% bonus.

John Trimble

Scratch: one of the small skills he has is marrying his wife.  She has helped sf and Star Trek to be what we think of them today.

Hare Hobbs: Bjo is known for doing lots of things but John is there in the background. He’s always working and helping, including helping to petition to keep the space program going.

Matthew Tepper: it used to be a truisim that the first person one encountered on arriving at a con was Forry Ackerman.  first person encountered at Westercon was John and then Bjo.

Milt: He chaired 65 Westecon, first Milt attended.  He also edited Shaggy back when the club had a fanzine. The Trimble period was one of the better periods.

John Trimble was given three cheers and a ton of rope.

Committee Reports

CLJII had the Lantern O’Jack passed and rose to announce the Winter Holiday Party, taking place 12/25 from 2 until 11 or 12.  Come and celebrate your favorite winter holiday.  You may have noticed there was no serial chapter today. Because of delays in showing the next chapter, the first chapter is put off until after Loscon.

Registrar Michelle introduced Wendy All, who heard about us from Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, and Alex Pournelle.

Eylat reported: tonight, a Dr Who episode

November 21, time-travel themed auction.

November 28, placeholder meeting because some of us will be at some obscure convention.

December 5, nominations for President, and Tim Griffin presents!  

December 12, procedural elections.

The Committee to gouge did so,

And then David Okamura held a minute of science.  Be careful on the freeways because there are lots of travelers going long distances.  Before partaking of turkey and stuffing, say a prayer for another traveler, Comet Issa, making its first visit ever to the inner solar system.  On Thanksgiving, it makes its closest pass to the Sun, and may not emerge on the other side.

Bill Green added you can see the comet now.  Go a place where the sky is dark, around 5:30 AM. It rises before the sun.

There was a comet impact in Egypt some 25 million years ago.  

There is a correlation between winning the Nobel prize and consuming chocolate.  It really is the food of the gods!


CLJII announced Pumpkin Spice could relax. It was candy cane season. Next day, he found pumpkin spice waffles at the store.

Joe Zeff: on pumpkin pie spice: a recent episode of Chopped used pumpkin spice ice cream for the secret ingredient on the entree round.  In a follow-up, he observed that pumpkin spice waffles smell pumpkiny and taste waffle.

Fannish Committee Reports:


Milt Stevens: saw a movie that turned out to be Chinese communist propaganda, Hero starring Jet Li. Fantastic martial artist film.  In the end, the message is, even a bad king is better than anarchic freedom. Set in Han Dynasty around 200 BCE. It was a very attractive film, and fun if you dn’t mind watching 10,000 soldiers fire arrows at a guy and miss.

CLJII saw Incubus, 1966.  The dialog and credits are in Esperanto.  It stars William Shatner.  It’s the story of a succubus who tries to corrupt an innocent soul. She gets corrupted, and an Incubus is sent to punish him for doing so. It was done by people involved with Outer Limits.

It was on TCM.

Jeff: Last weekend, went to Rod Serling conference.  2 days of people presenting papers written about Rod Serling projects. Very academic but incredibly interesting. Ended with a beautiful dinner.

Richard Behr was there, and directed a handful of Twilight Zone episodes.  

Two nights ago, went to a screening of Jodorowsky’s Dune. He wanted to create Dune after Holy Mountain and other films.

Mike Thorson found a YouTube channel, “Cinema Sins Presents Everything Wrong With”. Everything wrong with Star Trek Into Darkness -- goes through all the bizarre oversights, irregularities, and foolishnesses in the movie.  Been participating in comments, and one of the posters has pointed out since Khan was in suspended animation for 300 years and Star Trek Into Darkness is set in 2242, Khan and followers must have been engineered and launched into space in a V-2 rocket.


Registrar Michelle announced another guest.  John McCarthy

Eylat:  Nottingham festival in Simi Valley grounds where original ren faire was held.  It’s a nonprofit and they hope to keep it that way.

There are some neat events happening at this year’s Loscon.  Rocky Horror Picture Show, with a shadow cast.

Friday night, live Dr Who special event.

We have the Make Room at Loscon this year. This year focusing on the overlap between makers and things fans enjoy.  Also focusing on 3-D printing. We will also see the magic of make-up.

We also have Annika O’Brien as Maker Guest of Honor.

This will be a lively room.

David Gerrold has confirmed for meeting #4000, April 10, 2014

Hare Hobbs announced he’s looking to share a quad room at the hotel or $20 to sleep on the floor.

Friday night, we show some things from Dr Who.

Jerry Pournelle: Richard Pournelle is VP of a commercial space company called Nano Racks.  If you can fit your experiment into a 6” box or a 10 cm cube, you can send it through his company.

They also have nano-sats.  10 cm cubes launched as satellites.

This company also knows all the weird NASA regulations.

It turns out it’s amazing what you can do with little tiny satellites.

Gavin: now we know how LASFS can get a satellite.

Eylat announced some new business coming up on December 5.  Changes in the application fee for new members, increasing to $10.  Other resolution add “children under the age of 7 would not be required to join the LASFS”.  Impact is those over 7 will now be required to join up if they continue to attend.

Karl Lembke announced the Omni Reboot article on the LASFS website.

Hare added Omni eventually wants to put out a Dead Tree Edition.

Mike Thorson gave the Aetna warning

Debra Levin moved for adjournment, and

We adjourned at  9:15 PM.
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